Granny chic: How comfy cardies, warm tights and tweed skirts are part of the latest celebrity trend

Tend spotting: Long skirts, brogues and knitwear sales are soaring at Debemhams as 'granny chic' is all the rage

Tend spotting: Long skirts, brogues and knitwear sales are soaring at Debenhams as 'granny chic' is all the rage

You wouldn't expect the kind of clothes associated with your gran to be considered stylish but heavy cardigans, tweed mid-length skirts and flesh-coloured tights are all inspiring this season's latest trend.

'Granny chic' has featured heavily on the catwalk and is now making its way onto the high street, fuelled by celebrities like Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn and the Geldof girls.

Vintage clothing has been popular over the years and it seems women are now just as interested in looking old - not just shopping for old items.

Demand for ‘Nan favourites’ such as round-neck blouses are up 34 per cent, mid-length skirts are up 96 per cent, tweed skirts are up 110 per cent, brogues 35 per cent, low-heeled shoes 62 per cent and even flesh coloured tights are up 20 percent at Debenhams stores.

Debenhams director of design, Karen Peacock says: 'Some may say that this trend is more Miss Marple than Marni but its popularity continues to increase.

'Once reserved for bingo halls and bridge classes, "granny chic" is more likely to be seen on trendy streets in Shoreditch, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin and Brighton.

'So strong is the trend that there has even been a wave of girls dying their hair grey!'

Other clothing include big glasses, orthopedic shoes and floral dresses.

As popular as 'granny chic' becomes, it is unlikely Victoria Beckham will every give it a go - even if she does become a grandmother one day.

Alexa Chung
Pixie Geldof
Agyness Deyn

Pioneers: Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and model Agyness Deyn are all fans of the OAP look