Mother claims contraceptive coil has left her looking six months pregnant 

High Wycombe woman claims contraceptive IUD coil has left her looking pregnant 

Cassie Edwards, 27, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, took just five months to drop the baby weight after giving birth to son Tyler, returning to a slim size 10 (pictured left). Not wanting more children, she had a copper IUD coil fitted. Almost immediately, her stomach swelled and she now looks six months pregnant and must wear maternity clothes (pictured centre and right). She claims the swelling is a rare reaction to the coil, but medical experts say this is not a known side-effect. Doctors have confirmed she is not pregnant, and tests have ruled out ovarian and cervical cancer. She is now awaiting a smear test and a colonoscopy to further investigate the mysterious swelling. She said: 'I have a full term bump and no baby, it's crazy. 'I feel embarrassed and scared of the big baby-less bump. If it gets any bigger, people will think its twins.'

Feeling tired? Forget coffee, have a glass of ORANGE JUICE: Drink is shown to boost alertness and concentration

People who drank orange juice for breakfast did better on tests of speed and attention, and still felt very alert six hours later, Reading University researchers found.

Sorry gentleman, but size DOES matter: Short men 'have fewer sexual partners than their taller peers'

Men who are average to extremely tall report one to three more partners than men who are shorter than average, a study by researchers from Chapman University, California, revealed.

Do you feel tired all the time, have trouble sleeping and struggle to find the energy to exercise? You could be one of the millions of people deficient in a crucial mineral...

Iron is essential for energy as it helps make red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body. But the latest National Diet and Nutrition survey found it was the most common nutritional gap in the UK.

Which oils are best for YOUR health? From flaxseed for soft skin to peppermint for bloating, expert reveals all...

Nutritionist and author Benjamin Brown gives his insight into how natural oils can help your health - from alleviating digestive problems, to more radiant skin.

Stressed at work and need to relax? Do the dishes! Daily chores 'reduce nervousness and improve wellbeing'

Washing the dishes mindfully, focusing on the smell of soap and the feel of the plates, significantly reduces feelings of tension and nervousness, scientists at Florida State University found.

Every HIV patient should be given antiretroviral drugs at diagnosis NOT when condition worsens, new guidelines state

The new guidance means a further nine million people should be receiving antiretroviral drugs, and WHO experts added that anyone at 'substantial' risk of HIV should be prescribed the drugs to prevent HIV.

What being a drug addict REALLY does to your face: Woman who started smoking cannabis at 11 and was hooked on coke by 23 reveals how she turned her life around

What being a drug addict REALLY does to your face

Vicky, 49, from Hale, Manchester, who attended Altrincham Grammar School, started smoking cannabis when she was 11 years old and her life spiralled after that. Vicky, left, at school aged 15, and, right, at the height of her addiction aged 25, comes from a wealthy background and was expected to go into medicine or dentistry. However, her parents split when she was young and she hasn't seen her biological father since she was seven years old. The breakdown of the family unit, she explains, led her to feel as though there was a deficit in her life. She has now turned her life around and works as an addiction therapist, inset.

Woman suffers eczema so severe she is left suicidal - and claims it was caused by her BOOB job

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Christine Nguyen, 27, of Colorado, had a boob job in 2013. Months later, her eczema flared up - she believes due to an allergic reaction to silicone.

Woman, 22, who lost her mother and grandmother to breast cancer opts to have a double mastectomy after her mum's dying wish that she get tested for killer gene

Lauren Bolus, 22, from Sheffield, has opted for a double mastectomy after testing positive for cancer gene. Her mum, who died when Lauren was three, asked friends to ensure Lauren got tested.

Tragedy as father who tirelessly raised £500k to treat his daughter's cancer dies from a brain tumour at just 32

Tragedy as father who tirelessly raised £500k to treat his daughter's cancer dies from a

Tom Attwater, 32, put aside his own health problems to raise money for future treatment his daughter Kelli (pictured left and above right) may need that is not available on the NHS. Mr Attwater walked Kelli, six, down the aisle at his wedding to her mother as he knew he wouldn't be there for hers in the future (main picture). She wrote a heartbreaking note saying he was 'the best dad in the world' (bottom right). He died, with wife Joely (top right) at his home in Staffordshire on Tuesday.

Did the HPV jab trigger this teenager's fits? Dancer who has suffered daily seizures for two years blames cervical cancer vaccination for debilitating illness

Erin Morgan, 15, spent two weeks in the high dependency unit at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, after suffering her first fit, three days after she had the cervical cancer jab at school.

Grumpy, tired and tubby? Why your man might need HRT: DR ERIKA SCHWARTZ explains the options if he's going through a mid-life hormone crisis

It's not just women - men, too, can have a mid-life hormone crisis, says DR ERIKA SCHWARTZ, and natural treatments could be the solution. In the final part of her series, she explains the options . . .

Enough to make your skin crawl: Woman finds a SPIDER hiding in her ear canal where it had even woven a web 

Woman, named Ms Li, heard scratching noises in her ear after rural hike. She went to hospital in Xiamen, China, to find spider living in ear canal. Doctors removed the spider from her ear canal.

Watch the terrifying spread of meningitis through a brain: Video reveals tendrils of infection taking over organ

Duke University School of Medicine scientists injected Cryptococcal meningitis into microscopic zebrafish larvae, which have clear bodies, and watched the infection take hold.

Giant growth engulfing teenage boy's face is a 'ticking timebomb' that could rupture at any moment causing him to drown in his own blood

Growth engulfing Zoubair Lahdodi's face could cause him to drown in his own blood

Zoubair Lahdodi, 18, from Casablanca, Morocco, has flown thousands of miles to New York for life-saving surgery to try and remove the growth, the result of a malformation of the veins in his face. The teenager was so popular for his amazing tricks on the streets of Casablanca, that he earned the nickname Stunteur Zoubair. But, the 18-year-old had no idea of how dangerous it could be if he fell from his bike. His surgeon Dr Milton Waner, at Lenox Hill Hospital, said: When I saw the video of him stunt cycling, I was absolutely horrified because any bump could result in a terminal haemorrhage. He could be very quickly overwhelmed and drown in his own blood. He has a high risk for bleeding, he has a high risk for spontaneous haemorrhage without me even touching him, so Zoubair is, I have to say, a walking time bomb, so we really have to get on and do his treatment.'

Women who suffer mental or physical abuse have WORSE menopause symptoms - including difficulty sleeping, sexual dysfunction and mood swings

The biggest link between abuse and worse menopausal symptoms was found with 'verbal and emotional abuse', according to the study by Mayo Clinic researchers in Minneapolis.

How calcium tablets can do more harm than good: Pills can increase risk of stomach upsets and heart problems while not cutting the risk of broken bones 

The over-the-counter supplements are particularly popular among older women, who are at higher risk of osteoporosis. But the British Medical Journal today warned too much calcium was bad for you.

Would you take food advice from a fat person? Eating tips from overweight bloggers deemed 'less reliable'

Scientists at Cornell University found when a blogger is overweight, readers are far more skeptical of the information they provide when compared with a thin blogger's identical advise.

What happens when you donate your body to medical science? Stomach-churning documentary to show cancer patients being filled with embalming fluid and dissected after filming their last few months of life 

C5's The Body Donors shows what happens when you donate your body to science

Channel 5's Body Donors shows terminally ill Mike Bowyer, 77, of Bangor, North Wales, giving his last interview before he dies (he is pictured with four of his six children, right). 'You've only got one ride, and when the switch goes off, you better have a smile on your face,' he said. Next, the stomach-churning documentary shows his body being embalmed and then dissected by medical students (pictured centre). The show also follows the story of Diana King, 54, from Blackburn, who has incurable cancer (pictured left on her wedding day). After her death, her body is sent to train surgeons. She said: 'If it could help one more person after my death have a better or a longer life, then I get a bit of satisfaction out of that.'

Decade of back pain for millions: Seven in ten Britons admit living with twinges for more than 10 years 

Back pain forced just under three in ten to take time off work with the number of sick days jumping 29 per cent last year to 9.9million days, the British Chiropractic Association figures show.

Top grub for veggies is... beans on toast: Pub chain's surprise after dish tops list of meals vegetarian customers wanted to see added to the menu

Sugar-free beans on two slices of wholemeal toast

The Chef & Brewer pub chain, which wants to launch new vegetarian options, asked customers which they would prefer... only to discover beans on toast was the most favoured option.

Controlling a computer with your MIND: Paralysed patients move on-screen cursor using just their brain waves

Researchers from Brown University observed how well two paralysed people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) could use their minds to guide a cursor onto a target on a computer screen (pictured)

How your PHONE could help test for chlamydia: First portable unit detects and diagnoses STD in just 30 minutes

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have developed mobiLab, a coffee mug-sized unit that analyses genital swabs for traces of chlamydia DNA, providing results in just 30 minutes at a cost of $2.

Who will care for our autistic children when they grow up? A father's moving story and a fear that haunts so many 

Who will care for our autistic children when they grow up?

At 18 months old, James Fitzpatrick was a normal toddler. 'He was such a beautiful child. He'd wake up smiling, happy and chatty,' recalls his father, Dr Mike Fitzpatrick, 64, a retired GP from North London. But by the age of two, James had begun to display classic signs of autism: twirling, flapping his hands and walking round on tiptoes.

Womb transplants for ten UK women: Surgeons to be allowed to perform life-changing treatment in pioneering project which could allow thousands to achieve their dream of motherhood

Womb transplants for ten UK women: Surgeons to be allowed to perform life-changing

Surgeons are to be allowed to perform life-changing womb transplants in the UK for the first time, potentially allowing thousands of women to become mothers. The first UK baby born as a result of the pioneering transplant could arrive in 2017 and womb transplants are likely to be made widely available to childless women shortly afterwards. The women, to be chosen in the next three to four months, will be between 24 and 38, healthy and in long-term relationships. All will still have ovaries and some will have eggs of their own. Each new womb will come from a donor left brain dead by a car crash, heart defect or other illness. It will be removed in a three-hour operation before being transplanted in a six-hour procedure. It will then be allowed to 'bed in' for a year before IVF is carried out. If the woman becomes pregnant, the baby will be delivered by Caesarean section (explained in graphic, right). Sophie Lewis, 30 (left), who is in line to be one of the first Britons to receive the pioneering transplant, said it would be 'an amazing gift'.

NHS holding inquiry into hotline chaos: Ministers demand assurances there enough staff for the service after outcry following Mail's investigation 

Health Minister Ben Gummer said: 'In light of the Mail's evidence, we have asked NHS England for assurances that the NHS 111 service is doing all it can to help patients.'

New hope for dementia and brain-damaged patients: Scientists develop implant that can save short-term memories from being forgotten

The implant has been developed at the University of Southern California and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in a decade-long collaboration.

How education makes you healthier: Staying in learning for just one extra year led to 16% increase in people rating their wellbeing as good rather than mediocre 

The longer a pupil studies, the bigger the benefit. A one-year difference in education led to 16 per cent more rating their own health as good instead of mediocre.

'You don't have to wear a scarlet letter H': Men and women with herpes detail what it's really like to live with the disease to remove the shameful stigma surrounding STDs

Men and women with herpes detail what it's like to live with the STD

Jenelle Marie Davis, an STD expert and founder of the The STD Project , a movement to eradicate the stigma surrounding sexually transmitted diseases, has shared the stories of two men and ten women, including herself, who are herpes positive in an empowering essay for .

Would you take food advice from a fat person? Eating tips from overweight bloggers deemed 'less reliable'

Scientists at Cornell University found when a blogger is overweight, readers are far more skeptical of the information they provide when compared with a thin blogger's identical advise.

Eat to beat the menopause: There's no need for a heart-sinking diet plan. You can boost your hormones with a few simple steps - and still enjoy tasty treats 

'Whatever the hormonal problem, I am a great believer in the healing power of bio-identicals,' writes DR ERIKA SCHWARTZ.

Revealed, the top 5 foods for glowing skin: From preventing wrinkles to healing wounds, expert reveals how to eat your way to a better complexion

Eating foods packed full of vitamins and minerals can help repair and hydrate skin while promoting collagen production. Here, nutritionist Rick Hay reveals which foods are best...

A good night's sleep really DOES prevent illness: Shut-eye helps our immune system to remember invading germs

A night's slumber helps the immune system to remember the key features of invading germs so that it can fight them if they return in the future, scientists at the University of Tubingen in Germany found.

I ate so much my stomach 'burst': Mother who couldn't stop comfort-eating nearly died after having surgery for health problems triggered by her weight

Overweight woman from Cambridge nearly died after surgery for hernias

Doctors said Alison Kingsley, 42, from Cambridge, developed the hernias because she was overweight. The self-confessed comfort-eater has now slimmed down to a size 16 following the corrective surgery and gastric-band fitting. But the mother-of-one had to learn how to walk again after developing potentially deadly pneumonia. She is now enjoying a new lease of life and has started swimming and horse riding to get fit.

'My screensaver made me slim': Woman addicted to takeaways set her phone to show unflattering image...and promptly stopped dialling out for pizzas 

Woman addicted to takeaways set her phone to show unflattering image

When 20-stone Chelsea Stevens was asked to move to a bigger seat while on a rollercoaster ride, her embarrassment made the Birmingham mum-of-one, 29, take action. She decided an unflattering image of herself on her smartphone would be the perfect incentive. (Pictured from left: Chelsea Stevens before her weight loss and, right, slimmed down. Inset, with the screensaver that kept her motivated)

Chocoholic, 35, who was desperate for a six-pack sheds five stone and gets the abs of his dreams by ditching sweet treats

Guy Levine, 35, from Manchester, has shed five stone in three years - dropping from 17st 2lbs to 12st - but it is his muscled makeover which makes him unrecognisable.

Do you know the difference between 100% organic, free range and pasture-raised? What confusing food labels REALLY mean

There are a myriad confusing terms used on labels. A new infographic makes things clear with simple definitions of terms such as 'grass-fed', 'grass-finished' and 'pasture-raised'.

The primary school that makes every pupil run a MILE a day in drive to cut childhood obesity 

St Ninians primary school in Stirling, Scotland, has been making children walk or run a mile a day for the past three years, and now claims that none of its pupils are overweight as a result.

Why you can catch food poisoning from an oyster you haven't even eaten 

Natalie Dye professional portrait.jpeg

When Natalie Dye, 49, from Esher in Surrey, sat down at a smart restaurant she didn't expect to take home an unwanted souvenir.

Incredible photos show conjoined Brazilian baby twins just days after successful six-hour operation to separate them 

Photos show conjoined Brazilian baby twins just days after separation surgery

Back in August, Brazilian photographer Mateus André, 28, captured beautiful black-and-white images of conjoined twin girls in the town of Goiânia. The girls, who were born sharing a liver and abdomen, have since been successfully separated...and André was invited back to capture them during their recovery. (Twins Maria Clara and Maria Eduarda Santana before an operation to separate them. Right, following the successful operation. Inset: the twins with their parents)

Mediterranean diet is as healthy as being vegan: Eating meat and fish is good for you - as long as it's served with plenty of vegetables

Researchers at the University of Naples discovered people who ate the most vegetables - regardless of their diet - had the highest levels of short-chain fatty acids, known to fight disease.

Joy as soldier who had his legs and testicles blown off by a bomb is expecting a baby with his fiancé - after scientists FROZE his sperm

Shaun Stocker, 25, from Wrexham, North Wales, thought he'd never father a child after suffering horrific injuries during an Afghanistan tour in 2010.

Teenager undergoes hysterectomy days after being diagnosed with a stage three ovarian tumor - which was so big doctors thought she was pregnant even after she told them she is a virgin

Cheerleader Riley Benado hysterectomy after doctors diagnose her with ovarian cancer

Riley Benado, an 18-year-old from California, went to the gynecologist on September 14 after complaining that she felt bloated. Doctors administered a pregnancy test since it appeared she was five months pregnant, but instead they found that she had stage three ovarian cancer.

Parents find heartbreaking 'goodbye' note from their six-year-old son after he died from a rare brain infection 

Leland Shoemake's parents find his 'goodbye' note after he died from a brain infection

Leland Shoemake (main) died in Atlanta on Friday from an infection caused by the amoeba Balamuthia mandrillaris after being hospitalized in a critical condition two weeks ago. Doctors do not know how he came to contract the infection. Leland's mother, Amber Shoemake, posted to a Facebook page set up for her son that her and her husband returned home from the hospital after he died to find a 'goodbye note' in the living room (inset). They do not know when their son wrote the note, but described him as incredibly smart, funny and loving.

Magnetic 'bracelet' to treat acid reflux 'IS safe and represents the next generation in heartburn treatment'

Experts at the University of Minnesota claim the LINX device, which is made of magnetic beads, 'provides significant and durable improvement in heartburn, regurgitation and quality of life', up to five years.

Does YOUR child wake up in the night? Difficulty sleeping could be an early warning sign of mental health problems, experts say

Children who have disturbed sleep may be at risk of autism, anxiety, depression or schizophrenia, researchers from the University of London and Tel Aviv University found.

Teen girl has rare allergy that causes her to break out in hives if she eats hummus before working out

BN3GRM Hand dipping slice of pita bread into bowl of hummus

Most nutritionists recommend having a light snack before working out, but one teen in Canada has to be very careful about what she eats before she goes on a run.

'We feel the looks and stares': Father of little Jaxon born without most of his skull reveals the horror abuse he and his wife have received from trolls who say they should have had him aborted

Father of 'miracle baby' Jaxon, who just turned one despite missing most of his skull,

Brandon Buell responded to criticism in a heartfelt Facebook post Saturday night, saying his wife and his decision to keep their severely disabled son was 'our choice, and only our choice'. Brandon and Brittany Buell's one-year-old son Jaxon is missing most of his skull and brain and doctors had given the couple the option to abort at 23 weeks. However, Brandon spoke out against those who would have had them terminate the pregnancy by saying 'we only had one shot to do everything we could for him'.

Stem cell op could bring back sight for millions: UK breakthrough for age-related illness may reach NHS in two-and-a-half years

The revolutionary technique - which sees a patch of stem cells inserted into the retina - was carried out for the first time worldwide in a British hospital, and can cure macular degeneration.

NHS 111 whistleblower speaks: Three weeks' training and I was making life or death decisions with no one to turn to for help

Pic Bruce Adams / Copy Faulkner - 16/9/15
For Special Investigations - Former call centre worker and whistleblower Irsah Tahir who worked for the NHS 111 service at Derby, Derbyshire, who claims the service is chronically understaffed in numbers and experience.

Mother-of-one Irsah Tahir, 21, worked for NHS 111 as a call handler in Derby, Derbyshire, earlier this year but quit after just four months because she could no longer cope with the pressure.

'I'm 27 stone but have NO desire to be thin': Fat Girl Dancing and TV star Whitney Thore speaks out about her battle with polycystic ovaries - and why the link between obesity and health problems is exaggerated 

Fat Girl Dancing's Whitney Thore speaks out about battle with polycystic ovaries

EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Thore, 31, from Greensboro, North Carolina, suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes weight gain and makes losing weight difficult. She gained 200lbs (91 kg) in college and said she suffered a decade of depression and misery due to being shamed and discriminated against because of her weight. She sprung to fame last year, after releasing a video of herself dancing, called A Fat Girl Dancing, to YouTube, which racked up millions of hits. Now, the second season of her reality TV show, Fat Girl Dancing, is about to air in the UK. Miss Thore told MailOnline she has 'no desire to be thin again'. She said: 'I would like to lose some weight so I can fit in a plane seat, so I can have children. But as soon as I get to a size I'm happy with, which will be no smaller than 250 lbs [17st 12 lbs or 113 kg], I'll be done with weight loss. I think I look good and my boyfriend thinks I look good.'

Surge in toddlers hurt by toppling flat-screen TVs: Growing popularity of large and thinner sets leads to sharp rise in injuries

The growing popularity of ever larger and thinner TV sets means they are more likely to topple if disturbed by toddlers, according to a study by the University of Toronto and St Michael's Hospital in Canada.

Later menopause 'raises the risk of breast cancer': Each year past the age of 50 raises odds of the disease by 6% 

British scientists have warned that the later a woman goes through the menopause, the greater her risk of breast cancer. It is thought the delay raises the exposure to oestrogen, which can fuel tumours.

Woman who suffered severe burns as a baby uses Facebook to track down nurse who cradled her in black and white photos taken 40 years ago to say 'thank you' 

Amanda Scarpinati will finally meet with a nurse who comforted her 40 years ago

Amanda Scarpinati, 38, from upstate New York, inset, will finally meet nurse Susan Berger, who cared for her as a baby after she suffered severe burns after falling on to a steam vaporizer. Ms Scarpinati had always treasured pictures of herself as an infant being comforted by Ms Berger, and had spent the last 20 years searching for the nurse. After being tracked down thanks to an appeal on Facebook, the pair have now spoken on the phone and plan to meet on Tuesday.

Life expectancy rises 'slowing': Increases in length of time people live slow over the past four years 

The findings from Continuous Mortality Investigation are the first to sound a caution over the optimism that has been generated by years of apparently ever-declining death rates in the UK.

Stars such as Gary Lineker and One Direction could be banned from promoting junk foods in a bid to tackle childhood obesity

Campaigners say controls should be extended to cover marketing to children up to the age of 16, which could, in theory, ban football pundit Gary Lineker from promoting Walkers crisps.

The tragic cost of NHS out-of-hours hotline's descent into meltdown: Two babies died after parents were given wrong advice - as investigation finds ONE nurse on duty for 2 million people

NHS out-of-hours hotline meltdown sees two babies die after parents are given wrong advice

The NHS out-of-hours hotline is in meltdown in parts of Britain with chronic staff shortages meaning staff with just three weeks' training are being overwhelmed. Lacking medical qualifications, they must follow on-screen computer prompts that often lead to a referral to a nurse. But so few nurses are on standby that at times there is only one to serve as many as 2.3million people. The chronic shortages have resulted in up to 75 per cent of 111 calls going unanswered at busy times and patients waiting up to 11 hours for a call back. Evidence obtained by the Mail also reveals how two babies, William Mead (top left) and eleven-week-old Sebastian Randle (top right), died after being 'failed' by the service. The dire situation has emerged after whistleblower Irsah Tahir, 21 (bottom), revealed how she worked at an 111 call centre in Derby but left after four months because she could no longer cope.

Tinder and Grindr dating apps 'increase the risk of chlamydia and gonorrhea by making casual sex as available as ordering pizza'

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has launched a new billboard campaign in Los Angeles warning that dating apps Tinder and Grindr increase the risk of catching STDs, by making casual sex more easily available.

'Angelina Jolie effect' IS real: Actress' double mastectomy and reconstruction has raised awareness of cancer treatment

Experts in Austria found Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy and subsequent reconstruction increased the public's understanding of how reconstruction operations are carried out.

New drug to keep your antibiotics working: Taking 'super pill' at the same time as your antibiotic could help beat superbugs

MRSA: resistant Staphylococcus bacteria. Coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of a deadly cluster of MRSA Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Strains of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylo- coccus aureus) bacteria are resistant to most antibiotic drug agents; some yield to vancomycin. They are Gram-positive spherical (cocci) bacteria. Here, some bacteria are seen dividing. MRSA is common in hospitals, infecting wounds of patients. S.aureus may cause boils, usually by entering the skin through a hair follicle or a cut. They are also responsible for internal abscesses and most types of acute suppurative infection. Magnification: x24,000 at 6x4.5cm size.

Although antibiotics have transformed medical care, their effectiveness has led to overuse, and now bacteria are learning to defend themselves.

Just TWO cans of soda a day 'significantly increases the risk heart attack, diabetes and stroke'

A Harvard study warns just two cans of sugary fizzy drinks a day increases the risk of heart attack or fatal heart disease by a third, the risk of type 2 diabetes by 26 per cent and stroke by 16 per cent.

ASK THE DOCTOR: Do I need the shingles jab if I've already had shingles? 

ERMUNTRUDE the cow from the children's television programme 'The Magic Roundabout'....

If you have had shingles, can you have the shingles injection later on? Dr Scurr explains.

The Big Brother house was the worst thing ever, and I've been on a psychiatric ward: Gail Porter, the troubled presenter once beamed naked onto Parliament, bares her soul 

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 evictee Gail Porter bares her soul 

Could there be anyone more upbeat than Gail Porter (left) - TV presenter, former lads' mag pin-up and recent evictee from Celebrity Big Brother (top right)? She's so relentlessly cheerful that she shrugs off the 'hellish' experience of being in the Channel 5 reality show - a narcissistic pantomime of banshee-tantrums and male preening - despite the fact it was: 'The worst thing ever. And I should know, I've been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.' (Pictured bottom right, when she was infamously projected on to the Houses of Parliament in 1999).

The heart pacemakers at risk from hackers: Sound far-fetched? Security experts are treating it deadly seriously 


Pacemakers are becoming part of the 'internet of things'; connected to networks for the benefit of patients, doctors and hospitals alike.

Can you indulge in calorie-laden cakes and still boast a bikini body? This 68-year-old woman says you can - and has released a cookbook full of desserts to prove it

Carolyn Hartz, 68, credits her youthful appearance to years of restricted sugar intake

Perth local Carolyn Hartz (left), 68, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic at 41 and later found out she was gluten intolerant. She has now created a range of sugar-free desserts that taste just like the real deal - from vanilla layer cakes (right) to chocolate, coconut and raspberry gateaus (inset). The mother-of-three attributes her youthful appearance and active lifestyle to her strictly limited sugar and flour intake.

Are you snuggling your way to a split? How the way you sleep with your partner reveals telling signs about the state of your relationship - and your sex life

Experts say that all positions from spooning to sleeping tangled up says something about your relationship, and you may be surprised at which are signs for a happy coupling and which are not.

Why dad's bedtime stories are better for children: Fathers who read to their offspring found to improve their language skills 

A study at Harvard University in the US into the effect on infants' language after a year of hearing stories read by their parents found girls in particular benefit from being read to by a male.

'If I didn't do anything it was either a heart attack, a stroke or death': Woman, 53, loses a staggering 112 KILOS after ditching her diet of McDonald's and KFC

Auckland local Grace Payne, 53, lost 112 kilograms after suffering life threatening heart problems at 186 kilograms. She now hopes to raise money to have her excess skin removed.

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why the wealthy are so miserable (trust me - I've treated them)

Woman trying on a diamond necklace

While the desire to be happy is a fundamental drive that underpins much of what we do, and motivates many of our behaviours, we rarely think about what makes us so.

Hollyoaks actor is left partially blind and almost loses an eye after a FLY flew into his cornea during filming

Hollyoaks actor is left partially blind and almost loses an eye after a FLY flew into his

Robert Doherty, 31, from Liverpool, felt a fly buzz into his right eye as he was filming. Mr Doherty, who plays an unnamed policeman in Hollyoaks (pictured right) thought nothing of it and wiped it away, but within hours it had become red and he went to bed with a pounding headache and woke up the next day and was shocked to find he was completely blind in one eye. Doctors revealed the tiny creature had scratched his cornea and left behind bacteria, causing a corneal ulcer which obstructed his vision. He was given eye drops every hour on a daily basis, but was told he should prepare to lose his right eye. Luckily, he underwent a corneal transplant and his sight slowly returned. Mr Doherty said: 'I'm so lucky and glad that things are finally OK, but I had to have almost a whole year off work - all because of a tiny greenfly I had just brushed away, like you do. I very easily could have been blind, couldn't I? Or worse had my eye removed. And all over a tiny greenfly'

Revealed, the 10 best stress-busting foods - and the good news is chocolate's on the list!

Stress can make us crave junk food and increase our levels of fat-promoting stress hormones, says nutritionist Charlotte Watts. But foods such as berries, nuts, liquorice and kale have been proven to help.

Why do we get twitchy eyes when we're tired? What causes dark circles and bad breath? Experts reveal the reasons for our bizarre body quirks..

From what causes us to jolt as we're falling asleep, to how stress can trigger a twitchy eye, leading experts explain what happens when we slip into the land of nod.

The number of TEENAGERS getting risky cosmetic procedures is soaring, with children as young as 14 getting their lips 'plumped'

Some dentists and beauticians across the UK have been found to be offering cosmetic procedures to children as young as 14. Calls have been made for stricter industry regulations.

The toddler with the 23-inch head: Heartbreaking images show girl whose skull has filled with fluid - yet her parents can't afford to get her treated 

Images show Dhabuhi Parmar with hydrocephalus whose skull has filled with fluid

Dhabuhi Parmar, from Gujarat, India, suffers from an extreme form of hydrocephalus, a rare condition where fluid accumulates inside the skull. Her head has swollen to 23 inches - almost three times its normal size - and she is now bedridden and in danger of losing her life. While she could be saved if she receives prompt surgical treatment, her parents cannot afford the expensive medical bills. Dhabuhi's parents Hitesh Parmar, 22, and mother Shakuntala, 21, both work as labourers in the fields in a remote village in Gujarat - and make just £60 a month.The devastated couple, who are desperate to give their only daughter proper medical treatment, say they are waiting for a miracle to happen. Mrs Parmar said: 'The weight of her huge head is so much that she cannot even sit or crawl. She has to lie down all day and always looks up, as she cannot turn her face. Watching her suffer like this is devastating.'


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