The Block winner Deanne keen for TV role

It's likely you haven't seen the last of Deanne on your TV, with The Block Triple Threat winner keen to do another program to showcase her flair for interiors.

The budding interior designer, who already has had clients waiting for her to finish The Block, has signed with an agent in Sydney and would snap up the right sort of television role.

"I would like to stay in the world of interiors and be doing something that I can use my skills and my design," she said.

Deanne and Darren's apartment sold for $2.29 million and they walked away with $935,000 in prize money.

They clashed with Adelaide couple Tim and Anastasia on the series, accusing them of copying their style and cheating for not paying their trades bill.

But Deanne said everyone was "cool" with each other now and all they wanted was a fair playing field given the amount of money at stake.

"We weren't willing to see people doing the wrong thing," Deanne said.

The judges attacked their decision to change the location of their kitchen and their interior choices for the room.

Celebrating in the kitchen after their win, Darren said: "We are sitting in the kitchen that they (the judges) hated!

"We might send them a text tomorrow."

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