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K-fee TV advertisements

K-fee auto

A screenshot from the K-fee auto commercial.

In 2004, German caffeine company K-fee made some controversial TV adverts for their coffee drink. These adverts have been heavily criticized for their content and many feel that the advert is very uncommercial and upsetting, though its shocking visual is built to energize the viewers and keep them alert. The K-fee company received a lot of complaints about viewers getting heart attacks and young children getting startled. Soon after that, the ads stopped being aired on TV. On some occasions, a warning message is displayed before the advert plays, informing any young children, individuals who are easily scared and people with heart conditions to not view the footage. When this is not shown, it leaves any individual to be deceived.

The adverts

In the normal ads, only the zombie and gargoyle are used. In all of the commercials, the same scream is used. NOTE: The following videos contain screamers.

K-fee zombie

The K-fee zombie actor.

Commercials featuring the zombie

  • Auto: The commercial begins with a relaxing scene of a white car driving down a grassy hillside to soothing music. When the car passes behind a large tree, the camera follows. When it pans off the tree, the car is gone. Then, a zombie with a frightening scream then suddenly pops into the scenevery briefly, scaring the viewer. 
  • Fishing: This shows a man fishing, and not long afterwards the zombie appears, surprisingly not looking directly into the camera as he screams.
  • Yoga: This shows a person practicing yoga on a cliff, and as soon as the person lifts his hand, the zombie seemingly appears out of nowhere, screaming. His face is obscured by the dark. This is probably the scariest of all ads.
  • Meadow: A view over a field is shown, and the camera stops moving at a certain point. Not long after, the zombie shows up from the left side of the screen and screams.
  • Surfing: This is a far away view of a man going to the ocean to go surfing. Then the zombie appears from the right side of the screen and screams. This also seems to use the same footage of the zombie that's used in K-fee Auto.

K-fee gargoyle

The K-fee gargoyle actor.

Commercials featuring the gargoyle

  • Beach 1: This depicts two lovers on a beach about to kiss, and just as they do, the gargoyle jumps up screaming from the bottom of the screen, blocking the view, with blood dripping from his mouth.
  • Beach 2: This shows a relaxing scene of a boardwalk near a beach, when the gargoyle appears upside-down and screams.
  • Buddha: This depicts a woman meditating near a Buddha statue, when the gargoyle jumps up screaming. His face is so close to the camera that it is out of focus.
  • Golf: A man is shown golfing from far away, when the gargoyle appears upside-down and screams.


On the Internet, an alternate ending shows, instead of the product and the slogan, the text: "Now...Go Change Your Shorts And Get Back To Work!" in a different font/size. Other manifestations of this ad include being sent as part of a chain-mail which supposedly depicts a ghost appearing during the filming of a television ad (sometimes from Great Britain) that never aired; the viewer is instructed to follow the car closely, as a "mist" is supposed to appear next to the car at some point. The "mist", of course, never does appear, and the commercial plays out as described above, much to the chagrin of the viewer.

K-fee crew

The K-fee crew.

In January 2006, K-fee released new commercials for their line of Latte macchiato drinks that parodied their own prank flash-style commercials. Using the footage from three of K-fee's most popular commercials (Auto, Beach, and Golf), the company replaced the frightening image of a zombie or gargoyle at the end of the ad with a man in ordinary clothes, a man in a Halloween mask, or a man in a bear mascot costume appearing slowly and saying "boo" or "bwa-ha-ha", followed by the text "Jetzt auch mit weniger Koffein" (which translates as "Now also with less caffeine") and an image of a Latte Macchiato bottle.


NOTE: These videos contain screamers:

  • (K-fee auto)
  • ("Now change your shorts and get back to work" variation of K-fee auto)
  • (K-fee fishing)
  • (K-fee yoga)
  • (K-fee Beach 1)
  • (K-fee Latte Macchiato version)

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