Pimp my superyacht! From £4m helicopters and custom-built sports cars to giant slides and personal submarines - the ultimate boys' toys on display at Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show displays expensive toys and gadgets for superyacht owners

The world's most prestigious yacht show features the latest must-have accessories for wealthy owners, who can splash on everything from giant slides to helicopters. One of the toys with definite wow factor is the £1million Dragon personal submarine (bottom), which can reach depths of 400ft. For £4million, owners can buy their very own helicopter (top right) to travel directly from the airport to their yacht, or they can opt for the Marine Edition Mono (top left), a £500,000 sports car that was specially built for transport on a yacht.

Hollywood's biggest stars, the delights of North Korea and the most cringeworthy pregnancy announcement: The best and worst travel adverts of all time revealed

The best and worst travel advert videos of all time revealed

These cringeworthy TV adverts are proof that travel companies can leave a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons when they try to win over holidaymakers. Some are just plain awful and widely ridiculed on social media, while others fail to captivate an audience and fall flat. These are some of the best and worst travel adverts of all time. Pictured (main) is Arnold Schwarzenegger selling the delights of California, Paul Hogan (inset left) the wonders of Australia and Rupert Grint (inset right) the attractions of England.

Heated open-air pools, champagne receptions and volcanic salt baths: Is a thermal spa the ideal Christmas?

'I lay in the heated open-air pool, a blizzard whirled around me in the night sky and fluffy flakes settled on my head'. Mail on Sunday's Wendy Driver shares her favourite way to spend the festive period.

What sets the Poles apart? Poland's heartbreaking and heroic history revealed 

On a tour of Poland, Mail on Sunday's Sarah Lucas discovered a fragile beauty in a country that has suffered for several decades.

Who's laughing now? Hyenas left with their tails between their legs after wild dogs win incredible four-minute battle over fresh kill

Hyenas and wild dogs battle over dead impala at Kruger National Park

Two hyenas and approximately 10 wild dogs engaged in a bloody fight over the carcass of an impala in front of stunned tourists at South Africa's Greater Kruger National Park. Footage shows one of the hyenas trying to steal the carcass before being chased away by the wild dogs and then returning with a mate to continue the fight.

Happy Birthday Barbados! The island is set to celebrate her 50th anniversary of independence - and you can join in

Independence was initially marked in 1966 following the raising of the national flag the first time. Mail on Sunday's Frank Barrett reveals how you can get involved in next year's celebrations

'I'm married but I'm so in love with my ex-partner I feel dead': Commuters darkest confessions laid bare for all to see on giant board at Brighton train station

Brighton commuters darkest confessions laid bare on giant board at train station

Alongside run-of-the-mill train departure information, bleary-eyed commuters are being confronted with admissions of illicit affairs and heartbreak broadcast on a giant screen, known as the Waiting Wall at Brighton train station. Created for the city's design festival, the display was designed as a reinterpretation of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, and will be visible until September 27.

Glorious Europe? It's just plain sailing: The best shopping, sightseeing and cycling adventures are just a ferry ride away 

'Now is the time to plan a car ferry break to the Continent.' Mail on Sunday's Frank Barrett shares his ideas behind a number of unforgettable short breaks.

Chic New York is even cooler in the snow: Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh went for the style - and stayed for the food

The reality star, who claims her love of the Big Apple stems from watching Friends growing up, shares her take on the city during the winter months.

From endless entertainment in Las Vegas to the grounds of the Taj Mahal: The best worldwide tours on offer revealed

Mail on Sunday's Caroline Hendrie reveals her top worldwide tours where travellers can explore the circumnavigation of the globe without boarding a cruise ship.

'It was a mixture of Cocoon, Fawlty Towers and Benidorm': 'Fun loving' couple in their 40s put in honeymoon resort for pensioners by Thomson where romantic meals were interrupted by mobility scooters

Bride Sharon Lanning, 41, and her husband Alun, 42, from Shrewsbury were hoping for fun and frolics but, were booked into a hotel that was like a mixture of 'Cocoon, Fawlty Towers and Benidorm'.

Rooms behind bookcases, a bed inside a tram cart and a crow's nest up a ladder: Inside the incredible Amsterdam hotel that may be the most bizarre in the world

Inside the Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam that may be the most bizarre in the world

Designed by artists, no two rooms in Hotel No Hotel are the same, with guests staying in a range of quirky accommodation that looks like a colourful art gallery. Rooms include an Amsterdam Tram room (left), an elaborate wood carving haven (top right) and a pad based on 3D printing (bottom right).

From Amsterdam adventures to sailing in Serbia: The top European cruises on offer for travellers in 2016

Mail on Sunday's Caroline Hendrie shares her pick of next year's river cruises which allow travellers to wake up in a new place every morning.

Drink in the view: Behind the wine country along Portugal's stunning Douro river

Mail on Sunday's Alex Holt winds her way through alleys of heart-stopping steepness, to the bombastic grandeur of buildings dedicated to God and Mammon.

Cheaper than Warsaw, Budapest and Prague: Why Dublin is the best bet for culture-cramming city ventures

Visits to Ireland's museums, galleries and libraries weighed in at just over £76, more than 25 per cent cheaper than a year ago, making it the best value of 17 cultural capitals surveyed.

The sunshine state of mind: From stunning Miami beaches to thrilling theme parks on your doorstep - why Florida is the ideal holiday destination

Mail on Sunday's Frank Barrett reveals why he believes Florida, the home of Disney World, Miami Vice and Anna Maria Island, makes the perfect summer holiday destination.

Flights grounded at Dutch airport and terminal evacuated after 'security threat'... that turned out to be an iPhone case styled like a gun

iphone gun case plug brand.jpg

Passengers suffered considerable delays and everyone had to be checked through security a second time after the police were called in to Schiphol Airport to investigate the item.

And you thought the Germans were efficient! Yet more problems for Berlin's €5.4BILLION white elephant airport as engineers declare the new roof 'too heavy'


Originally scheduled to open for business in 2011, the airport was supposed to be state-of-the-art and eventually merge in with the city's other two operating sites, Tegel and Schönefeld.

The scantily-clad girls in neon booths who are not selling sex... but NUTS: Inside Taiwan's bizarre trade where 'betel' snacks are sold to drivers 

Inside Taiwan's trade where 'betel nut beauties' sell fruit to drivers

The beautiful Taiwanese road sellers may be dressed to grab attention, but it is their tasty betel nuts that stimulate customers. These provocative 'Betel nut girls' are responsible for pedalling the stimulative fruit from around 60,000 booths, many along the main roads. But with many viewing the trade as degrading, and health reports linking the fruit to oral cancer, could these booths soon be a thing of the past?

Nano Niagara Falls: Magical time-lapse video captures beauty and drama of the waterfalls using miniature models

A captivating short film has captured the drama of the waterfalls, which straddle the border between Canada and the United States, in a magical time-lapse video using miniature models .

Radar to search for Queen Nefertiti: Egypt gives go ahead to look behind King Tutankhamun's tomb to try and find grave of woman who may have been his mother

The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry has granted preliminary approval for the use of a non-invasive radar to find 'ghost' tomb doors hidden behind King Tutankhamun's 3,300-year-old tomb.

The five-smile resort: How TV presenter Anna Williamson's Caribbean trip kept all her family happy

The former Daybreak-presenter shares how her five-star, all-inclusive decision left members of her family 'chomping at the bit' to book next year's getaway.

PETA sues nature photographer in hopes of giving a MONKEY copyright ownership of selfie 

PETA filed a lawsuit on Tuesday arguing that a macaque monkey who took a selfie that's now published in nature photographer David Slater's book should have ownership of photo.

Abs-olutely wild! Daredevil hunks showcase their ripped physiques in breathtaking settings on Instagram account that's setting pulses racing

Men of Outdoors Instagram features daredevil hunks showcasing ripped physiques

Men of Outdoors celebrates handsome, adventure travel-loving hunks - and is fast gaining popularity around the world with more than 27,000 followers. Some of the heartthrobs featured include US BMX racer Barry Nobles (bottom right); Seattle photograher Jeffrey Carlson (centre); Washington yogi Rick T (bottom left); horse-loving Riccardo Roma (top left) and free-climbing entrepreneur David Powell (top right).

New York's Egyptian artefacts triumph over Paris's Mona Lisa as TripAdvisor reviewers name the best museums in the world 

New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art - the largest art museum in the US - edged top attractions in Paris and London for top spot in TripAdvisor's travellers' choice awards.

Homeless man shows how it's possible to visit 23 capital cities in Europe and travel nearly 10,000 miles without spending a single penny (or letting girls get in the way)

Homeless Kris Mole visited 23 capital cities in the European Union - without spending a pound, euro, krone or lev. His trip took over 165 days to complete and involved hitch-hiking for transport.

Paris to be free of honking horns and exhaust fumes this weekend as French capital goes 'car free'

The move has been initiated by mayor Anne Hidalgo, titled 'journée sans voiture' (day without car), where she hopes other EU countries will follow suit.

Driving customer service to the next level: From a 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II to a 1970 'Baccarat red' Citroen and vintage Fiat 500s - the luxury hotels with iconic courtesy cars

The hotels with iconic courtesy cars including 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom and vintage Fiat

MailOnline Travel looks at hotels from Paris to New York and Rome that match courtesy cars to their brand image. The Peninsula, Paris, chauffeurs guests in an incredible array of iconic and luxury cars including a 1934 Phantom II (main), while those staying at Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto in Rome can scoot past the Colosseum in a Fiat 500 (top right). Check into the Baccarat New York, meanwhile, and you can cruise the streets in a classic red Citroen (bottom right).

The hermit crab forced to live in a toothpaste cap: Heartbreaking image shows the harsh reality of Earth's plastic pollution

The image was uploaded by Reddit user Hscmidt after his girlfriend spotted the crab roaming a beach in Cuba. The creature had been using a toothpaste cap as its shell to protects itself from predators.

Now THAT's an impulse buy! Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge for £6,600 at auction as present for his wife 100 years ago

Salisbury resident and barrister Cecil Chubb brought the then-neglected ruin of Stonehenge 100 years ago today, for the sum of £6,600, only to gift it to the nation three years later.

Children forced to sleep on baggage trolleys in Spanish airport after 13-hour flight delay for 300 Thomson customers

Louise Brown, from Offerton, Stockport, one of the angry holidaymakers who have hit out after a flight to Manchester Airport from Menorca was delayed for 13 hours. Various pictures of her with her family... Pic from MEN Syndication.. .. Mitchell Henry House.. Hollinwood Avenue.. Chadderton.. Oldham.. OL9 8EF.. syndication@men-news.co.uk

Due to an emergency landing of an earlier Thomson flight at Cardiff International Airport, around 300 passengers were stranded in Menorca overnight on Saturday.

Inside the bizarre blue igloo holiday home designed to withstand tornadoes that's on the market for £226,000 (known to locals as the 'boob house')

Inside the Perth blue igloo holiday home in Australia designed to withstand tornadoes

The blue igloo abode near Perth, Australia, leaves the owner with no chance of blending anonymously into the neighbourhood. It was created by two brothers in 1978 as a gimmick and has been a popular spot for both short and long-term rentals.

Internet speeds on planes to take off: Aircraft passengers set to enjoy onboard WiFi that is up to 20 TIMES faster

Inflight entertainment is about to go undergo a revolution with the arrival of wifi 20 times faster than the service currently available on US aircraft.

Fury at council's £2m beach huts: Cash-strapped authority attacked for spending five times more on luxury cabins than on homes for residents

C5P49W beach huts broadsands,Broadsands beach,Beachhuts and green fields, BOATS, BLUE, SEA, SKY, SEASIDE, SCENE, SEASHORE, BATHERS, COA

Torbay Council spent £2.35million on its 'English Riviera' seaside chalets at Broadsands and Meadfoot beaches between 2013 and 2015, despite approving £22million of cuts earlier this year.

Plane journeys set to become A LOT noisier: Lufthansa signs deal to allow phone calls and internet access during flights, with British Airways likely to follow suit

Germany's Lufthansa signed a deal allowing passengers to use their handsets on board from next summer. Passengers will be able to check their emails and log onto Facebook.

A lift with a view! Chinese national park installs spectacular £2m glass elevators on a cliff face to help tourists reach the peak faster

A Chinese national park in Hubei Province has installed a set of glass lifts on the side of a near-vertical cliff. The 20 million Yuan (£2 million) project was put into operation on September 1.

That's what you call an upgrade! Russian billionaire unveils his £260m superyacht which is 300ft high, has eight floors and an underwater observation room - replacing his measly £190m boat

Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko's yacht is the world's LARGEST

Built for Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, 'Sailing Yacht A,' which Mr Melnichenko is thought to have named 'A' to ensure it is listed first in shipping registers, is taking its test voyage in Kiel, northern Germany. The ship is believed to have cost over £260million and is the world's largest sailing yacht. At 468ft in length, with masts nearing 300ft high, the 'mega-yacht,' has eight floors and has an underwater observation room.

Traumatised passengers who survived British Airways plane fire take legal action after suffering 'flashbacks'

Steve Bingham, from Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, said he is taking medication to help him cope with 'regular flashbacks' he has suffered since the plane caught fire in Las Vegas.

I'm a big boy now! Heart-warming moment baby elephant thinks he is grown up and charges at a safari truck... before changing his mind and hiding under mum

The heart-warming footage was captured by a group of tourists to the Kruger National Park in South Africa and shows the moment the elephant calf decides to show his mettle.

The boulder that defies gravity: Sacred rock with overhang that's half its length teeters terrifyingly over cliff face (but that doesn't stop pilgrims gathering beneath it)

Sacred Myanmar rock with overhang that's half its length teeters terrifyingly over cliff

Instead of giving the teetering boulder a wide berth, the oddly-shaped Golden Rock or Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Myanmar is a major pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists - despite its scary location. The glittering boulder was allegedly built over a single strand of Buddha's hair and is said to bless devotees with wealth and acknowledgement of their goodness.

Tragedy in the Alps as British man, 76, and his business partner are killed when their light aircraft crashes due to heavy turbulence - and isn't found for two days

Pic shows: Firefighters Flachau helped salvage the wreck.\n\nA British pilot and his colleague en route to Spain died after the private plane they were piloting crashed apparently due to heavy turbulence over the Austrian Alps.\n\nThe storm in the Alpine region of Pongau in the province of Salzburg, western Austria, caused severe turbulence and initial reports claim that the plane had plummeted to the ground after the pilot had lost control of the craft.\n\nThe wreckage of the light aircraft belonging to the 79-year-old Brit and the 76-year-old Austrian, who have not been named but who were business partners and co-owners of the plane, was only discovered on Saturday, two days after going missing on Thursday.\n\nThe plane was on its way to Spain after taking off from Breclav in the Czech Republic on Thursday morning.\n\nPolice confirmed papers found in the aircraft lead to the identification of the pilots.\n\nAustrian air traffic control Austro Control reported that the plane went mis

The crash happened on Thursday when the 76-year-old Briton - who has not been named - lost control of the plane not far from Salzburg. The wreck was not discovered until Saturday morning.

High speed crashes, sweltering heat and a track invader: What it's like to watch the Singapore Grand Prix from a front row $2,128 seat 

The Premier Grandstand at the Singapore Grand Prix race is at the apex of the action. Fans are given front row seats, from watching a high speed crash to a 27-year-old man casually crossing the track.

Dirty nappies, gnarled dirty toenails and discarded half-eaten sandwiches: Latest passenger-shaming photos show the ever disgusting habits of air travellers

Airline passenger-shaming photos show the ever disgusting habits of travellers

It seems air passengers still haven't quite got the hang of travelling in style. Disgruntled flyers and flight attendants from around the globe, have taken their frustration to social media to shame feral passengers with annoying habits, shared on Instagram, under the hashtag #passengershaming.

Eiffel Tower is closed to visitors after terror suspect 'with large rucksack' is seen ascending France's most famous attraction

Anti-terrorist police supported by a helicopter could today be seen at the iconic landmark in Paris following the alarm being raised at around 9am this morning.

Horror at Niagara Falls as woman 'intentionally' goes over the edge at 6pm in front of horrified of tourists

New York State Parks Police have told News 4 rescue crews are searching for a woman who went over the Falls Saturday evening.

They are calling the incident an ?intentional entry.?

They did not release any other information about the victim, including if she is still alive.

It happened around 6 p.m. at Prospect Point.

New York Parks police say they are searching for a woman they believe 'intentionally' went over the falls near Prospect Point - on the American side of the tourist attraction - at around 6pm.

Millions of British holidaymakers face £80 levy on their holidays as Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza prepare to launch new green tax 

The new eco-tax being prepared by the Balearic islands' government will see holidaymakers charged a daily fee of €2 per person - costing the average UK family £80 for a two-week holiday.

Nuzzling lions, a swimming turtle and a lone grizzly bear: The INCREDIBLE wildlife moments captured on film by photography competition winners

The Zoological Society of London's wildlife photography competition winners

The winners of the fourth annual Zoological Society of London (ZSL)'s wildlife photography competition have been announced...and they are spectacular. Over 450 submissions were entered, with a panel of judges including Kate Humble and Bill Oddie awarding prizes to pictures including nuzzling lions (left), an inquisitive tree frog (top right) and a swimming turtle (bottom right).

Inside Mecca's Matrix: 5,000 CCTV cameras watch over one of the world's biggest crowds as 100,000 security officers prepare for the influx of three million pilgrims expected at the Hajj

Roughly 3million people from around the world are expected to converge on Tuesday at the he Kaaba, in Mina and other nearby areas for the Hajj, which lasts about five days.

Lederhosen, low-cut blouses and LOTS of beer! Six million people expected to pack out Munich as Germany celebrates 182nd Oktoberfest

Lederhosen, low-cut blouses and gallons of beer! Six million people expected to pack out

Munich tapped the keg Saturday on the world's biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest, with six million revellers expected. The celebration of traditional Bavarian culture with its oompah music and beloved frothy beverage kicked off when Mayor Dieter Reiter opened the first beer barrel with two mallet blows and offered a toast to a 'peaceful' Oktoberfest.

From the cycling county of Yorkshire to the football hotbed of London: Six of England's sporting bests revealed


From the birthplace of rugby to the Cotswolds Olympicks, VisitEngland is on a quest to find the country's ultimate home of sport.

An Inspector Calls: Golf, grouse and gourmet dinner at a Baronial pile in the Scottish Borders

Fisher folk, golf enthusiasts, grouse and pheasant shooters will all feel at home at The Roxburghe in Kelso. There's even a spa in this hotel in the Scottish Borders.

La Dolce Vita: Oozing timeless glamour, STUNNING photographs of Italy's golden era reveal why the country was an A-lister favourite even in the 1950s

STUNNING photographs of Italy show why the country is an A-lister favourite

Capturing the enduring charm of the Mediterranean gem, this series of candid images from the 1950's showcases a lively mix of day-to-day life and cinematic inspiration. Legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren (bottom right) is pictured on set and the collection shows that holidaymakers have long flocked to the glamorous hotspots of Venice and Positano.

Happy snapper: Daredevil model dices with death in extraordinary underwater face-to-face photo shoot with CROCODILE

A fearless model came face-to-face with a 4metre long crocodile in an extraordinary photo-shoot. Italian thrillseeker Roberta Mancino fulfilled a dream swimming with the reptiles in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fancy seeing lions and swimming around a reef? A surf and turf safari offers the best of both worlds

A self confessed safari addict spends her birthday where the ocean and the African bush meet in Saadani National Park, Tanzania enjoying a blend of snorkelling and safari adventures.

Picture perfect: The celebrity photographer's bohemian retreat for poets, writers and artists on the Isle of Wight

The destination for Benedict Cumberbatch's recent wedding, Freshwater Bay is an artistic hotspot still as picturesque as it was in the days of Lord Tennyson.

Other earth: A close encounter of the blubbery kind while cruising New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islands

Sipping on champagne aboard the Silver Discoverer, travellers can sail from Auckland to Dunedin via some of the most remote New Zealand outcrops seeing sea life along the way.

Cabin crew ready for bedtime: Flight attendant is caught on camera slurring his words and FALLING ASLEEP while making the in-flight announcement

A SouthWest Airlines flight attendant filmed slurring his words during announcement

A video has appeared online of a flight attendant on a Southwest Airlines flight appearing to slur his words and fall asleep mid-sentence while making a passenger announcement. The incident was filmed by a concerned passenger on a flight between Birmingham, US and Dallas.

The call of the wild: Man takes his part-wolf best friend, Loki, on incredible outdoor adventures

A hybrid of a Siberian husky, Malamute and Arctic Wolf, two-year old Loki, and his owner Kelly Lund from Colorado love nothing more than sharing incredible outdoor adventures together.

Meet the man who traveled 47,000 miles around the world on FOOT during an epic 11-year odyssey crossing six continents (using 54 pairs of shoes)

Canadian Jean Beliveau's 11-year walk is believed to be the world's longest uninterrupted circumnavigation on foot. He shares the highs and lows of his trip with MailOnline Travel.

An Inspector Calls: Golf, grouse and gourmet dinner at a Baronial pile in the Scottish Borders

Fisher folk, golf enthusiasts, grouse and pheasant shooters will all feel at home at The Roxburghe in Kelso. There's even a spa in this hotel in the Scottish Borders.

Diving into shark-infested waters: What swimming with the fearsome predators 60ft below the waves in Tahiti is REALLY like... and no, you don't get a safety cage

French Polynesia is home to a panoply of shark species, including the fearsome Tiger, but that wasn't enough to stop MailOnline Travel's Ruth Styles from diving in - with no safety cage in sight.

The secret to a great holiday in Ibiza? Go in September, avoid one resort in particular like the plague and leave late-night clubs to those who are too young to know better

The White Isle comes into its own when the raucous crowds have gone. All the coolest bars are still open and clubs host closing parties. Going off season means Spain's expensive island is better value.

My night in the billion dollar hotel: From revolving beds to chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces, is Dubai's seven-star Burj Al Arab all it's cracked up to be?

My night in Dubai's 7-star Burj Al Arab with revolving beds and chauffeured Rolls Royces

There is nothing modest about the Jumeirah sail-shaped hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and that is the whole point. Gold plated iPads in every room, a revolving bed in the Royal Suite and 17 types of pillow await guests. The hotel has attracted celebrities, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Gigi Hadid, Claudia Schiffer and Kendall Jenner. But is the luxurious experience blissfully refined or ridiculously brash?

Ruff and ready: Cute Instagram pictures show dogs enjoying the great outdoors on camping trips with their owners

Instead of man's best friend being left behind during holidays, the adorable US Camping With Dogs Instagram page shows pets and humans having fun together on spectacular camping trips.

American beauty: A journey by tall ship exploring the presidential playground along New England's glitzy coastline

Despite the biblical rain, writer Collette Lyons finds foodie heaven in Maine, cinematic icons in Massachusetts and explores the elegant island of Martha's Vineyard.

A boozy break in the Lakes? That's the spirit as new distillery creates chance to enjoy home-grown English tipple

There's always been plenty of water in the Lake District, but now there's vodka, gin and whisky, too.
All thanks to the new Lakes Distillery.

Perth, the unlikely hipster hotspot: A guide to the coolest boho bars and hot hotels in Western Australia's capital city

Perth is a new gem in Australia with arguably more edge than any other. MailOnline Travel sampled the coolest places to eat, drink and sleep in this most up-and-coming city

EasyJet makes holidaymaker pay excess baggage to take his mother's belongings home after she suffered a stroke in Spain

EasyJet has come under fire for charging a customer more than £50 to take his mother's luggage home from Spain after she suffered a stroke.
Jeff Kimber had to fly back to Britain from Majorca alone, because his elderly mother Shirley was too ill to take a commercial flight even though she had a seat booked on the easyJet service.
When he checked in with two bags - one for his own belongings and one for his mother's - he was told he had to pay a ?78 charge because his luggage was too heavy.
The airline refused to waive the fee even when Mr Kimber, 40, pointed out that his insurance company had booked four tickets for the flight and he was only using one of them.
When he returned to Britain, he contacted the company to complain - but they told him it would be 'unfair' to bend their own rules by refunding the money.

EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Kimber had to fly back to Britain from Majorca alone, because his elderly mother Shirley was too ill to take a commercial flight even though she had a seat booked.

Mature traveller seeking anarchy and excitement: Intrepid Lady Sorrel Bentinck takes a solo trip across India in search of her own Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Mature traveller seeking anarchy and excitement: Intrepid Lady Sorrel Bentinck takes a

At the tender age of 73, a solo traveller takes an adventure of a lifetime voyaging from Mumbai to Bhuj in Gujarat by train before reaching Calcutta . She dances by the Ganges, stays on a paradise farm in Darjeeling and finds an ancestral link in Calcutta.

Offerings to the god Osiris found hidden beneath ancient Sudanese pyramids: 2,000-year-old structures marked Kushite graves

The pyramids (a ruin is shown) were found close to the ancient town of Gematon in Sudan, which as part of the ancient kingdom of Kush.

Rare snubfin dolphin spotted 'smiling' and playing in the water off the coast in Queensland

Emma Schmidt, a ranger for Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, said she saw the endangered mammal (pictured) frolicking with a pod of around 10 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins.

How polluted is YOUR city? Live interactive map shows exactly how much harmful smog is in the air where you live right now

Beijing based environmental monitoring project, the World Air Quality Index is publishing real time pollution maps across the world to reveal levels of harmful particulate matter.

The 'Tesla of planes' has arrived: Futuristic Icon A5 seaplane reaches 110mph, and can be flown by almost anyone (as long as you have $197,000)

This past Tuesday a plane went down in New York?s Hudson River.
The cops were called. Firefighters and emergency medical technicians arrived on the scene.
But instead of a frantic group of passengers floating in a downed Airbus A320, like 2009?s Sully Sullenberger ?Miracle on the Hudson? moment, officials encountered a delighted group of reporters gathered to test out the Icon A5, a small seaplane that was using the river to take off and land. Everything was going fine, but unknowing onlookers were not used to seeing planes flying so close to the river, so they'd called for help. Firefighters and cops, realizing nothing was amiss, stuck around to admire the spectacle. Indeed, the only potential damage at the event was what the Icon A5 will do to the $219 billion private aviation industry1. 
A view of the Jersey City skyline and the busy Hudson River during our NYC test flight.
A view of the Jersey City skyline and the busy Hudson River during our NYC test flight. Photographer: Justin

Built by LA-based Icon, the all-composite flying boat weighs just 1,000 lbs and has a range of 450 miles (725km). It can be flown after just 20 hours of training, and will be available in three years.

Break-up playlists, no PDAs in sight and turtles released to represent letting your old relationship go: Inside the Thai resort designed to help you fall OUT of love

Inside the Aleenta Phuket Thai resort designed to help you fall OUT of love

The 'Power of One' break-up package, at Aleenta Phuket in Thailand, aims to help you move on with your love life. Activities come thick and fast to stop guests dwelling too long on the past. From great food, to relaxing yoga and market trips, it is a great way to move on with your life.

Concorde set to return to the skies: Supersonic jet may be used for charter flights by 2019

A Concorde supersonic airliner registration G-BOAB flies overhead during its service for British Airways - en-route for a foreign destination. The delta-winged jet was first flown in 1969, entering commercial service in 1976 for 27 years until the disastrous in Paris ended its viability. AÈrospatiale-BAC Concorde was a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner or supersonic transport (SST). With a program cost of £1.3 billion and a unit cost of £23 million in 1977.

A group of UK enthusiasts of the decommissioned aircraft known as The Concorde Club have amassed £160million to give the supersonic passenger jet a new lease of life.

Myleene Klass under fire for claiming she released giant crab on Hampstead Heath after it stowed away in her luggage when she flew back from Pacific island of Mogmog

The radio presenter revealed last week how she found the coconut crab - so-called because it can crush coconuts with its pincers - in her suitcase on her return from the Pacific island of Mogmog.

We're all going on a winter holiday! Why it's more than just the year-long sun that makes the island of Fuerteventura the perfect place for a LATE escape

The island of Fuerteventura is the perfect place for a LATE escape

As we wind down and accept that summer has escaped us for another year, one place on the map is gearing up for some extended days of sunshine. And with an abundance of water sports activities and the perfect conditions to complement them, there is more than enough to keep you occupied once you've finished reading your book on this volcanic island.

The rise of churchyard tourism: New guide promotes Britain's 30,000 cemeteries as perfect places to get in touch with nature

In an effort to push so-called 'churchyard tourism', the UK's burial grounds are being touted as a retreat for those in search of nature, tranquillity and a lesson in local history.

Bogs can be beautiful too: Incredible pictures of mystical 8,000-year-old Latvian swamp in the morning mist

Latvian swamp Kemeri bog in the morning mist is incredible

Photographer Jekabs Andrusaitis captured mesmerising images of the Kemeri bog in his native Latvia - getting up at the crack of dawn to get beautiful morning mists in the frame. From swirling fog to dewy spider webs, the pictures show that even swampland can be eye-catching.

'It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment': Man captures the incredible image of a 3-metre great white shark leaping out of the water to untangle itself from fishing lines

Yachtsman Jeff Adams was sailing on Lake Macquarie, 200 km north of Sydney, when he captured the juvenile white pointer bursting out of the water in a clip which has since gone viral.

You're it! Heart-warming moment young girl plays tag with a PENGUIN at the aquarium

The youngster was visiting Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when she came across the aquatic bird and instantly struck a chord.

Fine dining for £30 or less: The UK's cheapest Michelin-starred menus revealed

These menus - which all come in at less than £30 - feature impeccably cooked ingredients and intelligent pairings devised by some of Britain's top chefs.

Saved! Shocking images of schoolboys kicking frightened monkeys' cages and a lonely crocodile lying in a pool of green urine forces 'Zoo from Hell' to be shut down

Yuk Chin Mini Zoo in Tawau, Borneo, dubbed 'Zoo from Hell', has been shut down by wildlife rescuers after a shocking MailOnline investigation proved animals there were being mistreated.

Now THAT'S a first impression: The world's most spectacular hotel lobbies that feature a sea of fountains, brightly coloured forests and stunning chandeliers

From The Bellagio to Jumeirah's Burj Al Arab, the world's most spectacular hotel lobbies

From the grand Palazzo Parigi in Milan (bottom right), to the gold leaf adorned Burj Al Arab in Dubai (top left) to the flower-filled atrium at Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas (top right), these lobbies grab guests' attention in style. And none is more eye-catching than the Reverie in Saigon, Vietnam (bottom right) and the Ice Hotel in Sweden (centre).

Photographer films heart-stopping moment he balances on ledge 60 storeys above New York's Times Square

Such is the height of the New York skyscraper, the thousands of people below appear as tiny specks in the distance while the daredevil precariously places one foot in front of the other.

Take a lifetime's worth of holidays... in one year: For £220,000 you can tick off all four corners of the globe on luxury private jets including visits to Easter Island and Hawaii

For £220,000 you can spend a year touring the World on a private jet

For the very first time, four of the world's most luxurious private jet tours are being offered in one exceptional year-package - where the lucky buyer can see every corner of the globe. The tour includes from Hawaii (top right), beautiful Easter Island (bottom left), Mumbai (top left) and Bora Bora (bottom right). The tour offers private jets commissioned by Four Seasons, Private Jet Tours, Captain's Choice and Abercrombie & Kent.

A 24-carat gold facial, cryotherapy chambers and a snow room on a cruise ship: Inside the luxurious spas voted best in the world

Spas in the Middle East, Asia and Europe dominated the list of big winners at the first annual World Spa Awards, which were voted on by the public and industry professionals.

From Walter White's meth-cooking café in Istanbul to Batman burgers in Malaysia: The world's weirdest TV inspired tourist spots 

Take your coffee in a chemical beaker served by baristas in yellow boiler suits, or down a cocktail sitting next to a life-sized tardis. These are the weirdest TV-themed attractions.

The moment oxygen masks dropped down on Ryanair flight from Greece to the Netherlands that saw plane with 160 passengers on board divert to Germany 

Emergency landing

Flight FR582 was south-east of Stuttgart in Germany when the pilot announced the Boeing 737-800 would be making an unscheduled landing due to 'inflight depressurisation.'

Posing naked by a landmark, using a selfie-stick and making glaring factual errors on social media: The most annoying tourist habits revealed


There is one thing we cannot avoid on holiday - annoying tourists. Here, MailOnline Travel takes a look at tourists' behaviour that leaves us feeling hot under the collar.

Inside the Rugby World cup teams' luxury hotels - where the only things they'll need to tackle are 'pillow menus' and spa options

Inside the Rugby World Cup teams' luxury hotels

Spas, jacuzzis and rooms with 'pillow menus' await the top teams. England will be checking into the elegant Pennyhill Park in Surrey (top left), while Ireland head to Celtic Manor, Newport (top right), ahead of their game against France in October. New Zealand will stay at Lensbury Resort in Middlesex (bottom right) and Wales will head to Vale Resort, Glamorgan, to play at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (bottom left).


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