English clubs wouldn't let us play in Premier League, says Rangers boss Smith

Rangers boss Walter Smith believes any attempt by the Old Firm to join the Barclays Premier League would be blocked by English clubs.

Bolton chairman Phil Gartside has proposed a new two-tier Premier League that would include Rangers and Celtic.

Walter Smith

Rangers boss Walter Smith beileves English football teams would make it difficult for the Old Firm clubs to join the Premier League

But Smith doubts whether Gartside could gain enough support for his plan because other teams would feel threatened by the Glasgow giants.

He said in the Daily Express: "It has been a big talking point but, personally, I'm not sure the English clubs would want Rangers and Celtic there.

'There is a realisation we have two huge clubs and if we went into the Premier League, with the finance there, we would be among some of the top clubs.

Old Firm

Celtic and Rangers have a long tradition in the SPL - but could they ever make the successful transition to English football?

'I don't think that would please a huge number of clubs in the Premier League or English Championship, which is where we would have to start.

'So I'm not sure that is something that would come off. It would be fantastic for both clubs if it was to happen, but I just don't think the English clubs would allow it to.'

Gartside's proposal is the latest in a long line of schemes which have raised the possibility of Celtic and Rangers quitting the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.