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A leg up on the show-off season

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

The Cavalli and Mary Katrantzou catwalks agreed on one thing for winter 2012: colour is in and legs are out. With the Christmas party season fast approaching, prepping your pins will pay dividends.

Spider veins can be tricky to budge, but the latest treatment, VeinGogh, uses a ‘hair-thin’ probe to create controlled electrical heat pulses that collapse the vein wall and make it vanish completely – without damaging the outer layers of skin. You’ll feel a pinch but it’s less painful and more effective than existing laser options, offering results after just one treatment. (But consult your GP first in case there’s an underlying problem.)

Now for the finishing touches. Taking legs from pasty to conker brown can be a fake too far for winter. Instead, pencil on Ben Nye Neutralizer Creme Crayon (£10.50, – a concealer to take the brown-blue edge off scars and bruises.

Circling a pale pink shimmer blush such as Chantecaille Les Pétales de Rose (£74, down shins, the backs of legs and in the dent below your knees with a large brush adds warmth and sparkle.
The result is less tan, more smooth, flawless pins.

VeinGogh, from £100,,

Clash Act

Purple shadow compact
Orly nail colour

We’re never ones to shy away from a bit of colour blocking, and our new fix is a lilac eye (try BYS 5 Piece Eyeshadow palette in Smokey Purples, £2.99, paired with a burnt orange nail (such as Orly’s new Right Amount of Evil, £10.80, So wrong it’s right.

Emilia Clarke

Is bushy really better?
In the trial of skinny v bold brows everywhere, we present Game of Thrones’s Emilia Clarke. Case closed.

Backstage at DVF

Backstage at DVF

Hi-tech specs could soon save you a million make-up mistakes. Backstage at the recent Diane von Furstenberg S/S 13 show, James Kaliardos donned Google+ Project Glasses for a high definition, ‘make-up artist’s eye view’.

No. 5 soap

What a dish

Currently the world’s most desirable body bar, Chanel’s limited-edition No 5 Bath Soap contains all of the familiar notes of rose, neroli and jasmine – and will instantly increase your bathroom’s cachet. £32, tel: 020 7493 3836.

THIS WEEK WE’RE…getting our teenage spot-fighting kicks with niche French brand Benta Berry. Designed for tricky adolescent skin, its cleansers, exfoliators and moisturisers prevent zits like there’s no tomorrow. From around £7.20,

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