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brmcbab Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
How’s everything going?

Good. Thanks.

How did you go about the songwriting process for this new album?

Pen, paper, and guitar J

Isn’t it tough to make decisions with three people in a studio?

We had a big split up with our drummer before we started recording “HOWL” so I guess it was just the two of us. That doesn’t always make it easier though, the 3 rd person can usually break a stand-off pretty quick. The studio can bring out the best and worst in people though if you’re not smart.

What microphone do you prefer when you are tracking vocals for an album?

Neumann or SM57

I’ve always enjoyed your B-sides. Is it sometimes tough to choose what goes on the album and what doesn’t?

We actually wanted this album to have more of the spirit of our b-sides, more loose and carefree. That’s something that’s always eluded us on the final LP’s… This time I think we got it.

One of my favorites of yours is “US Government” was there any particular inspiration behind that track?

That’s a pretty direct ‘fuck you’ to the American government and the system everyone live in. We’ve revised the song recently and we’re playing a completely different version of it live now, it seems important to make people look at it again from a different point of view.

What is going to be the next single off “Howl”?

“Weight Of The World” or “Shuffle Your Feet”… I’m not sure yet.

Are you guys heavily involved in picking the releases and their artwork and such?

Yeah, but we’re really proud of every song on this album so we’re open to whatever…

The band has already built an audience in Europe . How would you compare the audiences to those in the States?

There’s not as big of a difference as everyone thinks… The press is a different animal all together and the British press can be more tabloid than in the states, but people are pretty much the same all over the world, it’s a relief actually.

Whats next for the band?

Tour, tour, tour.

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