How did Phil 'The Power' do when he took on the SAS? And see if you can do any better...

PDC world champion Phil Taylor celebrated his new-found status  as a JJB  Sports Ambassador by proving himself as an all-rounder - and taking an exam.

The 14-time world darts champion sat the Serious About Sport test (SAS), a 30-question pilot to see how much the sport's greatest player ever knew about other things.

And The Power was in good company, joined as he was, pen in hand, by employees of the Wigan-based sports company, who take the test to show they are serious about sport as JJB are themselves.


This is a breeze: Phil Taylor sitting his JJB SAS

He managed a respectable 26 out of 30 and was delighted to have donned his thinking cap after such a long break.

Taylor said: 'It’s been a while since I’ve sat an exam but I’m delighted to be working with JJB Sports.

'Every sports fan knows the brand and in many ways it’s part of the sporting fabric of this country. I’m really looking forward to working with JJB to encourage more people to become involved in sport – and, more specifically, darts!'

JJB Sports’, Associate Director of Marketing, Winston Higham added: 'We are serious about sport and the SAS underlines our commitment to sport and our wish to align ourselves with the best.  

'Phil Taylor is darts’ greatest-ever player so certainly falls within that category and we have no doubt he will be a perfect ambassador for JJB.'

TAKE THE TEST YOURSELF - the answers are at the end

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Answers: 1 A, 2 A, 3 B, 4 A, 5 A, 6 A, 7 B, 8 C, 9 A, 10 C, 11 B, 12 A, 13 C, 14 A, 15 B, 16 C, 17 B, 18 B, 19 C, 20 A, 21 A, 22 C, 23 A, 24 C, 25 B, 26 C, 27 B, 28 C, 29 A, 30 A

Did you beat The Power? Are you worthy of an SAS place? Or did your arrows bounce out?