Our Loved Ones

(Les Êtres chers)
(Canada, 2015, 102 mins, DCP)
CAST Maxim Gaudette, Karelle Tremblay, Valérie Cadieux, Mikael Gouin
PROD Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant
SCR Anne Émond
CAM Mathieu Laverdière
ED Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
PROD DES Éric Barbeau
MUS Martin Léon
PROD CO Metafilms


Oct 07 09:15 pm
Oct 09 04:45 pm

In 1978, Guy is found dead in the basement of the family home in a small village in Quebec. The real cause of his death remains a mystery for most of his family. Years later, his son David, now a loving father of two children, secretly still carries the weight of this tragedy. Likewise, David’s daughter must contend with her father’s suffering. VIFF favourite Anne Émond directs this accomplished drama—featuring a uniformly fine cast that includes Maxim Gaudette, Karelle Tremblay, Valérie Cadieux and Mikael Gouin—about life, family, forgiveness and grief.

"Our Loved Ones is a film that deals with dark subject matter and yet celebrates life in so doing. It is the story of a family shaken by a tragedy, the tremors of which will be felt for several decades. It is also and above all a story of the great love between a father and daughter, David and Laurence."—Anne Émond

"Émond brings a light touch to profound material… Only a handful of films have even attempted this kind of story-telling…"—Now (Toronto)

"There are sequences of genuine sensitivity here, and a sense of family history as a sprawling, living thing that evokes Olivier Assayas in his domestic-epic mode. But the summer hours here are cast in a long shade."—Adam Nayman, Cinema Scope

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