Gone in SIX seconds: Dramatic moment torrential monsoon rains wash away a two-storey home

This dramatic video captures the moment a two-storey house in India collapsed as cloudbursts wreaked havoc - with the building disappearing from sight in just six seconds.

A camera filmed residents on the street in Uttarkashi watching as the house toppled down a river bank in the northern state of Urrarakhand as monsoon rains battered the area, triggering landslides, flash floods and cloudbursts throughout the region.

Reports in India said at least 26 people had been killed in flash floods in the Uttarkashi district yesterday, with nearly 40 others reported as missing.

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House falls into river during Indian floods

A camera caught residents during the cloudburst, not knowing that the house behind is about to fall

House falls into river during Indian floods

Amid the noise of the storm, residents turn to look as the house starts to fall

House falls into river during Indian floods

There's nothing anyone can do against the might of the torrential downpour

At least 10 people, including three children, died on Friday as the hill state experienced the extreme weather conditions, with bridges, cars and around 60 houses being washed away by the storms.

The two storey house seen here looked to topple backwards down the bank of the Bhagirathi River, one of the source streams for the Ganges, exposing its foundations as residents looked on in horror.

The house crashes down the bank amid the noise of the swirling winds and rain.

India's monsoon season runs from June to September, with the country braced for unpredictable rains.

House falls into river during Indian floods

Within just SIX seconds the house has gone while residents look on in horror