Caught on video: The moment six British architects took a naked dip in one of Rome's historic fountains and now face obscenity charges after they were caught by police

Six UK tourists face obscenity charges in Rome  after Naiads fountain 'dip'

A company director of a top environmental firm and five other Britons have been charged with obscenity in Rome after they were filmed frolicking naked in one of the city's historic fountains. Exclusive footage of the co-workers, including two women, shows them taking a dawn skinny-dip in the fountain of the Naiads, yesterday morning. A witness described the scene as 'hugely entertaining' and said it 'looked like an orgy in Ancient Rome'. The six now face trial for an obscene act in a public place, an offence which carries up to three years in prison in Italy. The tourists, who work with Cirencester-based green development firm Environmental Dimension Partnership, had been drinking heavily as they celebrated their last night in Rome, according to witnesses. The group allegedly included EDP director Ben Rosedale (top left, centre), 39, who is listed as living with his wife Emily, 36, in a £410,000 three-bed cottage in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. As well as company director Mr Rosedale, the group was allegedly made up of Richard Crooks (top right, centre), 49, a senior landscape architect. He is understood to be living with his partner in a £600,000 property in Fleet, Hampshire. Charles Mylchreest (bottom right, centre), 46, lives with his partner in a £250,000 two bedroom house in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. It also allegedly included 26-year-old graphics consultant Tom Speed (bottom left, centre) and Claire Neale (left), 25. The last of the fountain skinny dippers was allegedly Vicky Nall (right), a 32-year-old consultant ecologist.

Woman, 34, at the centre of child abuse gang is jailed for life after orchestrating 'utterly depraved' sex parties where children were 'raffled off' to be assaulted 

Marie Black 'orchestrated sex parties where children were sexually assaulted'

Former insurance worker Marie Black, 34 (top), from Norwich, was told she would not be eligible for parole for at least 12 years after she orchestrated the abuse of five young children over six years. Black, her ex-husband hospital porter Jason Adams, 43, (bottom right) and former boyfriend coach driver Michael Rogers, 53, (bottom left) were found guilty of a string of abuse charges.

Now butter ISN'T better than marg: Advice U-turn after scientists find cutting saturated fat DOES slash the risk of heart disease

Experts at Harvard School of Public Health today cast doubt on the results of recent studies which promoted the return of butter and cream.

Tell them it's your honeymoon, join a loyalty scheme and NEVER wear your pyjamas on the plane: How to get an upgrade to first class without paying for it

First class travel is normally reserved for chief executives or A-list actors, but there are a number of tricks the average traveller can follow to move from economy to one of the best seats on a plane.

Babies set to be treated for obesity in the WOMB: Overweight mothers-to-be could get hormone pill to cut the risk of having a fat child

University of Colorado researchers found the hormone adiponectin cut the amount of food being passed from mother to baby across the placenta.

Cancer treatment DOESN'T harm an unborn baby: Pregnant women advised not to delay treatment after study finds chemo and radiotherapy are not unsafe

Research in the New England Journal of Medicine found the babies - tested at 18 months and three years - had developed normally.

Revealed: The tricks supermarkets use to fool shoppers into thinking they are getting a bargain (and how to spot them)

Professor Bernhard von Stengel, from the London School of Economics, says stores use mathematical tricks to tempt us to the tills and make us believe we're actually getting more of a bargain than we really are.

So just who IS Ronnie Pickering? Revealed - the identity of furious 'don't-you-know-who-I-am?' driver whose videoed rant at bemused moped rider has made him the new laughing stock of the internet

‘I’m Ronnie Pickering’: Driver fumes in road rant

He's now a household name and known to thousands after a video of his road rage and angry 'do you know who I am?' line of questioning went viral. But just who is Ronnie Pickering (pictured left and right)? The 51-year-old lives in a modest home in Bransholme, Kingston-upon-Hull, and has a girlfriend and son. Outside his home is a small white plastic Scotty dog and a pile of roll up cigarette ends in plant pots - suggesting he likes dogs and enjoys smoking. His garden gate is adorned with a somewhat sexist sign that reads: 'Wanted good woman. Must be able to clean, cook, sew, dig worms and clean fish. Must have a boat and motor. Please send picture of boat and motor.' Since the video of the pair's confrontation was shared it has gone viral - with plenty of viewers mocking Mr Pickering for his supposed notoriety (inset).

Kapow, you're having an orgasm! Hypnotist put woman in a trance so he could molest her in a hotel bar and told her magic word would make her feel orgasmic 

Gary Naraido approached his 22-year-old victim in a hotel bar and told her he could make her feel better about an eating disorder. He was found guilty of three charges after a trial at Hull Crown Court.

Four couples admit strangers PAY them to have sex over webcams... with one pair raking in a six-figure salary 

Sex Diaries: Webcam Couples airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4. The show follows Emma and Eddie, and Kitty and Moses who all broadcast their sex lives on the internet.

Intelligent people's brains are wired differently: Researchers say 'smart minds' are more likely to be happy, well educated and earn more

Scientists found some had patterns linked to classically positive aspects of life, such as having a good memory and vocabulary, feeling satisfied, and being well educated.

Magnetic 'bracelet' to treat acid reflux 'IS safe and represents the next generation in heartburn treatment'

Experts at the University of Minnesota claim the LINX device, which is made of magnetic beads, 'provides significant and durable improvement in heartburn, regurgitation and quality of life', up to five years.

Grandfather of teenage Russian girl who died of undiagnosed meningitis shoots dead two female paramedics in revenge attack

Bekir Nebiev shot dead two paramedics in revenge attack in Russia

Bekir Nebiev, 55, (top right) took a hunting rifle and drove to the ambulance station in the Crimean capital of Simferopol where he opened fire on a crew.He shot paramedic Irina Sukhanik, 30, (main picture and left) in the heart and she died on the spot. Nurse Tatiana Katkova, 55, (bottom right) was hit in the stomach and died later on the way to the hospital.

Is your lifestyle making you BALD? A fifth of women are losing their hair - and crash dieting, stress and the Pill are to blame

More than half of sufferers are between 54 to 64 years old, but one in eight are under 35, the survey by Phillip Kingsley hair loss clinics found.

Paedophile's wife, 70, who refused to believe her husband was guilty sent a letter to one of his victims telling her 'God will get his revenge' 

Sylvia Place, 70, of West Auckland, County Durham, stood by her husband Kenneth, who is known as Geoff, despite the 75-year-old being found guilty of molesting the girl in the 1970s.

Mexican representative for the vulnerable suggests homeless should be culled with lethal injections

Councillor Olga Gutierrez who represents vulnerable groups in a suburb of Mexico City said it would be kinder to give the homeless lethal injection to solve the problem of beggars.

Pope Francis stops Popemobile and bursts out laughing after spotting baby dressed exactly like him in crowd

Pope Francis comes face-to-face with a baby dressed exactly like him

The Pontiff was making his way along a parade route in Philadelphia when he spotted baby Quinn Madden, dressed in a full papal costume with a Pope's mitre (top left), and ushered her forward to be blessed. After laughing at the child's costume, a security guard took baby Quinn (top right) to the Pontiff where he blessed her and kissed her on the cheek. Francis could be seen welcoming the infant (bottom right) before whispering in his security guard's ear. When the guard returns the baby to her mother (bottom right), he tells her, 'he says you have a great sense of humour.' Mrs Madden then posted the video of her daughter's encounter with the Pontiff on Facebook, saying: 'Can't believe Quinn met the Pope. Truly an amazing experience! We love you Pope Francis!'

Audi says 2.1million of its diesel cars worldwide are fitted with emissions cheat devices - as German prosecutors open fraud probe against ex-VW chief executive

AUDI A5. Top speeds: 150 (two-litre petrol) -153mph (three-litre diesel), 0-62 mph: 7.9-6.4 secs, CO2 emissions: 156-179 g/km.

VW sparked outrage last week when it admitted that 11million of its cars are fitted with defeat devices that activate pollution controls during tests but covertly turn them off when the car is on the road.

New European cars produce 'up to 50 PER CENT more CO2 than lab tests show': Environmental group claims VW emissions rigging is just part of a much wider scandal

Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Coupé C 300, Selenit Grau, Leder Cranberry rot\nMercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé C 300, selenit grey, leather cranberry red

The new report from Transport & Environment, which works closely with the European Commission, further investigation was needed to discover what carmakers were doing to mask CO2 emissions.

Bus crashes carrying British pilgrims on their way to Madina in Saudi Arabia  

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman has confirmed there has been an accident involving a bus carrying British pilgrims on their way to Madina, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi prince makes unprecedented call for regime change in Riyadh as anger over Hajj tragedy rises and claims that poor leadership will lead the country 'to disaster'

King Salman, 79.
King Salman getty.jpg

A senior prince, who has remained anonymous but is a grandson of the state's founder, Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, claims there is discontent in Saudi Arabia over the leadership skills of King Salman.

Female police officer, 25, is sacked for gross misconduct after having a fling with prolific criminal she was supposed to supervising

Female police officer is sacked for gross misconduct after having fling with criminal

Clare Sherman-Potts (main picture and inset), 25, who was employed by Suffolk Police, was supposed to be looking after the prolific offender in a bid to stop him committing further crimes. But the 'exemplary' officer soon began a two-month affair with the man after meeting him at a party. She has now been sacked after admitting gross misconduct. At a misconduct hearing, Chief Constable Gareth Wilson told the former officer the decision had been 'really tricky' because of the glowing references given about her from senior colleagues. But the hearing heard that she had 'embarrassed' the force and had clearly broken misconduct rules with her behaviour.

Is Robert Peston about to quit the BBC? The corporation's economics editor has been offered coveted political editor role at ITV 

The commercial broadcaster has been in talks with Mr Peston (pictured) for weeks, and has now made a firm offer to bring him across to replace Tom Bradby.

Television dress codes are 'nuts' - I don't need a tie to be taken seriously, claims BBC economics editor Robert Peston 

Robert Peston was criticised over his 'scruffy' appearance during an interview with George Osborne in China last week where he was seen wearing a pink shirt with top buttons undone.

Former primary school teacher admits string of sexual assaults against two boys - including raping one when he was just seven years old

Lloyd Dennis 3 facebook.png

Lloyd Dennis, 33, who taught at a number of primary schools in the Hampshire area before becoming a college lecturer in Basingstoke, has admitted a string of sexual assaults on boys.

Father of one was left scarred for life and half blind after a man threw acid in his face in a 'revenge attack' but had targeted the wrong victim 

Andreas Christopheros left scarred for life and half blind after acid attack

Property developer Andreas Christopheros, 29, (pictured before and after the attack) suffered a permanent loss of vision and burns when David Phillips (inset), 48, threw the acid in his face on the doorstep of his home in Truro, Cornwall. But police said he was not the intended victim and that Phillips, from Hastings, East Sussex, had launched an 'ill-prepared and ill executed' revenge attack on the wrong man.

Does YOUR child wake up in the night? Difficulty sleeping could be an early warning sign of mental health problems, experts say

Children who have disturbed sleep may be at risk of autism, anxiety, depression or schizophrenia, researchers from the University of London and Tel Aviv University found.

Just why do we wake up with a twitch in the middle of the night? Experts reveal the reason behind the bizarre but all-too-familiar sleep disruption

While people do get worried about the contractions - officially called hypnic myoclonia - experts have said it is perfectly normal and can be avoided by a regular sleep pattern.

Mars mystery SOLVED: Nasa confirms bizarre 'dark finger' marks on the red planet ARE signs of water flowing beneath the surface of the planet that once had seas bigger than the Arctic Ocean

Nasa confirms Mars' bizarre 'dark finger' marks ARE signs of liquid water

The findings are published in the journal Nature Geoscience and are being discussed at a Nasa press conference at James Webb Auditorium in Nasa Headquarters, Washington. The marks were spotted 'accidentally' in 2011 in Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images and were later found to lengthen and darken on rocky slopes from late spring to early autumn. By studying infrared wavelengths from four separate locations where these flows appear (Hale crater pictured left and the Coprates Chasma crater pictured right), the researchers believe they are likely made by flowing water due to the presence of hydrated salts. This is the first evidence of its kind to be found on another planet and could suggest there is an ocean beneath Mars' icy desert surface (planet pictured inset). It is also the first step in confirming life can exist on the alien world.

Hollyoaks actor is left partially blind and almost loses an eye after a FLY flew into his cornea during filming

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Robert Doherty, 31, from Liverpool, felt a fly buzz into his right eye as he was filming. He was blinded as it had scratched his cornea and left bacteria in it.

Mother who faces jail because her son did not go to school after his father died says the family was desperate for support but 'there was no one to turn to'

Tracey Fidler, 40, is being prosecuted by Reading Borough Council because her son 11-year-old Adam could not face going to school following the death of his father Kris Jarvis, 39.

Sue Perkins reveals she had a six-year relationship with a MAN until he confessed he was gay and they were both tested for HIV while on holiday in Florida

GBBO presenter Sue Perkins has spoken about having a long-term relationship with a man in her youth. Sue said being gay does not mean she couldn't have previously loved a man.

Revealed: Top ten property hotspots for the next decade - and the tell-tale signs a neighbourhood is 'up-and-coming'

An online estate agent's experts have revealed which parts of the country they think will make the most money for property buyers in the near future - and they're not where you might think.

Beauty blogger goes from blemished skin to flawless face using EIGHTEEN products in incredible makeup tutorial sweeping the internet 

Beauty blogger My Pale Skin reveals how she conceals her severe adult acne

Em Ford, who runs a beauty blog called My Pale Skin and is based in London, uses a total of 18 products - including four different concealers - to take her skin from blemished (left) to flawless (right), in a video which has been viewed more than 1.5million times. Em found internet fame in August when she released an emotional bare-faced video called 'You're Disgusting' in which she revealed hateful comments that had been made about her skin.

'It doesn't create equality, it creates separation': Marion Cotillard says there is no place for feminism in the film industry

The French actress, who is currently promoting her new movie Macbeth with Michael Fassbender, said she believes feminism 'separates' men and women, particularly in the film industry.

Go business class... for free: Google Street View now lets you climb inside a British Airways executive jet and take a 360-degree tour (and check out the swanky lounge)

EXCLUSIVE: The airline teamed up with London City Airport this week, to create the first airside tour. Customers can see inside a 32-seater business jet that costs £2,700 to travel on.

What is Apple's mysterious new 'eye' emoji? Suggestions range from an icon for iMessages to a sign of the Illuminati

The bizarre addition (pictured) was spotted by London-based Jeremy Burge. He posted an image of the emoji on his Tumblr blog and asked readers to suggest what they think it could relate to.

I'm proud of free school dinners for infants, says Cameron as education ministers threaten to axe funding for meals

epa04953602 British Prime Minister David Cameron,  delivers his address during the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit which is taking place for three days before the start of the 70th session General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly at United Nations headquarters in New York, New York, USA, 27 September 2015.  EPA/JUSTIN LANE

The Prime Minister insisted that the offer of free cooked lunches for under-7s was an 'excellent reform', but the Department t for Education warns it could be axed under latest round of cuts.

So THAT'S how Rosetta's comet got its bizarre duck shape: 67P's 'lobes' were forced together following a collision 

Italian and Swedish researchers have used data from the ESA's Rosetta spacecraft to determine that the head and body of the comet formed separately.

Apple smashes sales records with its iPhone 6s: Tech firm sold more than 13 million handsets in the opening weekend

The next-generation models went on sale on Friday in 12 launch countries, including the UK, US, Australia and China. This record beats the 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold in 2014.

How Kim made $4.5million from her sex tape: New book details Kardashian's rise to superstardom with the help of porn baron Joe Francis

The superstar starred in a sleazy romp with her then boyfriend Ray J in 2003, but turned the leak into a personal triumph rather than a disaster when it was released four years later.

Care home manager 'force-fed elderly woman with a spoon and made inappropriate comments about residents on Facebook'

Helen McLeod (pictured) from Fife, is claimed to have pushed the elderly and frail patient up to a table, picked up her spoon and rammed food into her mouth. She's to attend a hearing next month.

Hunt for mother after newborn baby is found abandoned in a cardboard box on doorstep 

The baby girl, thought to be between one and four weeks old, was discovered by a passerby who heard a noise coming from the Tommee Tippee cardboard box in Corby, Northamptonshire.

More than 100 patients die after their surgery is cancelled: New figures show record number of NHS operations are being postponed 

Heart surgery patients were among the 104 people who died, with some having had their NHS surgery cancelled twice. Hospital chiefs claim it's impossible to say if it contributed to their deaths.

McDonnell and Corbyn threaten 60% tax rate: Left-winger unveils Labour's socialist vision with attacks on the rich and big business

John McDonnell unveils Labour's socialist vision with attacks on the rich and big business

The shadow chancellor (left) used his first speech to the Labour conference to declare that socialists 'remain inspired by the belief and hope that another world is possible'. To a standing ovation, he bellowed 'solidarity' as he accused foreign firms of dodging tax, attacked buy-to-let landlords, promised a living wage for all workers and threatened to overhaul the Bank of England and the Treasury. He has also left the door open to a punishing 60 per cent income tax rate for the wealthy.

'I'm stuck!': Ex-Labour MP trapped on stage when her wheelchair gets caught in the lectern until Corbyn comes to the rescue

Pic Bruce Adams / Copy Lobby- 28/9/15
Labour Party Annual Conference, The Brighton Centre, Brighton, East Sussex.- Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn free delegate Sandy Marks from the lecture when she got stuck.

Jeremy Corbyn was today hailed Labour's new 'hands-on leader' after coming to the rescue of a Candy Atherton, whose wheelchair got stuck on stage at the Labour conference.

Super-glue yourself to the PM: John McDonnell backs 'non-violent' direct action against politicians who 'do not listen'

Britain's shadow Chancellor of the exchequer John McDonnell arrives to give a radio interview  at the annual Labour Party Conference in Brighton, Britain, 28 September, 2015.  Britain's opposition Labour Party will launch a "radical review" of the national institutions that manage the economy, including the Bank of England, its finance spokesman will say on Monday.  REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Labour's shadow chancellor insisted protests should be 'non-violent' but defended the right of the public to take to the streets if the were not being heard through the ballot box.

Teach children about the evils of the British Empire and the 'incredible socialist tradition' of unions, says Corbyn

Demonstrators marching down a road during the General Strike, which was organised by the Trade Union Congress in support of the miners strike to resist wage cuts.  
In 1925 the mine-owners announced that they intended to reduce the miner's wages. The General Council of the Trade Union Congress responded to this news by promising to support the miners in their dispute with their employers. The Conservative Government, decided to intervene, and supplied the necessary money to bring the miners' wages back to their previous level. This event became known as Red Friday because it was seen as a victory for working class solidarity. 
The Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, stated that this subsidy to the miners' wages would only last 9 months. In the meantime, the government set up a Royal Commission under the chairmanship of Sir Herbert Samuel, to look into the problems of the Mining Industry. The Samuel Commission published its report in March 1926. It recognised that the industry needed to b

The new Labour leader said it was right that 'the wars and all that' are included in history lessons, but demanded children learn more about Britain's 'incredible socialist tradition'.

Britain needs a nuclear deterrent, says Labour's shadow defence secretary in challenge to Corbyn's anti-Trident stance

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Tang/REX Shutterstock (5183879t)
 Maria Eagle
 Labour Party Annual Conference, Brighton, Britain - 28 Sep 2015

Maria Eagle insisted it had been Labour's position for 'decades' that it backed keeping Trident and made clear she was at odds with her new leader, who was sitting just a few feet away.

Comrades reunited: Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott in first public embrace since their 1970s fling was revealed

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Tang/REX Shutterstock (5183879ai)\n Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn\n Labour Party Annual Conference, Brighton, Britain - 28 Sep 2015\n \n

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn kisses his old friend Diane Abbott as they made their first public appearance since details of their 1970s fling emerged.

Corbyn will not be ousted - he will be in charge for a DECADE: Alan Johnson backs Labour leader to fight the next two elections

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Tang/REX Shutterstock (5183879y)
 Alan Johnson
 Labour Party Annual Conference, Brighton, Britain - 28 Sep 2015

Mr Johnson said he expected the 66-year-old to fight the next two general elections - despite widespread claims from senior Labour figures that the veteran socialist is unelectable.

Union chief Len McCluskey compares Tory strike laws to 'wearing red triangles at Dachau' under the NAZIS in furious rant at Cameron's 'fascist dictatorship'

epa04952309 Len McCluskey, the General secretary of the union UNITE, listens to delegates at the Labour Conference in Brighton, Britain 27 September 2015. New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that the party will hold a string of key policies, including Trident, Syria and the EU referendum.  EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

The Unite general secretary compared proposals to make it harder to strike to unionists being forced to wear red triangles at Dachau concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

Secret union plan to oust moderate Labour MPs revealed: Unite officials called for purge of Corbyn rivals

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn laughs next to Jennie Formby during the second day of the Labour Party conference in Brighton, Sussex. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday September 28, 2015. See PA LABOUR stories. Photo credit should read: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Unite's Tony Woodhouse, who sits on the giant union's ruling council with Len Mccluskey (pictured), wrote to fellow officials the day after Mr Corbyn's victory outlining plans to undermine senior figures.

Cold stare war: Obama and Putin exchange an icy glance as they clink champagne glasses after after using UN speeches to duel over Syria, ISIS and Ukraine

Barack Obama spars with Vladimir Putin at United Nations General Assembly

Obama and Putin sat together at a luncheon after their high-profile speeches this morning, in which they accused each other of putting their military might where it doesn't belong. Their trading of barbs encompassed the Kremlin's military involvement in Ukraine and its support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, whom Obama referred to as a 'tyrant' who 'drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent children' that must be removed from power. Putin likewise shamed of the United States for attempting to 'export' its version of democracy to Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011.

30,000 foreign fighters including up to 250 Americans have poured into Iraq and Syria to join ISIS since 2011, US intelligence fears

ISIS militants marching.
Islamic State.
no further info supplied

In recent weeks, there have been allegations that the US military has been playing down the IS threat in intelligence reports to paint a rosier picture of its efforts.

Two ISIS suspects are killed and three arrested over planned attack on Saudi Arabia as militant group expands its reign of terror beyond Iraq and Syria 

Two suspected ISIS militants have been killed and three others arrested during a series of counterterrorism raids in Saudi Arabia, in sites around Riyadh, and the city of Dammam.

A right royal charmer! Bearded Prince Harry surprises delighted students with a visit to military school... leaving some of the women in fits of giggles

Prince Harry on why he joined the forces as flies in to surprise students at military

Prince Harry left a pair of women, top right, in fits of giggles as he surprised students at The Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover on Monday. The duo were barely able to control themselves as the redheaded royal left students delighted when he turned up in his full military uniform, left. The Prince, who has dedicated a lot of his time to army rehabilitation projects, flew into the school by helicopter. Once inside, he inspected the ceremonial parade and presented medals to five of the schoolchildren at the boarding school, which has a rich military history.

Sixty hurt in mass brawl over food at German refugee camp - as clashes with masked extremists rock towns over Berlin's open-door migrant policy

Left-wng protesters throw stones toward police lines during a the right-wing "Offensive f¸r Deutschland" (Offensive for Germany) protest rally against refugees in Leipzig, eastern Germany on September 26, 2015. Germany's domestic intelligence chief warned of a radicalisation of right-wing groups amid a record influx of migrants, as xenophobic rallies and clashes shook several towns at the weekend.  AFP PHOTO / DPA / JAN WOITAS  +++ GERMANY OUT +++JAN WOITAS/AFP/Getty Images

Police used tear gas to break up brawling between around 400 refugees at a camp in Calden as Germany's biggest police union called for an 'apartheid' system to be enforced in migrant homes.

Israeli police fire stun grenades at Palestinian protesters after they barricaded themselves inside Jerusalem mosque and attacked them with firebombs

Palestinian protesters run away as Israeli police throw a stun grenade in Jerusalem's Old City September 28, 2015. REUTERS/Ammar Awad        TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Police said young protesters barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa mosque despite an order permitting only men over the age of 50 from entering the compound for prayers.

French school makes Jewish and Muslim pupils wear red disks around their necks at meal times in chilling echoes of Nazi segregation

Staff at Piedalloues primary school in Auxerre, Burgundy, ordered children who did not eat pork to wear red discs and those who did not eat meat to wear yellow disks.

Straight from the pages of a Cold War thriller: Russia and Estonia swap convicted spies on remote border bridge


Security officials from both nations met in the middle on a bridge over the river Piusa, which forms the border between Estonia and Russia in the remote area south of Lake Peipus.

Mother's hidden camera reveals what her husband REALLY gets up to while looking after the children (and it involves dancing to Katy Perry with pom poms)

Mother's hidden camera shows what dad REALLY gets up to babysitting

The woman, Rejuena, from the US, set up the device so she could send clips to the children's grandmother - however, she was surprised to find her partner was the main attraction. In the video, the man, who isn't named, is seen holding pom poms while dancing to Katy Perry's hit Extraterrestrial and performing a word-perfect mime to his delighted children.

So who IS the holiday queen? As Princess Eugenie is banned from taking any more holiday this year, we look at the stars who can't stop going on vacation (but she's got some way to go before she beats her sister) 

Princess Eugenie has been banned from taking any more holiday at work. She follows in footsteps of sister Beatrice, who's had 13 holidays this year. We look at other stars who took lots of trips in 2015.

Is Cameron coming to dinner? Pig's head fit for a prime minister is the centre piece of a carved stone banquet for a competition in China

HANGZHOU, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 27:  (CHINA OUT) Dishes made up of stones are on display during a jade carving competition at Liangzhu Jade Culture Park on September 27, 2015 in Hangzhou, China. Carvers Zhang Shuzhang and his wife Zhang Yuchun spent four and a half years making 120 'courses', and all of them were carved by chrismatite.  (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

The elegantly presented dishes are made out of precious stones and handmade by artists for a jade carving competition at Liangzhu Jade Culture Park in Hangzhou, China.

If our eyes could see gravitational waves: Stunning animation shows what the merger of two black holes would look like

The outer red sheets in the Esa animation predict what kind of 'flash' might be seen by telescopes when astronomers ultimately find gravitational signals from such an event.

Woman in her 20s is seriously injured after falling from the fourth floor escalator in front of horrified shoppers at Debenhams store on Oxford Street 

It is believed that a large sign advertising a sale in the basement floor broke the woman's fall after she plummeted from an escalator at the department store's Oxford Street flagship (pictured).

Hungarian crime family who moved to Britain and kept two women in their home as sex slaves are condemned as 'barbarians' and jailed for 17 years

Hungarian crime family who moved to Britain and kept two women in their home as sex slaves

'Barbaric' Ferenc Dardai (left) and Melania Kiraly (right), both 42, and their sons Ferenc Dardai Jnr, 22, (above centre) and Daniel Dardai, 19, (below centre) made their victims have sex with up to five men a day. The family then took £1,000 a week off each of the victims who were forced to work 'whenever the phone rang', and they never saw a penny of the cash. Today the Dardai family all pleaded guilty to human trafficking offences and Ferenc Dardai Jnr was jailed for six years, Daniel Dardai was jailed for three years. Parents Ferenc Dardai Snr was jailed for four years, and Melania Kiraly was jailed for four years - with the mother also pleading guilty to entering into a sham marriage with a man from Pakistan. The two victims, age 20 and 30, were rescued from the family's terraced home in Bolton earlier this year after six months in slavery. One had a one-year-old child, who was also freed in the raid by Greater Manchester Police.

No more bulky camping gear! All-in-one tent inspired by spacesuits combines an insulated shelter with sleeping bag and mat

Swiss materials scientists have helped to develop a new type of shelter that they say can keep campers warm at down to -22°F and help reduce uncomfortable nights in the great outdoors.

Stunned holidaymakers watch as brazen drug smugglers offload heavy bundles of cannabis from a dinghy onto a packed Spanish beach in broad daylight

The shocking scenes occurred at around 1.30pm on Saturday on the Costa del Sol beach of Tubalita in Manilva near Estepona, a popular area for British holidaymakers and expats.

Mother left with agonising burns discovers £15 tattoo removal kit she bought online contained a banned corrosive chemical

Jessica Hardy, 23, from Hereford, bought the 'bargain' kit because she was desperate to remove a tattoo featuring the name of her ex-boyfriend. However it contained banned substance TCA.



One thousand bottles of tequila a year, bike rides and even WIVES! George Clooney's best friend reveals how they shared everything before Amal came along 

George Clooney’s best friend reveals how they shared everything before Amal

Rande Gerber (far right), who is married to Cindy Crawford, says George Clooney is one of the family and he only settled down with the human rights laywer, 37 (far left) because she was 'right'. The businessman let slip about the Hollywood hero's bachelor days knocking back bottles of their bespoke tequila together - and the time George woke up next to the former supermodel.

Man accused of assault on eight-months-pregnant woman that caused her to lose her baby appears in court 

Kevin Wilson, 22, allegedly ambushed Malorie Bantala near her home in Peckham, south east London, when she was eight months pregnant. He denies GBH and child destruction.

Sepp Blatter refuses to step down as FIFA president despite criminal probe as he insists he has done nothing 'illegal or improper' 

FILES - A picture taken on July 20, 2015 shows FIFA president Sepp Blatter gesturing during a press conference at the football's world body headquarter's in Zurich.  Blatter says payments to Platini were 'valid compensation' according to his lawyer on September 28, 2015. 

Sepp Blatter has stated he will remain as FIFA president despite the opening of criminal proceedings against him because he has done nothing wrong or improper.

Aaron Sorkin apologizes to Apple's Tim Cook saying both sides 'went too far' after exchanging comments about his new Steve Jobs biopic

The screenwriter, who wrote the new biopic tried to bury the hatchet when speaking to E! News , saying: 'I hope when he sees the movie, he enjoys it as much as I enjoy his products.'

Hipster-hating gang who attacked trendy east London cafe plan new protest.... against the Jack the Ripper Museum

Class War, the anti-capitalist movement behind Saturday's chaotic 'F*** London Parade', will campaign outside the establishment on Sunday in a bid to have the Cable Street museum shut down.

Size 8 model who was told to slim 'down to the bone' by major London agency launches petition calling for a new law to protect girls against pressure to be 'dangerously skinny'

Rosalie Nelson, 23, from London, revealed that last year, when she walked into the unnamed agency with dreams of becoming a model, she was told she 'ticked all the boxes except one' - her weight.

FOUR planes have been involved in fatal near misses with drones at major British airports including Heathrow in the last month 

The incidents recorded in recent weeks took place close to Heathrow, Birmingham and London City airports, and come as the Government plans to impose stricter controls on the unmanned aircraft.

Bournemouth cinema finally set to show Monty Python's Life of Brian after councillors relax ban on film 36 years after it was released

Councillors blocked the film being shown in 1980 when it opened to UK-wide protests, with 39 local authorities refusing it to be screened on grounds it could break censorship laws on blasphemy.

Can YOU spot the dog? Owner searches high and low for pooch after it goes missing in the bathroom 

Man bewildered to discover his pooch camouflaged by his bathroom rug

When Reddit user damien_shallwenot couldn't find his five-month-old Yorkshire poodle puppy in the bathroom, he assumed she'd gone elsewhere...but a closer look revealed the jet black pooch was actually completely camouflaged by a rug almost identical in colour. (Pictured: a black Yorkshire poodle is hard to see on a bathroom rug, right, posts responding to the image on Reddit)

Chinese homeowner is horrified to find a seven-foot PYTHON bursting out of his ceiling 


Python emerged after breaking the ceiling of home in Guangdong, China. Homeowner Mr Li reported the 22-pound python late on September 24. It has since been captured and released.

Return to Antikythera: Shipwreck divers unearth more than 50 new treasures from board game pieces to part of a THRONE

During the latest expedition, professional divers were joined by archaeologists who spent a total of 40 hours at depths of 180ft (55-metre) off the coast of the Aegean island Antikythera.

Someone call the fire brigade! Again! Engine on its way to an emergency falls 15ft through giant sink hole in Russia

The fire engine was forced to stop suddenly at a crossroads in the city of Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, located in the south-east of Russia.

Porn stars and ballerinas are no different: Adult filmmaker sparks outrage by saying dancers and sex workers both 'commercialise' their bodies 

X rated performer and pornographer Vex Ashley, 25, from Leeds, debated society's attitude to adult actresses with feminist writer Julie Bindel (inset) on Radio 4 show Can Porn Be Ethical?.

Muslim father strangled daughter, 19, to death in 'honour killing' after she was caught stealing condoms for sex with her forbidden boyfriend in Germany

Muslim father strangled daughter, 19, to death in 'honour killing' in Germany

Asadullah Khan (bottom right) and his wife Shazia (top right), originally from Pakistan, are on trial for the murder of their daughter Lareeb (left) at the State Court in Darmstadt. Khan, 51, with tears streaming down his face, admitted the killing because in his eyes she had brought 'dishonour' on the family with her love for a boy he didn't approve of. He and his wife were wed in an arranged marriage and he wanted the same for her.

Thunderbirds are go! Boeing designs cargo plane that looks remarkably like the TV show's famous green heavy-lifting aircraft

Chicago-based engineers at aerospace company Boeing have published a patent for a new generation of cargo aircraft that can pick up shipping containers in its bottomless fuselage.

Life on the world's smallest island: Photographer documents the people of Nauru where milk costs $20 a bottle, children watch cock-fights and the only restaurant in town shut down

Nauru, the small island nation north-east of Brisbane and best known for its detention centre, is also where a bottle of milk costs $20 and children race home from school to head to the cock-fights.

Jealous brother burned down sofa factory twice in two months because he was frozen out of the family business 

Christopher Eastham told his brother Ian he was going to 'f***ing destroy' him after he was not offered a partnership at Oldham Sofa Company, Manchester. He pleaded guilty to arson.

Angela Merkel overheard confronting Mark Zuckerberg over the need to 'do some work' about racist posts on Facebook

Speaking to the European leader at a luncheon, Zuckerberg was heard saying 'we need to do some work' in reference to the German push against racist and xenophobic posts on the Internet.

Ex-boyfriend accused of stamping on eight-months-pregnant woman's stomach until she lost her baby appears in court 

Kevin Wilson, 22, allegedly ambushed Malorie Bantala near her home in Peckham, south east London, when she was eight months pregnant and kicked her repeatedly in her stomach.

Bride tells of heartstopping moment her three-year-old son plummeted ten feet from balcony at her wedding 

Gemma Coulton, 33, watched helplessly as Freddie fell through the gap in the traditional Jacobean railings at Lewes Town Hall, East Sussex, before she was due to make her vows.

'Come dine with the Carrolls': West Ham striker Andy Carroll and his fiancee Billi Mucklow host lavish dinner with his team-mates in their Essex home

'Come dine with the Carrolls': West Ham striker Andy Carroll and fiancee Billi Mucklow

West Ham striker Andy Carroll clearly loves to play host, judging by his latest Instagram posts. Carroll shared a picture of himself with West Ham team-mates Aaron Cresswell, Joey O'Brien and Winston Reid on the social network site, with the group suited and booted for a dinner at his house. And Carroll's fiancee, Billi Mucklow, uploaded a picture to her account with the wags and captioned the image 'Come dine with the Carrolls'.

Chinese kindergarten pupils are forced to line up to be KICKED by their teacher one by one because they 'failed her expectation in gymnastics' 

20 students were kicked by their kindergarten teacher on September 24. They were preparing for a gymnastic competition in Changzhi, China. The teacher has been suspended.

Owner of a rare £200,000 Lamborghini left 'absolutely gutted' after it was destroyed when flames started shooting out of the rear as he drove it 

The owner of a rare Lamborghini says he is "absolutely gutted" after he watched his rare £200,000 supercar almost completely destroyed in a fire.  See MASONS story MNSMASH.  The black Lamborghini 6 Litre Diablo VT could be seen with flames shooting from the rear after it caught ablaze at around 12pm on Sunday (27/9).   Fire crews attended the scene in Brentwood, Essex and extinguished the blaze but the vehicle was left with catastrophic damage.  The devastated owner said the swanky motor was one of only 30 right hand cars built in that model and was imported specially from New Zealand.   The "irreplaceable" 550 horse power vehicle, made in 2001, had only been in the hands of the driver for a year with just 8,000 miles on the clock.

The owner of the supercar - one of only 30 of its kind worldwide - is 'absolutely gutted' after it was left with catastrophic damage during a routine journey through Brentwood, Essex at 30mph.

Coming out of the Simpsons cartoon closet? After 575 episodes and 26 seasons, Smithers may finally declare his love for boss Mr Burns

The show's executive producer Al Jean hinted at the development regarding Monty Burns' sycophantic personal assistant, who has fantasised about his elderly boss many times.

Are these the world's most expensive student digs? Flats costing up to £21,000 a MONTH are marketed to London's growing ranks of ultra-wealthy overseas students 

Sat adjacent to Hyde Park in leafy Mayfair, the pads are being targeted at the children of the super-rich, already being touting directly to families in the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa.

'It's disrespectful to open it so soon': Student who lost her leg in Alton Towers rollercoaster crash says Smiler ride should be closed 'for good' 

Vicky Balch, 20, from Preston, Lancashire, appeared on today's Good Morning Britain to say the attraction should be abolished after she suffered the life-changing injuries last June.

Can you indulge in calorie-laden cakes and still boast a bikini body? This 68-year-old woman says you can - and has released a cookbook full of desserts to prove it

Perth local Carolyn Hartz, 68, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic at 41 and later found out she was gluten intolerant. She has now created a range of sugar-free desserts that taste just like the real deal.

'That's strange. Lettuce doesn't move!' US man shares nauseating video showing inchworm crawling in his kale salad

Man shares nauseating video showing inchworm crawling in his kale salad

Nick Bilton, a 39-year-old New York Times columnist, had nearly finished his dinner when he spotted a slimy green worm on his fork. He shared a video of the creature crawling on his plate on Facebook, where it earned nearly 8,000 views.

Teenager waiting for a bus has a miraculous escape when a car careers through a metal fence where he had been standing just two seconds earlier

The schoolboy, from Ukraine, unknowingly saved himself when he decided to kick a stone and moved out of the way of a speeding car that demolished the railings he had been leaning against.

Amateur photographer is rescued after getting stuck knee high in the mud while he tried to take a picture of low tide

Amateur photographer Pedro Costa, 46, had to be pulled to safety after getting stuck in the mud while he tried to take pictures at low tide in Gillingham, Kent.

Forget the next election: Leaders should be more like Brussels and stop thinking about the political cost of accepting refugees, says EU migrant commissioner

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Delmi Alvarez/REX Shutterstock (5158323b).. EU Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos during a joint news conference on the current migration and refugees crisis in Europe, in Brussels.. European Union refugee crisis report commission, Brussels, Britain - 23 Sep 2015.. EU leaders meet for an extraordinary summit on migration, and also international aid for third countries and the border protection..

Dimitris Avramopoulos said EU leaders should think more like the Commission, which is not re-elected and so does not have to care about how their actions might affect voters' opinion.

Hungry father is disgusted to find two-inch cigarette butt in his 45p canned sardines from Lidl 

David Mason, 47, bought the tin of Lidl own brand sardines in tomato sauce from the store in Ipswich, Suffolk, and emptied it onto a piece of toast for lunch when he got home.

Woman finds false teeth in takeaway meal after biting into piece of sushi in Hong Kong

Pic shows: The false teeth in the sushi.\n\nA sushi takeaway restaurant is under investigation by health inspectors after a woman found three false teeth in one of her meals.\n\nThe young woman identified as Chan Niu reportedly bought two boxes of sushi from a Sushi Express chainstore in the Tsz Wan Shan area in southern Hong Kong.\n\nChan said she paid 75 HKD (6 GBP) for the meal which she brought home for herself and her mother. When Chen¿s mother put a piece of salmon sushi in her mouth however, she bit down onto something hard, and quickly spat it out.\n\nBoth mother and daughter were shocked to find a set of three connected false teeth in the mouthful of sushi. It was later identified by an expert as being a bridge, which is fitted onto the filed down stumps of teeth to replace healthy gnashers.\n\nChan photographed the false teeth sushi before complaining to Sushi Express, a Taiwan-based takeaway restaurant.\n\nThe store manager assured Chan that none of its staff wears false te

The unnamed woman bit down on a piece of salmon nigiri from a takeaway chain in the Tsz Wan Shan area in southern Hong Kong, and found a bridge of false teeth inside.

Is this the worst wedding guest ever? Woman shares scathing updates during friend's nuptials, mocking the bride's gown, lack of food, 'tacky' bridal car and family arguments

Juli Bun Bun posts scathing updates on friend’s wedding on social media

Popular Singapore beauty blogger, Juli 'Bun Bun' (left) has posted scathing live updates during a family friend's wedding. She mocked the couple's choice in wedding gown (inset right), flowers, food (inset left) and bridal car, and compared them to her own nuptials (right), which she deemed far superior. The blogger also decided to further embarrass the couple by airing behind -the-scenes complications on the day, including how the groom got locked in a room and the parents were arguing.

Interest rates won't rise before the summer as the UK's economic recovery slows, Cebr forecasts

cebr interest rates forecast.PNG

The Centre for Economics and Business Research today pushed back its prediction for the first rate rise in six years from February to the summer.

I was charged £19.29 to pay for a flight by credit card - who does the cash go to and what am I paying for?

D2D96B Bath, United Kingdom - November 8, 2011: Close-up of a contactless Visa credit card with UK currency in the background

I booked a flight that cost £964.31 and was charged another £19.29 because I paid by credit card. Who is the cash going to and what on earth am I paying for?

Where funeral fires burn forever: Incredible photos show the 'Manikarnika Ghats' holy festival on the Ganges where Hindus make their final journey find 'moksha' and reach nirvana

Incredible pictures of the funeral fires which line the Ganges

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The Manikarnika Ghats have been burning on banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, India, for thousands of years. It is the most sacred place on earth for Hindus to be cremated, beginning with their bodies being carried down to the river (main) where they are immersed in the sacred water. Wrapped in brightly coloured cloth, the dead are then dried on the steps before cremation takes place (inset). It is believed that cremation in Varanasi ends the cycle of death and allows the soul to be reborn achieve 'moksha' and the path to enlightenment.

Millions of Britons risk getting deeper into debt as they turn to credit to plug surprise income shortfall, charity warns

Digital enhancement portrait of woman controlling receipts and bills. 
editorial use only

Nearly one in three said they experienced some surprise change in their income in the past year - and half used credit cards or loans to plug the gap, StepChange said.

Apple is still the king of cool: Brand tops list for fourth year in a row after beating competition from Ray-Ban and Glastonbury

The CoolBrands top 20 has seen luxury names lose out to make way for six new entries including the home system Sonos, as its more established competitors Bose and Sony dropped out.

Levitating guinea pigs, three-headed giraffes and a lion who looks like Donald Trump: Photographers share their funniest animal pictures for wildlife competition

Photographers around the world are sharing their most hilarious pictures for the inaugural Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, organised by a a wildlife photographer based in Tanzania.

Incredible friendship between mother of Jewish teenager killed by bomber and the family of Palestinian girl whose life his organs helped save

Marsha Gladstone, 60, was devastated when her son, Yoni Jesner, 19, was killed on a bus in Tel Aviv in 2002 while taking a break from voluntary work in the West Bank area.

Is Nazi gold train mystery about to be solved? Polish soldiers FINALLY start digging (but they'll only excavate a metre - and it's eight metres down)

Is Nazi gold train mystery about to be solved? Polish soldiers FINALLY start digging

Speculation around what exactly lies underneath the hill near the town of Walbrzych, Poland, could finally be ended as troops begin to dig - but the man who claims to have 'found' the train remains sceptical of them getting closer to the truth of just what is hidden in the long-abandoned tunnel (similar to tunnel, inset). The troops from the 1st Regiment of Engineers (pictured at the site) are only going down a metre, after which they will give full report to local authorities, which will then decide whether to continue to dig for the train which is rumoured to be filled with gold and jewels, abandoned by the Nazis as they fled the approaching Red Army in 1945.

Despicably cheap: Firm offers to pay passengers' luggage fees in exchange for advertising The Minions and Star Wars

Gary German, the founder of Orion Travel Tech in Orlando, will provide passengers with a two-piece baggage set fitted with the latest phone charging and GPS equipment.

Aldi takes on rivals with online shopping launch, as sales hit record high but price war eats into profits

The exterior of Aldi supermarket in Hereford, UK.


The German grocer said it will initially just sell wines by the case through its website, followed by non-food 'special buys' in spring, for home delivery or to be collected from third-party locations.

Did it eat too many seabiscuits? World's biggest seahorse caught in fisherman's net off south coast of England is THIRTEEN inches from snout to tail 

The spiny seahorse, which is twice the average size for the species, was accidentally hauled up in a net in by Michael Bailey while he was out fishing for mullet in Poole Harbour, Dorset.

Are they relatives? US sociology professor becomes online celebrity in China for his striking resemblance to Albert Einstein

Professor Gary Manzo gained fame after being compared to Albert Einstein. He is an English and sociology professor in Fujian, south eastern China. They are not related.

Shell abandons $7bn drilling exploration off Alaska coast after 'disappointing' results

The Olympic Mountains in the background, a small boat crosses in front of an oil drilling rig as it arrives in Port Angeles, America. 
aboard a transport ship after traveling across the Pacific. Royal Dutch Shell hopes to use the rig for exploratory drilling during the summer open-water season in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska's northwest coast, if it can get the permits. Royal Dutch Shell cleared a major hurdle Monday, May 11, 2015, when The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management approved Shell's exploration plan. However, this isn't the final step that Shell needs for Arctic drilling. (Daniella Beccaria/ via AP, File) MAGS OUT; NO SALES; SEATTLE TIMES OUT; TV OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT

Backed by a 28-vessel flotilla, drillers found indications of oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea in the Arctic but not in sufficient quantities to warrant more exploration at the site.

Tragedy of the four young friends who died in 16th birthday party horror when sports car crashed into their unlicensed quad bike

Four friends died in 16th birthday party tragedy when sports car hit quad bike 

Terrie Lynch (left) was believed to be celebrating her 16th birthday alongside (left to right, top row) Alexandra Binns, Ryan Beal and Brandon Brown when the bike was hit by a bronze Nissan 350Z sports car around midnight on Sunday. Mr Beal, the 20-year-old driver of the quad bike, Miss Lynch and Miss Binns, 18, were declared dead at the scene on the A6201, between Upton and Hemsworth, West Yorkshire (bottom). Mr Brown, also aged 20, was taken to Leeds General Infirmary with serious injuries to his head and body. Officers confirmed he died this morning. Two men, aged 21 and 22, were arrested on suspicion of death by dangerous driving and were bailed on Monday morning.

Band of brothers: Rare photos capturing extraordinary bond between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at height of Rolling Stones' Sixties fame to go on display 

Courting The Stones: Photographs by Michael Cooper will be on display at the Proud Galleries in Chelsea from 16 October to 22 November. The artist was close friends with guitarist Keith Richards.

Taliban fighters storm the Afghan city of Kunduz and free hundreds of militants from prison in one of the biggest security breaches since the 2001 invasion

Afghan security forces travel on an armored vehicle in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan September 28, 2015. Afghan Taliban fighters who launched a three-pronged assault on the northern provincial city of Kunduz have hoisted their white banner over the main square, a Reuters witness and two security officials said on Monday.  REUTERS/Stringer

The assault was the second time this year that the hardline Islamist movement has besieged Kunduz city, defended by Afghan forces battling largely without NATO's support.

Blind piano tutor who pulled down disabled victim's knickers is banned from being alone with any woman apart from his wife for 10 years

Francis Collinson, pictured, used a conversation about cats to get into victim's home before suddenly dragging down her trousers, Guildford Crown Court heard.

Feeling hen-pecked? Chinese company allows staff to wear masks at work to help them deal with stress

Chinese company allows staff to wear masks at work to deal with stress

A Chinese company has allowed its staff to wear masks at work to help them feel more confident while dealing with demanding bosses. Managers at the company hoped the unusual idea could help staff feel more relaxed at work, especially when they are required to present ideas during meetings. The event was part of the company's 'De-stress Day' on September 23.

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Easy, tigers! Cubs attack rabbits at a Chinese zoo... but don't worry, they haven't got any teeth yet

Tiger and lion cubs attack rabbits at a Chinese zoo as survival training before being

A Chinese zoo has come under fire for giving their lion and tiger cubs live rabbits for hunting practise as the young predators were presented to the public for the first time. Introducing seven baby tigers and four lion cubs to visitors, a zoo in Tsingtao, China, released a number of rabbits into the enclosure. The two-month-old cubs could be seen chasing after the rabbit and biting it across the neck after hunting it down.

Was Einstein wrong? Astronomers spend 11 years hunting for gravitational waves...but find nothing

Astronomers from Australia-based CSRIO spent 11 years studying pulsars for gravitational waves, created when black holes collide (illustrated) using the Parkes telescope.

Walking down the Champs Elysees and cycling around the Arc de Triomphe - Paris goes car free for a day and the locals love it

Mandatory Credit: Photo by SEVGI/SIPA/REX Shutterstock (5183071c)
 Champs Elysee
 Car Free Day in Paris, France - 27 Sep 2015

All traffic in the French capital, except taxis and emergency vehicles was banned in four central arrondissements, or districts, from 11am to 6pm on Sunday.

Miracle of the 'big tusker' elephant: Felled by a single poacher's poisoned arrow, gentle giant back up on his feet after Kenyan medics raced against the clock to save his life

Elephant felled by poacher's poisoned arrow back on his feet after medics save his life

Medics had to race against the clock to save the gentle giant, named Wide Satao, after it was hit by a poisoned dart in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Wide Satao is a 'big tusker' - a term used to describe elephants with tusks aged over 40 years, which are targeted for their valuable ivory - with each tusk estimated to be worth over $130,000 (£85,000).



How low can he go? Boy, 8, crouches 7 inches above the ground as he skates under 53 cars in a row BACKWARDS

Boy, 8, crouches inches above the ground and skates under 53 cars in a row BACKWARDS

The eight-year-old, from Tirupati in south east India, is now waiting to have his world record attempt - as well as four other world records for fastest limbo skating under cars, longest limbo skating, longest limbo skating backwards and lowest limbo skating - verified by Guinness.

Treading a fine line! Stomach churning moment French daredevil is almost blown from a tightrope during attempt to walk between flying two hot air balloons

Tancrède Melet and his partner Julien Millot, part of a stunt team called the Flying Frenchies, decided to attempt the walk in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, France, after conceiving the idea over a year ago.

Truly novel tourist attractions! Inside the world's most incredible libraries, from Hogwarts-style galleries to gold-leaf monasteries

It may be easier to quickly download a book on your iPad or Kindle, but these breathtaking photographs from around the world prove nothing beats a trip to a library.

Engineers struggle to get two-metre cast iron statue by Angel of the North sculptor Antony Gormley back upright after storms and high seas toppled it on rocky beach

Engineers have struggled to move the two-metre statue after it was upended near Clavell Tower in Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, on September 14. It was designed to last until May 2016.

Police hunt gunman after man, 21, was shot in a suburban Manchester street while teens celebrated an 18th birthday party nearby 

The victim was discovered lying in the road and bleeding by partygoers celebrating a teenager's 18th birthday nearby after he was blasted in the leg in the Redbricks estate of Hulme, Manchester.

Did the face of JESUS appear as power station disintegrated in a cloud of billowing smoke? (Or was it just Noel Edmonds?) 

Did the face of JESUS appear as Cockenzie Power Station in a cloud of billowing smoke?

Grant Redpath captured the unusual images while watching the demolition of the 500-foot towers at Cockenzie Power Station, East Lothian, from a boat on Saturday. He posted the pictures (above) on Facebook where hundreds of people said they could also see a ghostly bearded figure rising in the plume of dust. Suggestions of who the man could be have so far ranged from Jesus to Deal or No Deal presenter Noel Edmonds. Others include Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, Welsh singer Tom Jones and actor Robert Downey Junior.