Droidsound is a free multi-format music player for Android devices, made by Swimsuit Boys. It is available for free and can play several old and new formats, including MOD, SID, XM, MP3, SNDH, S3M, IT, NSF and VGM/VGZ. Relive those classic tunes from the old days, or discover the new music still being made.

You can download it below or from Google Play.

Contact us if you have any support questions regarding the product.

June 2 2012: New version 1.3
A new Android 4.0 friendly version is now available on Google Play.
Dec 31 2010: New beta version 1.2
New beta with many new features.
Oct 31 2010: New version 1.1 available on Market
The 1.1 version has left beta and is now available on Android Market.
Aug 28 2010: New homepage design
The newly coded and designed homepage is up and running.
Aug 22 2010: Droidsound available on Android Market
You can now get Droidsound for free on Android Market!

Below is a list of resources related to the project.

Droidsound 1.3
Fixes crash and song skipping problems on Android 4.0 Lock screen controls (Android 4.0 only).
Droidsound 1.2 beta3
New Sidplay VICE-engine for more accurate SID playing. Create Ringtones from songs. HTTP Browsing.
Droidsound 1.2 beta2
Shoutcast (and Icecast) streaming with Metadata. Opens PLS- or M3U-files. Links to SceneSat, Nectarine and SLAY Radio included.
Droidsound 1.2 beta1
MP3-playback (with ID3 and CUE-file parsing), SC68 (Atari YM)-plugin, PRG-file support (converted to SID), Sort on title/artist/date, Share link from browser, Song seekbar.