Kanda continues to give clueless Delhi Police the slip

Gopal Kanda

Gopal Kanda

Former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda, accused of abetting the suicide of 23-year-old former airhostess Geetika Sharma, is still on the run, as the Delhi Police remain clueless about his whereabouts.

Investigators have questioned around 60 people including family members and friends of Kanda and co-accused in the case, Aruna Chadha.

The Delhi Police have formed seven teams who have conducted raids at around 50 places in different states, but there are no signs of Kanda. After being denied bail in a lower court, Kanda has applied for anticipatory bail in the high court which reserved its order on Tuesday.

Family members of Geetika have alleged Kanda with destroying evidence while on the run so that he could come out clean in the case. Geetika had mentioned the names of Kanda and Chadha in her two-page suicide note.

The former minister was served with a notice to join investigation on August 8, three days after Geetika committed suicide, but he went underground with the police declaring him an 'absconder' and issuing a lookout notice against him.

'We are investigating the matter and he will be traced soon. He may try to hide, but cannot evade the law for long,' P. Karunakaran, deputy commissioner of police (North-West), who is leading the probe, said.

The police have told the high court that they 'have enough evidence' against Kanda and required his custodial interrogation to take the probe to the next level. Kanda's lawyer has argued that prima facie, no case can be made out against his client on the basis of the FIR and the suicide note.

'The suicide note cannot be treated as gospel truth and the same has to be proved by independent evidence,' Kanda's lawyer had said.