Carry on cooking: Chef made kebabs as body of dead colleague lay on sofa

Jaswinder Singh

Carry on cooking: But Jaswinder Singh is now banned from managing any food business in the future

A catering company boss was caught making kebabs while a dead body lay on a sofa a few yards away in the same room.

Jaswinder Singh had carried on cooking despite the death of one of his workers.

A police officer investigating the employee's demise found Singh working near the body in the fly-infested food preparation room. The officer was so disgusted he immediately closed the premises.

Wolverhampton Magistrates' Court, banned 45-year-old Singh from managing any food business in the future. District Judge Martin Brown said: 'The facts in this case are extraordinarily serious.'

The catalogue of horrors at Pappu Sweet Centre & Catering in Wolverhampton also included staff smoking and spitting on the floor; a rodent infestation, with a dead rat found under a pan in the kitchen; refrigerators running at more than 68f (20c); mouldy food and filthy conditions.

The judge described the conditions as 'disgusting and horrendous'. Singh, from Wolverhampton, admitted 12 food hygiene charges and was ordered to pay £3,861 in fines and costs.

He was caught cooking next to the dead worker in August. An ambulance had been called but the patient had already died, the court heard. A post-mortem examination confirmed the death was not suspicious.