Thursday, 30 October 2014

Introducing Rennes #1

Everyone says that your year abroad is one of the best experiences of your life: maybe the only chance you get to live somewhere completely different and experience a whole new culture. And this was the view I had when I first moved to Rennes... It's just a pity that all the uni work kicked in and I don't have enough time to enjoy my wonderful surroundings.

So here's a very short introduction to Rennes, the beautiful city I'm living in for a year. They say a picture says a thousand words, so I'll make sure this post is full of photos for you to actually see Rennes through my eyes (and my lens!). 

If you don't know where Rennes is (and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't) it's in Brittany in the North West of France. A very gorgeous little city full of old building, cobbled streets and lots of restaurants. All in all not a bad place to be for a year. 

So let's take a little tour...

Place du Parlement

I'm yet to actually go inside this gorgeous building, but when I do, you'll know all about it. But this square is full on a Saturday afternoon with couples having their wedding photographs taken. A very gorgeous spot for some photos! Also, strangely, the clock (centre of the building) runs from 6-6 instead of 12-12.... I'm yet to figure out why!

Further along my way to university every day I come across this stunning building:

Whilst I have no idea what goes on in this building (but I know it's some sort of government admin!) it certainly does cheer me up when I see it, especially those beautifully manicured gardens. What's more it's beautifully lit up at night. Remind me to snap a photo next time I pass!

Place des Lices

I've promised myself I'm going to do a post on the marché des lices when I get back to Rennes (I'm on a very well earned half term break just now), but here's a sneak preview. No trip to France is complete without indulging in the local markets, and Rennes is no exception. In fact, Rennes hosts the second largest market in all of France - and it would be stupid not to make full use of it.

But that's enough of the spoilers! Place des lices also places host to some gorgeous restaurants (reviews to follow!) that are very handily placed for a quick lunch and a glass of wine or beer after a hard morning's shopping.

The Quay

And to say goodnight to this little post, a sight which is often my last glimpse of Rennes before I dash back to my appartment to either study or just crash after uni!

Not a bad sunset eh? I'm just sad I'm going to miss these when the sun starts setting earlier and earlier. But winter does have it's advantages - I do love a good trench coat and cosy jumper!

For now, so long Rennes, but don't worry, I'll show you round my new city a little more in the coming weeks! Au revoir!

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