Why WWL-TV in New Orleans
Should Hire Me

Why am I making this proposal? Well, because someone there needs to go back to school and I should take his or her place! These examples below will prove my point. There were probably more of these errors but I probably wasn't home to catch them with their pants down.
How do you spell MUSICIAN?
How do you spell MASSACHUSETTS? Also, how come the entire state of Michigan isn't highlighted?
How do you spell STRIKE?
(coming soon) How do you spell HURRICANE?
(coming soon) How do you spell STEVEN Speilberg? I notice it wasn't just WWL-TV's mistake. I even saw it misspelled on CNN! Maybe it's some idiot at AP or Reuters misspelling the name and nobody else caught it but I sure did!
(coming soon) How do you spell CONCORDE supersonic jetliner? Okay, this is no potato(e)!
Errors I missed catching on videotape:
  • 04/05/2000: Manhattan Blvd was incorrectly spelled as Manhatten Blvd. in the 10:00 PM newscast.
  • 08/28/2000: Patsy Ramsey was identified as JohnBenet's mother which we all know is spelled JonBenet.
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    Last modified on Saturday, March 9, 2002.