The winter of content: The ultimate garden tools

Flame throwers. Hatchets. Industrial log splitters. Live takes a typically gentle approach to tidy-up time in the garden...

Enlarge   garden tools


Estwing E2H

Sturdy piece of kit, with a v-shaped notch for removing nails and a hammer at the heel, plus a leather grip for a sure hold. It’s made from a single piece of solid, forged metal, so it won’t buckle under pressure.


Spear & Jackson Single-Edge

Designed for clearing unruly brush, the slasher has a weatherproof hickory handle and a solid, forged head that helps it cope with the toughest thickets. The head is epoxy-coated to keep rust at bay.


Centre Draft Chimney

Classic burner that not only looks cool but will turn woody garden waste into ash – an excellent fertiliser for autumn seedlings.


Cub Cadet All Rounder 50

The Cub Cadet multi-purpose tractor has ‘zero-turn’ manoeuvrability – the  front wheels swivel through 90 degrees so it can turn on its axis. There’s a large 50in cutting deck for mowing lawns and a range of attachments (pictured) including, from left (below): spreader (£145), utility dump trailer, (£170), lawn roller (£170), sweeper (£242), aerator (£161), de-thatcher (£90) and 15-gallon sprayer (£400).

Enlarge   tractor

Spreader (£145)

Enlarge   tractor

Utility dump trailer, (£170)

Enlarge   tractor

Lawn roller (£170)

Enlarge   tractor

Sweeper (£242)


Enlarge   tractor

Aerator (£161)

Enlarge   tractor

De-thatcher (£90)

Enlarge   tractor

15-gallon sprayer (£400)


Auva spade, £75, Herkules edger, £88,

Not only do these tools look the part, but the copper is believed to be good for the soil, warding off the snails and slugs that thrive in damp, autumnal conditions and munch through your garden greenery.

Leaf blower and log splitter

Leaf blower and log splitter


Ryobi RBL30MBA Sweeper Vac

A leaf blower is imperative for gardeners who want to avoid back-breaking raking. The Ryobi  has a 155mph air flow, a 30cc two-stroke engine and can be used as both a blower and a vacuum. It is supplied with a bag for mulching.


Ryobi ELS-52

Place a log up to 52cm long in the cradle of the Ryobi and a massive ram force of four tons slowly pushes it onto the angled steel blade on the left of the device, splitting it cleanly in two.

shredder and brush cutter
lawn vacuum and automatic mower

Shredder and brush cutter (left) and lawn vacuum and automatic mower (right)


Bosch Axt Rapid 2200HP Garden Shredder

With a fast blade speed (3,650rpm) and a powerful 2200W motor, the Bosch will shred branches up to 40mm
in diameter.


Makita DBC4510

A brush cutter is similar to a strimmer but instead of a nylon line it has a solid blade for clearing dense undergrowth. The petrol- powered Makita can be used for up to eight hours and weighs just 8kg.


Billy Goat K2612

Petrol-powered and ideal for large gardens, the Billy Goat is driven by a 6hp engine and runs on 12in wheels, picking up leaves and litter as it goes. It is equipped with an easy-to-empty bag.


Mowbot 300BL2

A  robotic mower you control via Bluetooth on your mobile; the Mowbot can cover a range of  37,600sq ft. Comes with rechargeable batteries.

wooden tool set

Wooden tool set (left) and tiller (right)


Spade, £31, fork, £27, planter, £31,

Hand-forged from Swedish carbon steel, these Chelsea Gardener tools are a step up from a trowel or hand fork. They are still relatively small (standing just over half a metre tall) but are designed to be used with two hands for digging through tough clay and solid ground. They’re made for Chelsea Gardener by a Dutch company that has been producing agricultural tools for more than 100 years.


Mowerland 3.5hp Cultivator

A tiller can simplify the planting process by creating neat trenches ready for seeding. The Mowerland tiller can dig down 25cm deep and 38cm wide, even in hard earth.

hand tool set and flame gun
hedge trimmer and chainsaw

Hand tool set and flame gun (left) and hedge trimmer and chainsaw (right)



A high-quality wood-handled starter pack. Includes, from left, mini-fork, rake and trowel.


Sheen Flamegun X500

Why weed when you can burn? The Sheen Flamegun X500 blasts weeds at 2,000°F, destroying seeds and top growth and leaving behind a potash-rich residue – and no nasty chemicals.


Ryobi CHT 1850LB

Powered by an 18v rechargeable battery, the cordless Ryobi has a 45cm double-edged blade and weighs just 3.6kg.


Husqvarna 235

It may be lightweight at just 4.7kg but the Husqvarna packs a punch with its 15in blade and 33cc motor – aided by air fuel injection. It’s also got an anti-vibration system for comfort.