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Welcome to my little corner of the world and the web.
As you can see I live in a beautiful part of the world,
yet my journey to get here has been neither easy nor smooth.

I’d love the chance to share with you some of the amazing, awesome tips,
I have learned along the way that I soooo wish I had known years ago.
My mission is to help you make your journey a little less fraught.

If you’ve dropped by to have a quick peek in here I’m going to guess that you are somehow dis- satisfied with parts of your life, that you have a sense that your life is not all that it could be,
that “something “ is missing- though maybe you can’t quite figure out what that “something” is.
Perhaps you just have a feeling that there “ought to be more” and
you know in your heart that you have “Settled” for your current life and it’s not enough.
Worse still, maybe you think you are stuck with that lousy life.

So my questions for you are :-
Do you ever feel that no matter what you do it always seems to end up the same?
No matter what you try- it is just the same old, same old.
You have tried it all; changed jobs, changed relationships, changed homes but in the end ……. It is just the same

  • Would you like it to be different ?
  • Would you like it to be better ?
  • Would you like a happier life ?
  • Could you be kinder to yourself ?
  • Could you have more successful relationships, more money, a better job ?
  • Or would you just like to fell happier all round, at ease with yourself and your world .

Maybe you have heard the saying “Work smarter – not harder”
…..but exactly HOW do you do that?
How do you work smarter with broken relationships?
How do you work smarter at your job, if you already work all the hours you can?

Well congratulations…you are among friends who understand all those thoughts and feelings… we have been there and got the Tee shirt…heck…… we even sell the tee shirts?

We are here to help you find the solutions to getting you Un- stuck, then racing forward with re designing your life.
Our aim is to help you to break through the self -sabotaging thoughts, values and beliefs and yes- the barriers- that are keeping you feeling trapped and not achieving the life of your dreams.

You know that old saying ‘if it’s meant to be it’s up to me’- That can make for a tough, lonely journey if you are trying to make the changes by yourself. We are here to offer a bit of help and support through the tears and laughter. We prop you up when you are down…..but we are also not afraid to deliver the proverbial kick up the **** too!
In a most loving way of course!


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