Call for football clubs to police fans outside grounds

Last updated at 11:47 06 January 2008

Football clubs should take more responsibility for their fans' behaviour on

public transport, according to the assistant chief constable of British

Transport Police.

Alan Pacey said clubs should contribute towards the costs of policing transport

links near grounds.

Aberdeen fans Madrid

Fans who cause trouble on public transport should be banned by their club or

have their season ticket withdrawn, he said.

Such sanctions would send "a really good message to the rest of the football

fans that are thinking of potentially behaving this way", he told the BBC.

He said other passengers, including law-abiding fans, did not have an escape

route from anti-social behaviour on public transport.

"If they see this sort of behaviour in the town centre, they can at least walk

in the other direction and get some help. On a train they are stuck until they

get to the next station," he said.

"A number of football clubs who at the moment fully accept what goes on in

their stadia - and they're dealing with it really well - they won't accept

what's happening in the local town centres and transport systems which involve

their own football supporters."