Schoolgirl, 15, drinks 26 pints of cider, ten cans of lager and almost a bottle of vodka EVERY week (but insists she hasn't got a problem)

A schoolgirl who drinks more than 10 times the recommended amount for a woman every week insists she isn't an alcoholic.

Nicola Weaver, 15, regularly downs ten pints of cider and four cans of lager on a Saturday night and has even ended up in hospital.

But the teenager refuses to mend her ways despite seeing a counsellor and having her mobile and Sky TV box confiscated.

Nicola Weaver

Nicola Weaver drinks up to 152 units of alcohol a week. But despite binging on cider, beer and vodka she denies that she has an alcohol problem

'My behaviour is normal for my age,' she told Closer magazine. 'Drinking's fun and I don't plan to stop. I'd be bored if I didn't drink.'

Nicola, who lives with her mother and younger siblings in Bridlington, Yorkshire, says her drinking escalated when she turned 14.

She started bunking off school to go drinking with her friends and now goes to college just two days a week. She spends the other three weekdays downing cans of alcohol with friends and pays for her habit with earnings from her Saturday job at a cafe. She also smokes 20 cigarettes a day.

Her mother is so worried she stopped her from watching TV or using her phone. She even circulated her daughter's picture among the local pubs and bars last summer to stop her from being served, but Nicola is undaunted.

Closer magazine

'I can just get booze from shops instead,' she said.

Nicola admits that she uses alcohol as a way to cope with her feelings about her father who left home when she was five.

'Drinking was a release if I was down,' she said.

Two months ago, Nicola was even hospitalised after she drank around 45 units in one night to cope with the death of her mother's friend.

She started choking on her own vomit and was violent with a paramedic who tried to help me her. She woke with her hair extensions covered in her sick.

'I was shocked I'd been in such a state,' said Nicola.

But despite being told her drinking is a form of self-harm, Nicola insists she is fighting fit.

'I'm not an alcoholic. I've always been healthy,' she said.

'I'm living for the day, not for the rest of my life.'

A spokesman from the national health agency Talk to Frank, said: 'Long-term excessive use of alcohol causes illnesses such as liver damage, stomach cancer and heart disease.

'Serious overindulgence can lead to alcohol poisoning which could put you in a coma or even kill you.'

If you're worried about a friend who drinks too much or think you may need help visit Talk to Frank or Alcohol Concern

The full feature appears in this week’s Closer magazine, on sale now.