Should I be concerned about my F&C shares?


I hold shares in Foreign & Colonial Capital and Income investment trust. I have read about the boardroom shake-up at F&C.

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F&C: Should I be worried about the shares?

Should I be concerned about the future of these shares? B.W.

Philippa Gee, of financial adviser Philippa Gee Wealth Management, replies: There are separate issues to consider.

Yes, the fund management company F&C has gone through some corporate changes with the appointment of a new chairman after a boardroom battle, but that does not directly affect the trust you hold.

The investment trust is an independent company and therefore one step away from these events.

The directors of the trust could appoint a different investment manager if they wanted.

As with any share, the value of an investment trust will depend on the appetite of potential buyers.

Therefore, if others also view F&C negatively, this might have an impact on the price you get.

The most important consideration should be whether the trust still suits your requirements.