So poor James Blunt might become a tax exile. Pass the Kleenex

A class war has started and I haven’t even been asked to attend. Apparently the Budget has been spun from yawn-making to war-making.

The tax rise for rich people, which will not affect 98 per cent of the population who don’t earn more than 150 grand, is the battle cry.

A war? More of a bar brawl if you ask me. Whose side are you on, boy? Well, it’s confusing.

Goodbye my lover? It is rumoured singer, James Blunt, may become a tax exile following last week's budget announcement of a tax hike for those earning £150,000 or more

Goodbye my lover? It is rumoured James Blunt may become a tax exile following last week's budget announcement of a tax hike for those earning £150,000 or more

Even George Osborne says he is not going to change it because, to be quite frank, we need the money. So more taxes, more cuts in public spending.

Now you can vote Labour, Tory or Monster Raving Loony as it’s all much of a muchness.

At least it’s rumoured that James Blunt may become a tax exile, so there’s an achievement.

As for these super-rich people who may now flee the country because they have no social conscience whatsoever, I fail to see them as a great loss.

If they don’t feel they should spread their good fortune around, I don’t see why I should feel sorry for them.

Their refusal to want to contribute to the country that made them wealthy is described elsewhere as ‘a brain drain’.

The brains that will leave are some of the brains that caused this huge financial mess for their own gain.

Many brains seem not to be working at all. Thatcher, if anyone remembers, taxed the rich at a much higher rate but is still worshipped as the dominatrix of fiscal stimulation.

The reputation of politicians now is at an all-time low.

The expenses, the conspiring by that horrible-looking gang that so disgusted a decent socialist such as Alice Mahon – who was appalled that anyone could think of smearing a couple who had just lost a child – reveals a lost cause.

Does Labour have a new idea or a contender? The leaks go back to Ed Balls. I note Alan Johnson is keeping quiet. Will anyone dare tell Brown the truth or will another laser printer get iron-fisted?

And what did anyone expect Darling to do? He has been honest about the state we are in. Are his figures to be trusted?

Probably not, but what would the Tories do instead? Scrap ID cards? Yes, and we could save money if we cut Trident, a couple of wars and stopped producing graduates with no jobs to give to them.

Right now we can lose the global financiers. Who wants them? Alas, some people have already lost out in the recession – Elton John and Paul McCartney. Pass the Kleenex.

Being relaxed about the filthy rich was a New Labour policy.

I always thought it simply a Conservative thing myself, as inherently implausible as the idea of trickle-down wealth.

Name me a country where that happens. What being relaxed about the super-wealthy has meant in reality is widening inequality. As politically and economically this has not worked, it marks the end of New Labour. Good riddance.

This, however, does not signal class war as some lunatics have dubbed it. Looking after the vulnerable, the elderly, the sick is going to be a challenge to whoever is in power.

Life is going to be different. This is not a blip. There is no going back to how it used to be. The political landscape has changed. Ingenuity is needed. Those hit hardest are not that top two per cent.

This is not tragic. The deserving rich have accountants who sort it out. The average person will struggle and the political establishment has to reassess itself as a result.

We have no growth but have planted seeds: children. We need to grow jobs for them. It is possible. Huffing and puffing by a self-serving elite is pathetic. Let’s return to Thatcherite levels of taxation if we really want class war.

Imagine, Elen, it could be Wayne

The suffering of an ex-WAG is almost beyond human comprehension. Look at her: Elen Rives, ‘Heartless Lampard has reduced me to despair,’ said the headline.

She was going out with Frank Lampard and now she is not. She texts to say she is not coping.

He doesn’t return her calls. I’d say he’s just not that into her and though she is ‘struggling’, few others would be.

Ex-WAG: Elen Rives shows Frank Lampard what he's missing on a night out at Movida in London

Ex-WAG: Elen Rives shows Frank Lampard what he's missing on a night out at Movida in London

One of the most heartbreaking issues is her age. She is 34. Read it and weep. ‘I’m not like Coleen who is 23 with a great career.’

No she is not married to Wayne, so it could be worse.

I don’t know Elen, but the world will not end and if you go out with a complete f**tb*ller, these things tend to happen.

Two giant egos perfectly grilled...bring it on, chef!

Gordon Ramsay is yet another rich guy who is losing money and now Marco Pierre White is quitting Hell’s Kitchen.

I have long argued these testosterone-fuelled cooks are just ludicrous fictions. Marco sees himself as rock ’n’ roll! Right? The man makes posh food.

Gordon wants to run the world by swearing at it. They both claim to want to inspire us to cook.

Chef ships out: Marco Pierre-White is to quit Hell's Kitchen

Chef ships out: Marco Pierre-White is to quit Hell's Kitchen

They inspire me to microwave a shepherd’s pie and wonder what is wrong with them.

Cooking, the way most women do it, is often a chore and sometimes a pleasure. We don’t want mad scientists and frog porridge.

We don’t want would-be rock stars or boys making up for their low sperm counts by intimidating everyone. We just want to get the dinner on the table and put our feet up.

If recession means that these giant egos are no longer palatable, bring it on. Then, of course, send them back as they won’t be cooked to perfection. How’s that?

Was the policing at the G20 demo any different to the policing of many protests during the past 15 years? Not in my experience. Finally, though, complaints are being taken seriously because we have the technology. All those phone cameras mean the police cannot carry on as they always have. I never wanted a camera in my phone, or a toaster in my hairdryer, or all these dumb multifunctional devices ...but this time, you know, I see the point. The surveillance society is turning its gaze right back. And the police are in trouble.