Tearful Kerry Katona visits tarot reader seeking advice as family falls apart

Last updated at 13:03 08 January 2008

Kerry Katona

A distressed Kerry Katona has visited a tarot reader for guidance as her family begins to disintegrate again.

The TV star and her mother-in-law are locked in a war of words, both of them accusing each other of physical attacks.

Mum-to-be Kerry has claimed that Marilyn Croft, 59, slapped her in the face after a row at a New Year's Eve party and left her fearful that she would miscarry her fourth child.

However, Marilyn has said that Kerry, 27, had slapped her following a row over drinking and smoking - at the same party.

Kerry is married to Mark Croft, her second husband, and the couple already have an 11-month-old daughter together. The reality TV star is now five-months pregnant with their second child.

The grandmother claimed in an interview with the News of the World that the couple's young daughter Heidi was being passed around like a parcel in a room filled with smoke.

When Marilyn spoke up about the situation she claims that was when Kerry flew into a drunken rage and slapped her.

She even makes the shocking claim that, when Kerry was pregnant with Heidi, she found cocaine in her bathroom.

"New Year's Eve was the last straw," she told the newspaper.

"Kerry's telling everyone how I attacked her and it is all wrong. I'm not like that at all. It makes me feel sick."

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Kerry Katona

Marilyn spoke about Kerry's smoking and drinking at the party.

"She claims to only have a couple (of cigarettes) in a day to help with her nerves but she was drinking and smoking all night."

Marilyn told of how the atmosphere at the party had become too smokey and she feared for the health of her grandchild. She went to speak to Kerry to explain that she wanted to take Heidi out of the room.

"I tried to explain that I was only doing the best for Heidi but she was just swearing at me and telling me I couldn't tell her what to do.

"She'd been drinking vodka during the evening and always had a glass on the go. Then she tried to slap me across the face.

"Instinctivly I put my hand up to protect myself and caught her on the nose with the palm of my hand. That was all.

"Then she really lost it. She was stood there screaming for Mark and when he came she claimed I'd attacked her. I was so upset that I couldn't get my words out."

Marilyn was thrown out of the house.

"Her behaviour begars belief. She is five months pregnant. She almost suffered a miscarriage early on in this current pregnancy," continued the concerned mum.

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Kerry Katona

"What's the betting the baby is born early or with complications because of Kerry's irresponsibility?

"No doubt that will give her another magazine cover - and she can tell the whole sorry story."

Marilyn went into more detail about how she claims she discovered cocaine in Kerry's house last Christmas.

"The downstairs loo was occupied so I nipped upstairs to use the one in Kerry and Mark's room.

"I noticed on the window sill there was some white powder dotted about. I thought it was talc. Then I noticed a rolled-up £20 note. Then the penny dropped.

"Later I asked Mark whether she was on drugs with Heidi. He denied it but I don't believe it.

"She claims to be bipolar which is why she suffers from this huge mood swings but I don't think she is."

Kerry gives a very different version of events of New Year's Eve

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Kerry Katona hen night

In an interview with The People the ex-Atomic Kitten claims that she was attacked at the party and that was not the first time Marilyn had slapped her.

The mother-of-three claimed that it had been an unprovoked attack and that she was knocked off her feet with the force of her mother-in-law's swipe.

"I had nearly miscarried this child early on in my pregnancy and I'm still terrified of losing it.

"The midwife found the heartbeat but I haven't felt the baby move since that night and I can't stop worrying."

The singer, who is already estranged from her own mother Sue after she branded her a coke-head and an unfit mother, said that husband Mark has banned his mother from seeing the grandchildren.

"I'm in shock about what Marilyn has done. It's another kick in the teeth from someone close.

We were having a lovely New Year's Eve Party when she decided to kick off and pick a fight with my step-sister Pat, and then me"

She explained the attack to the newspaper: "Marilyn was really angry about something and saying 'you're no daughter-in-law of mine'.

"Then she smacked me full force across the face and I fell. God knows how I didn't hit my bump."

The Iceland television star has two other children with former Westlife band member Brian McFaden.