Djibril Cisse hits out at 'racist' Greek league and declares plan to quit Panathinaikos

Anger: Djibril Cisse

Anger: Djibril Cisse

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse has vowed to quit Panathinaikos after claiming he has been racially abused this season.

Cisse, who also played for Sunderland, has revealed how he fears the Greek league is becoming increasingly hostile to black players.

He told L’Equipe: 'This season the atmosphere in the stands has got worse. Twice already, I have been the victim of monkey chants, of racist insults.'

Referring to the 2-1 defeat to leaders Olympiakos, he added: 'It was the same thing again on Saturday night.

'They managed to get inflatable bananas (into the stadium) that they were shaking around every time I touched the ball.

'This summer I’m leaving, that’s for sure. It’s impossible for me here. Even though the Pana fans are fantastic, even though the club is great, I don’t want to play in this league any more.'

Cisse was one of four Panathinaikos players attacked as fans swarmed on to the field after the final whistle.

He added: 'I was their target. Some of them hit me and I retaliated to defend myself. It’s a disgrace. I’m not going to let things lie. This week, I will make a complaint to UEFA and I can tell you I won’t drop it.'

Cisse has scored 41 goals in 49 league games for Panathinaikos.