Doctor Who writer tips History Boy to replace David Tennant as the Time Lord 

A young English actor and star of Alan Bennett's The History Boys has been tipped to succeed David Tennant and become the 11th Doctor Who.

Russell Tovey, 26, has been earmarked by the show's lead writer and executive producer as the perfect replacement.

Russell T Davies, who is stepping down from his role on the series, said Tovey  was "amazing" in emails to a writer on Doctor Who magazine. 


The new Doctor? Russell Tovey has been tipped to replace David Tennant by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies

Davies praises the performance of Tovey, who played Midshipman Frame in last year's Christmas episode, which also starred Kylie Minogue.

In emails to Benjamin Cook, Davies writes: '(Tovey as Frame) is my favourite casting of the lot, because he's going to be huge that man.

'He's amazing. I think I'd make him the eleventh Doctor.'

Russell Tovey as RUDGE, Samuel Anderson as CROWTHER, James Corden as TIMMS, Andrew Knott as LOCKWOOD, Dominic Cooper as DAKIN, Samuel Barnett as POSNER History Boys

With the History Boys: Tovey (far left) with some of his co-stars Samuel Anderson, James Corden, Andrew Knott, Dominic Cooper and Samuel Barnett

There was speculation this summer Tennant would leave Doctor Who, but he is under contract until at least next year.

Essex-born Tovey started his career as a child actor before successfully progressing to the theatre and TV.

He played Rudge in both the stage and film versions of Alan Bennett's The History Boys alongside Dominic Cooper and James Corden.

Davies is stepping down as the writer behind Doctor Who later this year and is being replaced by Steven Moffatt - the man behind BBC comedy hit Coupling.