Foreign owners believe in wage cap, says Rams chairman Pearson

Last updated at 21:39 03 January 2008

Adam Pearson believes the

growing influx of overseas

investment could lead to a salary

cap for Premier League players.

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The Derby chief said: "Wages have

reached a limit. It's not really

possible for them to go any higher

without clubs getting into difficulty.

"There's a general consensus

among principals at clubs that

something has to happen.

"There are new owners — and

overseas owners, particularly —

who cannot understand why you

put wages at a level you can't

afford. They struggle with that as a

concept. I have to say I agree.

"It's difficult for the biggest clubs to

agree with that because they

operate from a position of huge

power. But there's a growing strength of feeling that perhaps the

finance should be redirected back

into the football club, back into the

infrastructure or back into the

facilities. Perhaps into the grassroots

of the game, rather than just

going out to agents and players.

"Players' wages are probably high

enough now in the Premier League

and the Championship.

"The ideal way would be to do it as a

percentage of turnover. Everyone

knows that if you're in excess of 60

per cent of your turnover, you're

going to struggle. Every owner

knows what his club can afford."

The most recent review of

football's finances, by Deloitte,

revealed the average wage in the

Barclays Premier League stands at


The accountancy

firm also predict that, because of

the latest TV deals, it is only a

matter of time before the first

player earns £200,000 a week.

This season, clubs are expected to

hand over in excess of £1bn to

players in wages for the first time.