World Exclusive: Vinnie Jones's new movie FREE inside The Mail on Sunday

Last updated at 01:01 09 September 2007

The Mail on Sunday is proud to announce another sensational world first ...

Following the extraordinary success of giving away Prince's new album free INSIDE The Mail on Sunday, a brand new film starring Vinnie Jones, Vanessa Redgrave and Derek Jacobi will be released free INSIDE The Mail on Sunday on September 16.

In The Riddle, Vinnie plays an ambitious newspaper reporter who attempts to solve a series of murders that follow the discovery of an unpublished Charles Dickens novel.

It's a powerful thriller that will have you gripped from the opening credits.


Vinnie says: "I've done 43 movies and I always play the tough guy. Finally in this film I don't. And it's a fantastic cast. Vanessa Redgrave is the business. She asked me to be a patron of her charity afterwards, so I agreed.

"And Derek Jacobi - he plays this beautiful tramp in the film and he plays Dickens too, because he comes to me in a dream. He honestly reckons he can win a Bafta for his performance.

"Working with actors like these really makes you step up to the mark. It's like playing for Man U after you've been playing for the reserves.

"It makes you up your game. But I was playing the lead character. So I tried to be the lead on set too and didn't get intimidated."

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Vinnie Jones - The Riddle

Derek Jacobi says: "I very much liked the script and was also interested in the idea of playing two very different characters in one film - first a mysterious tramp who beach-combs the Thames foreshore at low tide, and then playing Charles Dickens, returned to read his own long lost manuscript.

"I absolutely love Dickens.

"Brendan Foley the director and I discussed the fact that Dickens used to do tours and performances of his own work and we tried to recapture a little of what that must have been like."

On filming on the Thames foreshore, he said: "It is always nice to work in your home city and it was fun filming in some of Dickens - old haunts along the river, though wading into The Thames on a freezing Spring day was a bit of an adventure and the tide comes in so quickly that the water was often lapping around our ankles as we tried to finish a scene."

Asked about his favourite moment filming The Riddle, he says: "That was probably the scene where I get to rescue Vinnie Jones who is set up by two thugs on the Thames foreshore. I got to wave a huge chain and set about them with a rusty anchor. It made a nice change (from Shakespeare)!

"I very much enjoyed working with Vinnie. I think both of us enjoyed playing something a little out of the ordinary."

This amazing event is the first time a movie has ever been released INSIDE a newspaper before it's either shown in cinemas or available to rent to watch at home.

Your DVD of The Riddle will be free INSIDE The Mail on Sunday on September 16.

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