King of pop's 54th birthday

Pop legend: Michael Jackson

Pop legend: Michael Jackson

The world lost a legend of the music industry on June 25, 2009 - when Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50, in Los Angeles, Calif. Today, if he had lived, the King of Pop would have turned 54.

To celebrate the life of the beloved pop star, Celebuzz takes a photographic look at the icon's life. Jackson made headlines recently - as Celebuzz reported exclusively - when a family feud was ignited after some of his brothers and sisters sent a letter to the executors of his estate, asking them to resign immediately suggesting the executors had faked his will.

In the fall out from the feud, Katherine Jackson - Jackson's mother - lost custody of his children Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and ten-year-old Blanket.

Yet despite the drama Jackson remains a cultural force, so much so, that famed director Spike Lee has created a documentary about the late pop icon. According to the Los Angeles Times, ABC announced that they have acquired the television rights to Spike Lee's documentary Bad25 about the creative side of Jackson. -

Planets around stars

A new study shows that planetary systems can form and survive in the chaotic environment around pairs of stars.

A team reports in Science the discovery of two planets orbiting a pair of stars - a socalled binary. Gravitational disturbances generated by stellar pairs are thought to be very severe for any orbiting planets.

Nasa's Kepler space telescope found two small planets around a pair of lowmass stars.

The planetary system, known as Kepler-47, is located roughly 5,000 light-years away, in the constellation Cygnus. It contains a pair of stars whizzing around each other every 7.5 days. -

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Happy to act with Lilo

Lindsay Lohan's character causes trouble in the upcoming film The Canyons, but co-star Nolan Gerard Funk revealed that he welcomed the way she shook things up, starting with their sex scene.

Funk, a Canadian native who moved to the US about five years ago, admitted that the movie features his first love scene and he couldn't have asked for a better partner. 'I can't say I didn't enjoy it,' Funk said with a nervous chuckle.

He went on to praise the troubled star's talent as an actress, saying, 'There's definitely a lot to play off of, and you're never bored.' -