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Helen (Lenka) Nenadov
Philadelphia - 1914



Welcome!  Dobrodosli!
      Recent events have made us all more aware that we have only this day, this present moment!  We will review our past with regard to the special people who are part of our lives, woven into our being and who have helped us become the people we are today. We will document the priceless information we have heard from our parents and grandparents, before it is lost in time. 

      If you are visiting our web site and searching for your family, we hope this site will be helpful to you. Perhaps you will link to one of the Surnames we are researching.  Perhaps you have some questions or additional information for us. We would love to hear from you! 


  • Surnames we are researching: 
Starasinic, Starsinic, Potocnik, Kukar, Filak, Jurejevcic, Music, Pezdirec, Zerance, Bosnjak, Markus, Manyin, Nenadov, Cekrdzin, Stajic, Krisan, Stanisavljevic
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Ellis Island

Ellis Island Data Base

This Ellis Island Data Base, by Stephen P. Morse, will be helpful if you have hard to find immigrant ancestors in the Ellis Island Web Site.  If you think a name has been misspelled or a manifest is missing, you will want to use this valuable link. 

US History.Org (Philadelphia History)

The National Genealogical Society
(National Society for Generations Past, Present and Future) 

National Archives

Balkan History by Steven W. Sowards

(Federation of East European Family History Societies.) 

Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia

Slovene Archives

Slovenian Factbook - CIA

Slovenian Culture

Slovenian Genealogy Society International 

France Preseren
"What Shakespeare is to the Engish, Racine to the French, Dante to 
the Italians, Goethe to the Germans, Pushkin to the Russians and 
Mickiewicz to the Poles, Preseren is to the Slovenes."

Slovenia's Independence Day - June 25 (1991)

Serbian Unity Congress

Embassy of Serbia & Montenegro*

Vojvodina Archives and Culture

The Serbian Government/Vojvodina

Serb World Magazine 

Nis, Yugoslavia - Constantine

Projekat Rastko: Biblioteka srpske kulture 

Donauschwaben Archives

Belgrade Ethnogrph Museum

Lepenski Vir 

  • The Best Map of Torontal Co Hungary in the1800's

  • I assume this map was made sometime between 1814 and 1838 as the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel in Bocar (1814) is shown.  I do not see the Catholic Church of St. Catharina. (1838)

    The owner of this map, Dr. Dusan J. Popovic', has marked it 1800. Perhaps an earlier Serbian Church existed where the 1814 Church is now standing.



    Split, Croatia - (Diocletian's Place)

     Vivodina, Croatia 

    Nemet - Beregsau Mic, Romania

    Romania/Banat/Timisoara - Museum 

    UNESCO - This is my favorite "good cause" link!

    This organization contributes to peace among the nations with their many wonderful programs.  Future generations will be able to enjoy what we cherish so much today because of this valuable organization!  When you visit their web site you will be able to see a list and description of all their programs and projects. (The reconstruction of the Mostar Bridge is just one of their many projects.) 

    My daughter, Carolyn Starsinic, and I visited Serbia and Istanbul in July of 2004.  The trip far exceeded our expectations!  We visited Belgrade, Sremski Karlovci, Kikinda, Bocar and Padej, while in Serbia! To be greeted by our loving family of Bocar was the highlight of our trip!  --Judy 

    We will be happy to share information regarding the airlines, hotels and transportation we used while in Serbia.  Please feel free to send your questions to my e-mail: judystarsinic@comcast.net 

    Markus Family Members in Bocar!  July, 2004

    Back row - left to right:  Nebojsa Meckic, Zoran Meckic, Kosta Markus, Radinka Markus Meckic, Judy H. Starsinic, Ivanka Markus Meckic, Carolyn J. Starsinic, Sava Meckic and Zorica Meckic Malenica

    Front row - left to right:  Dusan Markus, Marija Markus and Novka Meckic

    Photographers:  Ivice Malenice, Mile Meckic and Vlada Ilic


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    Michael Starasinic and Johanna Potocnik 
    1891 - Cornwall, Pa. - Lebanon Co. 


    Angelina Markus and Milorad Nenadov 
    Helen (Lenka) and Eva (Ivanka) 
    1911 - Philadelphia, Pa. 


        Various universities and organizations have given their time by providing data, perspective and support for this web site.  I am indebted to all of you for the research material, the advice and your expertise!
         The Starsinic, Zerance, Manyin and Krisan families have contributed the family information for this web site. This is  our "living" documentation as they remember hearing it from their parents and grandparents.
         Janez Majzelj has contributed much of his time to help us with our Slovenian Genealogy. He has contributed photos, maps and  source material while answering endless questions regarding our families in Bela Krajina. 
         The Markus/Meckic family of Bocar and the Nenadov family of Padej have contributed the Serbian family information. 

         BOCAR 1211-1998 - contributed by Dr. Milorad Drobac 

         HRONIKA PADEJA  by Secerov - gift from Bogdan and Zorica Nenadov

         All connections to our families in Bocar and Padej have been made possible by the outstanding support and help of our friend, Slobodan Nemcev, of Kikinda.

         We visited with Slobodan Nemcev while we were in Kikinda and it was so nice to meet him after five years of communicating by internet! ..04'

          We were fortunate to meet Vlada Ilic of Bocar and a student at the Univ. of Novi Sad!  He has been untiring in his efforts to help us unite with our Markus family of Bocar!  Vlada was our friend and translator when we visited the Markus family in 2004.


    Rememberingthose lost in the terrible events of September 11, 2001


    This journey began with Frank and although he is no longer with us, his spirit and passion can be found in  every word and on every page. Always, the inspiration! 


    Frank's Memorial Bulletin 

                  - Contributed by Bill Starsinic

    The best news of 2005 was the wedding of Lisa Starsinic and Brian Gilmore which took place on Auguest 22 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey!  Congratulations to a beautiful coulple!

    Congratulations to Vlada Ilic!  Vlada received his diploma from the Univ. of Novi Sad and is now a Graduate Engineer in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


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    All technical support and tutorial issues are provided by StevenPassmore of San Francisco.


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