MPs' expenses at-a-glance

Last updated at 11:27 28 October 2005

The amount MPs claimed in expenses for the year 2004/5 has been revealed. Here are the key statistics:


£80,844,465 - the total of allowances and expenses claimed by MPs for 2004/2005.

£122,677 - the average amount of expenses each MP claims.

3.8 per cent - the overall increase in expenses claimed since last year.

£176,026 - the amount claimed by the most expensive MP in the country, Labour's Geraint Davies, who lost his Croydon Central seat in May's General Election.

£20,024 - the amount Geraint Davies claimed for a second home in London, despite living just half an hour away from Westminster.

£75,487 - the lowest amount claimed by an MP who served a full year in Parliament, Labour's veteran Dennis Skinner.

£93,996 - Tony Blair's total expenses figure.

£16,417 - allowance claimed for Mr Blair's home in Sedgefield, despite being given state-funded homes in Downing Street and Chequers.

8 - the number of Labour MPs in the top 10 most expensive list.

£50,998 - the figure defeated Labour MP Oona King spent on postage, despite MPs being banned from using postage expenses for election campaigns. The six biggest postage spenders were all Labour MPs fighting marginal seats in the election.

£126,685 - the expenses claimed by Tory leadership candidate David Davis.

£123,454 - and that of his rival, David Cameron.

£135,457 - Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy's bill.