Calzaghe: I won’t lose it like Ricky


Last updated at 20:51 24 January 2008

Joe Calzaghe believes Ricky Hatton was psyched out before stepping into the ring in last month's ill-fated meeting with Floyd Mayweather, but the unbeaten Welshman insists he will not make the same mistake in his own confrontation with an American loudmouth.

Calzaghe, who will earn a minimum

$12million for fighting Bernard

Hopkins in Las Vegas on April 19, has

already dismissed the Philadelphian's

racial slur, about never allowing himself

to be beaten by a white boy, as a

'stupid comment for an adult' and will

laugh in the face of the self-styled

Executioner's attempts to unsettle

him in the build-up.

Joe Calzaghe

Calzaghe believes Hatton was

disturbed by similar stuff when he lost

to Mayweather. Newbridge's undisputed

world super-middleweight

champion, who fights Hopkins at lightheavyweight,

said: "'I was over there for

Ricky's fight and even he will admit he

let Mayweather's insults get to him.

"'He lost the game-plan a bit. I know

that Ricky says as soon as he had a

point deducted he lost his cool during

the fight, but at the weigh-in you

could see he was angry — and you

can't be an angry fighter.

"Mayweather made Ricky too fired

up, too aggressive. But Hopkins was

over there, too, and when he tried to

wind me up I was just laughing and

giving him some back. I've got the

temperament to take everything in

my stride."

Hopkins is also guaranteed $12m, so

expect the man who enters the ring in

an executioner's mask and whose

favourite gesture is a hand slashing

across his throat, to be loathsome in

the publicity build-up that starts in

Las Vegas tomorrow.

He will be angered by Calzaghe's

comments yesterday, when London's