Boycott call for Eminem single

by KATIE NICHOLL, Mail on Sunday

Controversial rapper Eminem has enraged disability rights groups by using offensive lyrics about handicapped people on his new single.

Fight Music, by D12, an American rap band, features Eminem rapping about the violent abuse of a handicapped prostitute.

Watchdogs demanded that the track, which is released next week, be edited for radio play, but an uncut version appears on D12's new album Devil's Night and can be found on the Internet.

Fight Music contains explicit and violent lyrics about an attack on a handicapped woman which is videotaped by another rap star: 'So what if she's handicapped . . . I take your drawers down and rape you, While Dr Dre videotapes you.'

The 28-year-old-singer, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, has earned himself the reputation as the bad boy of music, but yesterday MENCAP, the charity for people with learning disabilities, said the singer had overstepped the mark.

Sarah Talbot-Williams, MENCAP head of communications, told The Mail on Sunday they were launching a campaign to boycott the single. She said: 'I don't think banning the record is appropriate. I think young people should refuse to buy the record. We want them to reject the lyrics and to reject D12. Eminem's gone beyond what's acceptable in any just society.

'Eminem is making light of sexual abuse. He isn't as hip as he might think.'

The singer, who has admitted taking Ecstasy and appeared on stage with a chainsaw, also came under fire after a number of children attempted to copy wrist-slashing scenes in one of his videos. He has twice been on probation for carrying firearms.

A spokesman for Eminem and D12 would not comment on the lyrics of Fight Music.