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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects

DIY Budget Rule 1: Do-it-yourself only where it makes sense.

Rule #1 when planning your dream wedding on a limited wedding budget is to do-it-yourself where it makes sense. Depending on your expertise and cost of the supplies, some projects will work out better for you than others (for example, making your own wedding veil may cost more than buying it from a discount merchant).

For those of you with limited craft skills, you and I are in the same boat; I'm maybe a three on the 10-point craftiness scale. And I can do every project here. On the couple I had trouble with, I talk about it and show pictures so you can decide if you want to tackle it yourself.      

Scroll down to see the most recent DIY tutorials. Then click on each image for instructions and a supplies list. Enjoy! ~Bobette

5 steps to making a veil.

How To Make a Veil

Video with overview of five steps to making a wedding veil, plus links to each step.

Deciding whether to buy or make your veil.

Buy or Make Your Veil?

Considerations and options for buying versus making your own veil.

Simple, unadorned wedding veils starting at less than $ 10.

Simple Wedding Veils

Buy these veils to decorate yourself or to wear as-is with a fancy gown.

What you need to make a veil.

What You Will Need

Supplies list and video explaining what you need to make a veil.

raffia for country style decorating


Supplies: tulle sold by the 54" or 108" wide bolt, 6" wide spools, or circles.

Measuring and cutting material for a veil.

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Material

Video and written directions detailing step one in the veil making process--figuring out and cutting the tulle.

How to make a face veil.

Step 2: Making the Face Veil

How to make a blusher for your wedding veil.

DIY trim and beading on a veil.

Step 3: Trim and Beading

How to add beading, trim, and other embellishments to your veil.

Beading, trim, and other embellishments for veils.

Beading & Trim Examples

Different beading and trim options for your do-it-yourself veil.

How to put gathers in your veil.

Step 4: Adding Gathers to Your Veil

Explains how to put gathers at the crown of your DIY veil.

Sewing a comb to your veil.

Step 5: The Comb

See how to wrap and sew a bridal comb onto your veil.

Beach wedding centerpiece

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Video shows eight different mason jar centerpieces.

Tulle and lace on mason jars centerpiece

Tulle and Lace

Lace, tulle, candles, and flower confetti add ambiance.

lace by the yard or roll

Lace and Lace Trim

Supplies: lace trim to decorate centerpieces and lace for runners or other set upons.

planted flowers in mason jars

Planted Favors

Combine the favors and centerpiece by using individually potted plants.

Photo centerpieces in mason jars

Photos in Jars

Add family and friend photos as conversation starters.

flowers under mason jars, with candles

Mason Jar Candles and Blooms

A mason-rustic version of a popular simple centerpiece.

Raffia and burlap on a country chic centerpiece

Country Raffia & Burlap

Raffia and burlap add farm country ambiance.

raffia for country style decorating


Supplies: long, straw-like raffia for country style decorating (it's also what hula skirts are made from).

burlap and lace centerpiece

Burlap and Lace

Burlap, lace, and mason jars combine for the perfect country-chic look.

Two color ribbon bows around mason jars

Bows and Ribbon

Fancy lace and ribbon for a more romantic look.

Colorful sliced orange bouquets

Bouquets & Orange Filled

Colorful flowers, fruit, and favors to brighten the table.

wedding burlap by roll or bolt


Centerpieces supplies: burlap by the roll, bolt, and yard.

Photos inside jars make great centerpieces

Photo Centerpieces

Simple to make centerpieces: photos in glass vase or jar.

wedding burlap by roll or bolt

Bulk Candy

Candy buffet & centerpiece supplies: bulk candy. (Also, find by color: Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow)

Centerpiece bouquets made from cupcakes

Cupcake Bouquets

How to make cupcake bouquets. Takes some patience if you are on the non-crafty side.

three ways to put together centerpieces withflower blooms under upside down glasses, topped by candles

Blooms Under Glass

Three ways to do this quick and easy centerpiece concept: upside down clear glass container, candles, and single flower blooms.

Tall, slender centerpieces for easier conversation across a table

Tall Centerpieces

Tall, topiary like centerpieces are in style. Here's an easy way to make them.

Various containers and vases for floral centerpieces

Vase Shapes

Tall, short, round square, or something entirely different. The shape and type of centerpiece container can go a long way toward creating the look you want.

raffia for country style decorating


Supplies: personalized and other ribbon for decorating.

Beach wedding centerpiece

Beach Centerpieces

Tropical or beach weddings call for themed decorations.

Mini Candy Buffet as Centerpiece

Candy Centerpieces

Candy buffets and dessert stations are popular. You can move this idea to the guest tables as mini candy bars.

Examples of pillar, votive, and taper candle centerpieces

Candle Centerpieces

Ideas about how different candles give varying looks to a centerpiece. Pillars, tapers, and votives / tea lights each have unique characteristics.

Rustic centerpieces made from ornamental grass and cat tails

Rustic Centerpieces

Natural colored grasses and other dried organics are make attractive rustic decorations.

Mini S'mores Dessert Bar as Centerpiece

Individual S'Mores Kits

Who doesn't like s'mores? You can move them indoors as wedding centerpieces with Sterno or candles.

wedding burlap by roll or bolt

Votives and Tea Lights

Supplies: candles sold in bulk, by the case or pack.

Peacock feathers used as centerpieces

Peacock Feather Centerpieces

Use peacock feathers and slender, interestingly shaped containers for simple centerpieces.

wedding burlap by roll or bolt

Rose Petals and Wedding Confetti

Supplies: rose petals and other types of confetti for decor or tossing.

Floating centerpiece

Candle Float Centerpieces

Beads or crystals in clear containers topped with floating candles.


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