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ChrisGarcia.Com Jing Bao Pages The World of DJ Ryppin Ryan
ROCTaiwan WWW Master Index Links to my homeland.
protest.gif China missle test protest web site.
ICRT Taiwan's English speaking (with a dash of Mandarin) Contemporary music radio station now broadcasting world wide on the Internet!
Chequers The home of Chips and Tokens on The Web.
Freeride Earn free online time and/or free CDs by buying products you use everyday! New Orleans information provided by The Times-Picayune.
The Drudge Report Matt Drudge reports breaking news that the big three networks, CNN and MSNBC seem to take forever to report.
The Rush Limbaugh Show America's truth detector, the all knowing and all caring Maha Rushie!
The Sean Hannity Show All he asks is to give him 3 hours every weekday.
The Neil Boortz Show
  • Mardi Gras Web Sites
    Mardi Gras 2011 is on March 8th! Are you unfortunate people living in places where business will be as usual call in sick and/or skip school and c'mon down to enjoy our festivities?
    The Chee-Weez A local New Orleans area cover band. They cover the cheesy hits, especially from the '80s! The lead singer is a good friend of mine I've known since high school and he was funny back then too. I remember how he loved to torment our English Teacher from 11th Grade Ms. Black who is an Elvis fanatic. One of the best was him constantly reminding her that Elvis is dead and that he was married to Priscilla who is still alive.
  • Deborah (Debbie) Gibson Web Sites
    She just gets more beautiful with each new album released!
    Deborah Gibson! Will you be my girlfriend?
    The Official Britney Spears Web Site Cheap Trick's Official Web Site.
    My big brush with fame was on November 12, 1990 when I got to chat with them in person on their tour bus! They were the opening act for Heart in Starkville, Mississippi. We drove 5 hours from New Orleans to see them in concert. I had to miss my sister's 13th birthday but it was worth it. You would probably ask how did I get on their tour bus? Well, one of my mother's former employees knew all of the Cheap Trick band members. She tells me that she was one of Robin Zander's women when he came down here to New Orleans.
    Taylor Taylor Dayne's Official Web Site.
    I remember getting through on the phone to talk to her in late 1988 on Hitline USA, a call in radio talk show similar to Rockline. I also have all of her CDs, the Twists Of Fate Home Video and an autographed "Tell It To My Heart" LP for getting on Hitline USA and talking to her. I also managed to tape a Night Tracks show in December 1988 which Taylor was special guest host and they played all of her videos. I missed her in concert here in New Orleans in May 1994 because I had to go out of the country. I finally got to see her in concert in May 1997 at Bally's Casino Lakeshore Resort in New Orleans. Links to my accepted aircraft photos!
    Hornets Report
    Saints Report
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