Danielle Bux gets the chuck from Hell's Kitchen as Ade and Linda go through to the final

Gary Lineker's fiancée Danielle Bux was evicted from Hell's Kitchen last night, leaving Ade Edmondson and Linda Evans to battle it out in Monday night's live final.

The 29-year-old lingerie model bowed out gracefully, but admitted that she was still scared of straight-talking chef Marco Pierre White.

Host Claudia Winkleman assembled the three celebrities together and broke the news of the viewer vote to them following a busy night for the team in the kitchen.

Kelly Brook

Evicted: Danielle Bux is told she has been given the boot from Hell's Kitchen

Afterwards Danielle admitted she was a bit 'gutted', but said she was pleased to have made it this far in the show.

But she said of her experience with Marco: 'It's like a horror show. He's scary to look at.'

Speaking of their rocky relationship, Danielle added: We're laughing and joking with each other now. But I'm still a bit scared of him.'

She then said she hopes Dynasty star Linda wins the contest over The Young Ones actor Ade, saying: 'Linda never moans.'


Goodbye hug: Danielle embraces chef Marco Pierre White after being fired

Hell's Kitchen

Moment of truth: Ade Edmondson, Danielle and Linda Evans wait to be told who will make the final by host Claudia Winkleman

During last night's show, viewers saw footage of the four celebrities, including Friday night's evictee Niomi McLean-Daley,  battle it out to get their own dishes on the Hell's Kitchen menu.

The contestants were asked to invent a dish - Ade did salmon, Danielle chose sea bass and Linda made a crab dip - a recipe that she was given by John Wayne. 

However, it was Niomi, aka Ms Dynamite, who won the day with a Squash Soup from a recipe from her Grenadian grandmother, Granny Gulley.

Afterwards Marco accused Linda of 'throwing Danielle under the bus' as she straggled with the aioli for her sea bass. 


Losing her cool: Danielle was offended after Marco said he didn't know her surname

Linda advised her to put more oil in to thin it out, although this just made it thicker.

As Niomi’s soup had made the menu, Marco asked Linda, Ade and Danielle to compete to make a pudding that would also appear in the restaurant.

Danielle won the task with her trifle, but her moment of glory quickly disappeared after she became offended when Marco forgot her name.

He asked her what she wanted to call her dessert and she said she didn’t know as she didn’t even like trifle. 

Hell's Kitchen

Good job: Marco congratulates Ms Dynamite on her squash soup

'Call it that,' he said.  'I Don’t Even Like Trifle, prepared by Danielle whatever her surname is.'

Danielle was furious and fumed to Ade: 'I really feel like f***ing off now.  I just find him quite rude sometimes. It’s just rude.'

And later she confronted Marco and said: 'Marco my surname is Bux.  B. U. X.'

But after service, Marco accused her of sulking all night, which she denied.  'You were hoovering with your bottom lip [sticking it out]. 

Hell's Kitchen

Something sweet: Danielle's winning trifle (L) and Ade's Eton Mess dessert (R)

Tasty: Linda's meringue pudding and (R) Ms Dynamite's winning squash soup

'Just because I didn’t know your name. I’m here to do a job. It’s as simple as that,' he explained.

But Danielle explained to Ade: 'It wasn’t about a surname. Can we get that clear. He started laughing afterwards. That’s what offended me.'

Marco continued: 'I think it’s very funny when they start getting sulky because you don’t know their surname. It’s genius.' 

And later he said: 'I talked to Matt [the sous chef] and I said I only discovered today what Niomi’s name was and he turned around and said "what is it?"  We don’t know, we don’t care. We’re here to do a job.'


Scary: Danielle said she was still scared of the fiery chef

Ade was quick to cool the waters and came to Danielle's defence, telling Marco: 'She felt very hurt I know even if it was a mistake and unintentional. As long as it’s all sorted.'

But Danielle was pleased that she won the pudding task, which beat Ade's Eton Mess and Linda's merengue.

She added: 'Ten trifles went in six or seven minutes. I feel like Marco’s hammered my food in the last few days. So I felt chuffed silently about my trifle selling out.'

Earlier in the show, Linda confessed she sometimes struggled to understand Marco and her fellow celebrities. 

Hell's Kitchen

Guests for dinner: Claudia talks to Hughie from the Fun Lovin' Criminals and Melanie Sykes in the restaurant

She didn’t understand the word pudding saying that a pudding is a type of dessert. 

'Sometimes, as strange as it sounds I don’t know what you guys mean when you speak English.  You say it so quickly and I don’t understand what it means.'

This was hilariously displayed when Marco asked what her pudding was called.

'Was it cold,' replied Linda, confused as Ade fell about laughing.


Celebrity diners: Melanie said Ade is her favourite contestant while (R) Nancy Dell'Olio also came for dinner

Ade explained 'When there’s a degree of background noise, she misheard everything anyone says.  And Danielle added “I think there’s so many different accents going on she’s a bit all over the place.'

Celebrities who dined at the restaurant last night included Melanie Sykes, Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin' Criminals and Sven Goran Erikson's ex Nancy Dell'Olio.

Nancy, who is good friends with Marco, said he he was 'nice to watch' but added she'd never dare enter the kitchen with the fiery chef.

Strictly Come Dancing judge Jason Gardiner also made an appearance in the restaurant and said that Linda was his favourite contestant because he grew up 'wanting to be Linda Evans'.