Princess Beatrice raids the gents to tell off her beau

Last updated at 16:11 24 January 2008

The gents toilets are the last place you'd expect to find a princess who's fifth in line to the throne.

But that's exactly what happened when feisty Princess Beatrice was caught following her beleaguered boyfriend into the toilet to give him a right royal tongue-lashing.

The 19-year-old lambasted her man, Dave Clark, when she followed him into the gents at the launch party of the Virgin Galactic spaceship in New York.

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Clark, 25, is the head of astronaut relations on the project, and - in typical Richard Branson over-the-top fashion - all of the Virgin staff had their faces painted like Ziggy Stardust.

But towards the end of the night, Dave went to the bathroom to remove the glitter, which is when Bea charged in after him.

An onlooker said: “He felt a bit daft with the face paint on, so just wanted to wipe it off. But Bea thought it looked funny, and was demanding he keep it on.

"There were several men in the toilets, and they all couldn't believe it when she stormed in, screaming after her embarrassed boyfriend.

"The argument got quite heated, with Bea the more enthusiastic of the pair. She tried to get me involved in the argument, asking what I thought of the make-up.

"I was pretty terrified, and so was her boyfriend. She won in the end and he trudged out with his tail between his legs — glitter still all over his face."

The party was held at the American Museum of Natural History, and celebrated the launch of Virgin's ship that will take tourists into space.

Princess Bea has already put her deposit down for the £100,000 flight, as have Victoria Principal, Stephen Hawking and Trevor Beattie.