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Sardinia Exploration Backgrounds

Sardinian man linked to exceptional longevity

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We set off for Sardinia after hearing rumors of a rare genetic quirk. Sardinians carry the M26 marker, linked to exceptional longevity, at much higher rates than other populations. Because of their geographic isolation, those genes have mostly remained ‘undiluted’, which helps explain why the island boasts nearly 10 times more centenarians per capita than the U.S.

But Sardinians are also culturally isolated and that’s helped them maintain a very traditional lifestyle. Sardinians still hunt, fish and harvest their food. They keep close ties to friends and family throughout their lives, devoting plenty of time to laughter and wine. They move naturally, nap regularly and get lots of antioxidants through herbal tea and a traditional Mediterranean diet.

While good genes may explain some of their longevity, we found that lifestyle plays an even bigger role. More evidence that habits and enviorment, not just heredity, are the key to a long life.

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