Coronation Street bosses to launch Newton & Ridley beer and Underworld underwear

Coronation Street fans will soon be able to sip on a pint of Newton & Ridley beer in a new attempt by ITV to cash in on soap's popularity.

The broadcaster is gearing up to launch a range of spin-off products, including clothing,  tea sets and even underwear branded with the name of the the local fictional factory, Underworld.


Taste of Coronation Street: ITV is launching a range of spin-off products, including Newton & Ridley beer

Corrie-themed restaurants are also being considered and the show's Manchester set will once again be open for public tours.

The first products are expected to hit shops as early as next year, ahead of the soap's 50th anniversary in December 2010.

ITV commercial brand director Gustavo Antonioni, who has previously worked for Disney and Warner Bros, announced the plans this week.

'This isn't about going out there and licensing the heck out of things,' he said.

'Our business is about creating a TV commercial that is aired a couple of times a week that people can engage with.'

He added: 'The UK is our biggest market right now, but we can take [the range of products] wherever we sell the show.'