Iman issues fatwa against Bollywood star who let Madame Tussaud's make his image in wax

Last updated at 20:15 23 January 2008

A Bollywood actor has had a fatwa issued against him for allowing Madame Tussaud's in London to make his image in wax.

Salman Khan, star of more than 50 movies, unveiled the statue himself last week and described it as an honour.

Most Indians would agree, but Mufti Salim Ahmad Qasmi, a Muslim cleric in India, said the statue is illegal according to the Sharia, which forbids depictions of all living creatures, Mohammed in particular.

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Salman Khan

The Dioband Seminary which the mufti runs has already issued a fatwa against Khan for dancing at a Hindu festival last month.

The actor says his "bad boy" image is to blame as fellow Muslim and even bigger star Shah Rukh Khan is also in the wax museum and hasn't been singled out.

Film critic Parsa Rao feels Khan doesn't have much to worry about.

"This is just nonsense that no one pays any attention to," he said yesterday.

"These fatwas are becoming a joke."

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