Common Causes for Burning Foot Pain After Exercise

Common Causes for Burning Foot Pain After Exercise Getty Images

The last thing you want to be greeted by after a rigorous workout is burning foot pain. Understanding the potential causes of this pain brings you one step closer to solving the problem.


Another name for nerve damage in the legs, neuropathy is a major cause of burning foot pain. The damaged nerves often misfire when they become overactive, such as during exercise. This sends false pain signals to the brain, despite the fact that no wound or injury is present in your feet. Neuropathy is most often caused by diabetes.

Athlete's Foot

The most common type of foot infection is athlete's foot. This happens when a fungal rash forms on your feet and spreads easily. All you need to do is touch the feet of another person who has it to be exposed to the condition as well.

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition causes inflammation and pain in the tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot, connecting your heel to your toes. Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing pain when you take your first steps in the morning, as well as after prolonged time on your feet during the day. You're at greater risk for developing the condition if you wear shoes that lack proper arch support.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Also known as PAD, peripheral artery disease is a common cause of burning foot pain. The condition describes poor blood circulation in your limbs. This causes leg and foot pain while walking and exercising. The condition also reduces blood flow to your heart and brain, which is obviously very dangerous to your health.

If you experience burning foot pain after exercise, don't attempt to diagnose yourself with one of these conditions. Instead, talk to your doctor about identifying and treating your condition so you recover quickly for future workouts.

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