Tutorial: Three Tier Burlap Flowe

How to Make Rustic, Three Layer Burlap Flowers #MyOnlineWeddingHelp

NOTE: If you arrived here via the rustic wedding cake tutorial, the largest (bottom) brown burlap layer in this how-to is what I used to make the leaves for the roses in the topper. ~Bobette

This flower is three layers, plus a little decoration in the center. It takes 15 minutes to explain it in the video, but it only takes basic skills to make it. (My craftiness level is rudimentary, so if I can do it so can you!)

I've laid out the steps below so you can either follow along with the video or forgo video completely and go the written route. For more visuals, take a look at the infographic at left, which shows each step.

BTW, the video and all the photos are by my daughter, Amarette.

Let's get started...

What You Need

  • Two contrasting colors of burlap.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape measure.
  • Needle with a large eye (big enough to thread a string of burlap through).
  • Clear-drying glue.
  • Small jewels or other decoration for the center.

Step 1: Prepare the Burlap

Starting far enough ahead of time for the glue to dry, cut burlap squares and apply glue to two opposite edges.

  • Cut three squares, with middle-sized square in contrasting color: 7", 5", and 3" (or whatever proportions you like).
  • Apply clear-drying glue to two opposite edges on each, leaving an inch or so without glue on the ends. 

(Note: You can find different kinds of burlap here...by the bolt or yard and burlap decorations.)

Step 2: Begin making the bottom layer by folding the largest piece of burlap into 1/4, with the glued edges long-ways.

  • Fold in half, glued edges touching.
  • Fan fold into 1/4.

Step 3: Cut petals and secure double-looped thread at center.

  • The narrow ends of the folded burlap will be the petals. Cut one end to be rounded or pointed, whatever shape you'd like for the base layer.
  • Fold in half and, using the first end as a pattern for the second, cut the opposite end of burlap into petals.
  • While still folded (so you don't have to measure), loop a doubled burlap strand around the center and secure it with a knot. The knot should be on the same side as your edges that have glue on them.

Step 4: Fan out petals and sew edges together to round out the layer.

This step is why we put glue on the edges: it keeps the edges from fraying when you sew them together.
  • Working from the underside, sew together loose edges, pinching together two glued edges and threading the needle across, through the burlap. These can be large stitches and they don't have to be neat...no one will see the underside of your flower!

    Check the front to see where you should stop sewing.
  • Tie off the thread and repeat on the other side.

Repeat steps 2-4 with the smallest burlap square (this is your top layer).

 Step 5: Make the center, fringy layer.

The center, contrasting layer is made the same as the others with two exceptions.

  1. There is no need to cut the petals after folding into 1/4.
  2. To fray it, pull out the horizontal(ish) threads until you've removed enough to your liking.

Check how you are doing by stacking the three layers and eye-balling them.

Step 6: Sew the three levels together.

Using a strand of burlap as thread, attach the three layers together.

  • Starting from the bottom, pull needle through the center of all three levels, then back down again.
  • Do this two or three times, then knot off from underneath. Pull as tightly as you like, to get the look you want.

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