No survival skills required! Inside Bear Grylls' new luxurious Battersea Power Station pad complete with creature comforts (where a penthouse would set you back a wild £21.5m)

Bring on Glastonbury 2016! Hunter Original do glamorous cougles, camo coats and HEELED wellies for spring/summer

Set in super-sized tent, models stormed the mud-splashed runway in the ultimate festival uniform. The front row included US Vogue editor Anna Wintour and actress Selma Hayak

Gleeful Prince William is delighted to see close friend Joss Stone as he greets singer with a kiss and warm embrace... before sitting next to her during charity ball

The Duke of Cambridge was a guest of honour at the inaugural Tusk Trust conservation ball. The 33-year-old appeared delighted to bump into fellow charity supporter Joss Stone, 28.

Pregnant Kim Murray disguises baby bump under baggy jumper and GB flag as she cheers Andy to victory in Davis Cup match

The 27-year-old from Sussex, who is thought to be around four months pregnant with their first child, disguised any sign of a baby bump under a baggy red jumper worn over a white shirt.


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That 70s show: PPQ showcase billowing bell-bottoms, gypsy tops and electric blue co-ords in retro runway collection

That 70s show: PPQ showcase billowing bell-bottoms, gypsy tops and electric blue co-ords

PPQ presented their SS16 collection on Friday night during London Fashion Week. The design duo looked to the far east for inspiration with china-inspired patterns and solid colours.

She's back! Zandra Rhodes makes a VERY colourful return to London Fashion Week after more than a decade away... with Christopher Biggins on hand for support

English designer Zandra Rhodes, 74, showcased her spring/summer 2016 line at the Cafe Royale hotel on the first day of London Fashion Week. The show was attended by Christopher Biggins.

'Left out because you're skinny?' The vintage ads for calorie-laden supplements that encouraged women to GAIN 'pounds of healthy flesh'

The ads, published in UK magazines and newspapers between 1908 to 1984, show how weight gain was aspired to then as earnestly as we today aspire to weight loss.

Woman's secret lover escapes husband by climbing out of window... but spends the night on a narrow ledge SEVEN floors up

A man in the Fujian Province, China, spent the night balancing on the side of a building after his lover's husband came home early. The fire brigade rescued him the next morning.

Mother reveals trauma after botched cosmetic surgery means she cries involuntarily and sleeps with her eyes open

Dawn, from Newcastle, opted for the eye lift after
extreme weight loss left her with excess skin on her lids. She said: 'What was meant to be a simple procedure changed my life forever.'

Would you cook eggs in a freezer bag? Food hack promises to deliver the perfect omelette every time

A YouTube video by Allrecipes suggests that the best way to prepare this breakfast meal is to place all your ingredients in a freezer or sandwich bag, and cook it in a pot of boiling water.

Animal-loving couple build 11ft-long mega bed so they can sleep with their five cats and two dogs (but they have to do four loads of washing to keep it clean)

A Reddit user shares the huge bed with his two dogs and five cats - and his girlfriend. Robdogbird, who is believed to be from America, made it himself using two mattresses and a DIY storage base.

Swap spaghetti for courgetti, serve on smaller plates and DON'T eat dinner in front of the TV: The tricks that will help you to eat less but still feel full

Trying to shed the last few pounds but to no avail? FEMAIL has worked with Frida Harju, nutritionist at health and fitness app Lifesum, for her tips to make yourself feel fuller for longer.

Julien Macdonald goes grunge! Designer unveils a glittering array of partywear before A-list fans Millie Mackintosh, Professor Green and Rochelle Humes

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 19:  A model walks the runway at the Julien Macdonald show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on September 19, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

The Strictly Come Dancing star, who has dressed Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce and Emma Watson, gave grunge a glamorous makeover for the warmer months ahead.

Man tastes 250 cream teas in his quest to find the perfect West Country treat and says he's found the best one in Devon... because the 'jam doesn't fall off on' his moustache

Ditch Townsend, 49, from Devon says the Old Forge Cafe in Chagford, Devon serves the best cream teas. His next favourites are Corn Dolly in and Oak Barn - both of which are also located in the county.

Want to live (online) forever? Morbid website Dead Social allows users to stay active on social media AFTER they die

With a little bit of forward planning, mere mortals can now live for all eternity in cyberspace thanks to a new website, which allows users to schedule Facebook posts for after death.

North West's tantrum, Kanye's sulk and Katy Perry getting BOOED: Fashion Week's most awkward moments (so will there be more when LFW begins today?)

Fashionistas have endured some excruciatingly embarrassing front row moments in recent years, among them North West's notorious tantrum in February at Kanye West's show earlier this year.

Puzzled pooch gets completely confused by patio doors and struggles to get outside... even though escape route is VERY obvious 

The hilarious footage believed to have been filmed in the UK, shows the pooch wagging its tail in confusion after it watches two men 'walk through glass'.

Woman who left her two-year-old to go on the run for TV show Hunted said she wanted to escape the monotony of motherhood... but ended up a 'paranoid savage' begging strangers for food

Mother-of-one Emily Dredge, 27, from Putney, London, said she turned into a 'paranoid savage' after she agreed to go on Channel 4 show Hunted.

No need for blankets! Newborn snoozes in a basket with NINE tiny puppies wrapped around him after they were all born on the same day 

Kami Klingbeil, from California, decided to arrange  the quirky photoshoot after giving birth to Brydon just hours after the family's dog, Delia, welcomed nine little pups into their home.



Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Reese Witherspoon kept the summer vibe going with bold accents and sunnies Reese Witherspoon kept the summer vibe going with bold accents and sunnies



Chicken and waffle sponge anyone? The world's weirdest cupcake flavours revealed including bacon, liquorice and TOBACCO

World's weirdest cupcake flavours revealed including bacon and TOBACCO

The US set the trend for specialised cupcake bakeries, but now the world has been taken over and no city is without them. If you fancy something different, from (clockwise from top left): Scotch and Cigar; Chicken and waffle; American Brunch; baklava; banana bacon and rosemary olive oil, here's where to find the world's weirdest cupcakes.

Mother refuses to give up fight for justice two years after her 'cyber-bullied' teenage daughter committed suicide and vows to prove online trolls WERE to blame

Izzy Dix's mother Gabbi, from Brixham, Devon, has accused local police of not fully investigating the circumstances of her daughter's suicide, and said they did not carry out checks on social media.

'You have legs, use them!' Katie Hopkins hits out at 'Primark pyjama-wearing' school gate mums over bad parking 

Katie Hopkins has targeted driver mums who park too close to the school gates, telling them, 'Peel your cellulite from your cheap car seat and walk the last few metres.'

Boyfriend with a wandering eye is busted after he's HYPNOTISED into slapping his head every time he checks out another woman

Gemma, from the UK, called upon the help of TV hypnotist Archie Manners to make boyfriend, Scott (inset), slap his head every time he eyed up another woman - which he did with alarming frequency.

'No hot nannies!' Couples give marriage advice in just three words after hashtag goes viral on Twitter... so what would YOURS be?

More than 1,500 social media users took up the challenge within 24 hours, and covered everything from infidelity and computer privacy, to bathroom habits and divorce omens.

Picture of happy-looking dog with its head stuck in a tiny hole in a wall becomes an online hit (and don't worry, it manages to escape)

A Shiba Inu trapped in a wall became a hit on Twitter with the picture gaining 44,000 retweets. The poster in Japan answered worries about the dog and said he managed to escape.

The video that will scare you into never taking another selfie again: Millions terrified by one-minute film which sees man appear in the background of woman's photos

The Selfie From Hell footage, viewed more than 2.m times since its release, was made by German production student Meelah Adams - who also stars in it - and author-director Erdal Ceylan.

Bride is left horrified after waiters DROP her four-tier wedding cake... but it turns out to be a prank organised by the groom

Footage has emerged of the moment horrified bride Laura Cox, 26, witnessed two bickering waiters drop her cake on the floor in front of guests at the Crathorne Hall venue in North Yorkshire.

'Go ahead, you deserve it!' Unbelievable adverts from the 1970s for COCAINE show companies glamorising drug use and promise 'truly exquisite snorting'

Adverts from 1970s US magazines for cocaine have been unearthed. The images show how cocaine was glamourised and includes companies such as Sno-Blo and The Blue Lady.

Are YOU wearing your eyeliner wrong? Makeup artist for Kate Moss and Gisele reveals professional tricks that will flatter every face shape

Makeup artist reveals professional eyeliner tricks that will flatter every face shape

Davinia Fermi, from Brighton, explains the different techniques that will enhance peepers of every shape. Clockwise from top left: Heavy lids should be contoured before liner is applied; big eyes need softer makeup; an exaggerated line drawn outside the eye will boost the size of small eyes; and a cat-eye flick is the perfect finish to almond-shaped eyes.

'Gut' yoga with Millie Mackintosh's teacher, cleansing aromatherapy massages with hot wax and a (sort of) detox: How just two nights away from it all really CAN help you re-boot  

Like most young professionals working (and playing) hard, we were in severe need of professional help. So, we found ourselves on our way to Champneys Spa in Tring.

The Cara effect continues! Meet the A-listers who have bulked up their brows Delevingne-style (and here's how to steal their look)

Cara Delevigne sparked one of the biggest beauty trends of recent years when she exploded onto the scene in 2009 and the A-list has taken note, trading skinny 90s brows for bushy modern ones.

Paralysed beauty blogger's inspiring video shows how she applies make-up even though she is unable to move her fingers

Jordan Bone, 25, from South Wootton, Norfolk, broke her neck in a car accident when she was only 15 and lost the use of her hands, but has taught herself a new way to do her own cosmetics.

Would you forgo food for a flat stomach? Writer who loses three pounds on three-day juice cleanse reveals what it's REALLY like on an all-liquid diet

After feeling bloated and sluggish after a heavy weekend, FEMAIL writer Deni Kirkova, 25, from London, embraced an all-liquid diet and after a rocky start, was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Woman with 'natural tramp stamp' on her hip finds internet fame after sharing snaps of the unusual birthmark because it looks like a DINOSAUR

The American woman, known only as Maxime, revealed the mark on photo sharing site Igmur, where it has been viewed nearly 250,000 times. Maxime says she has grown to realise its charm.