A private security company. One of the companies that was hired by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to operate checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian territory, as part of the privatization of the checkpoints.

Today, the company operates the Allenby border crossing in the occupied Jordan valley for the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) and regulates the movement of people and goods between the West Bank and Jordan. In July 2012, the Israeli court had ordered the company to compensate two American citizens (from a Palestinian origin) that were beaten by S.B. security personnel at the Allenby crossing on the summer of 2006.

Additionally, the company provides various security services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. It Protects the Israel army's headquarters and Ministry of Defense installations including escorting senior Ministry and security figures in the "seam zone".  The company also provides overall logistical support to the Israeli Prime Minister's protection.

In the past the company operated the Reihan (Barta'a) checkpoint in the Jenin district and the Rafah and Karni checkpoints in Gaza.