Indian football hit by tragedy after player dies of suspected heart attack during match

Shock: Fabrice Muamba

Shock: Fabrice Muamba

Less than a week after Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during an FA Cup match at White Hart Lane, an Indian football player has died on the field during a local league game in the southern city of Bangalore.

The 27-year-old midfielder, named locally as D. Venkatesh, went on as substitute in the 73rd minute and collapsed toward the end of the A Division match against the South Western Railway club.

Domestic media reported that there was no ambulance available and Venkatesh was taken to the Hosmat Hospital on Wednesday in a three-wheel auto-rickshaw.

Preliminary post-mortem reports suggested cardiac arrest was the cause of death.

The Times of India newspaper quoted Dr Ajith Benedict Royan of Hosmat Hospital as saying there were no external injuries and attributing the cause to 'sudden death syndrome'.

'Maybe if he had been given oxygen or proper medical care at the time of the incident, he could have stood a chance,' Royan added.

The incident came only days after Bolton midfielder Muamba collapsed during a match against Tottenham after suffering from cardiac arrest. He was taken to London Chest Hospital and remains in intensive care.

The All India Football Federation issued a statement confirming Venkatesh, a former junior state-level representative, had collapsed near the end of the match.

'The AIFF prays for his departed soul,' the statement said. 'May he rest in peace.'