It's the Mobot! Farah's Olympic gold winning celebration takes the nation by storm

It was the unlikely dance craze that took Britain by storm on Saturday night.

After his incredible finish in the 10,000 metre final, Britain’s best-loved track athlete Mo Farah celebrated his stunning win with his trademark dance-move- the Mobot.

The bizarre movement- in which he arches his arms and points to the top of his head to make an ‘M’ shape- was swiftly copied by delighted fans in sitting rooms all over Britain.

Celebrating: Mo Farah performed his signature move after claiming victory in the 10,000m Olympic final

Celebrating: Mo Farah performed his signature move after claiming victory in the 10,000m Olympic final

Within minutes of his TV celebration, hundreds had posted pictures of themselves and their families on Twitter ‘doing the Mobot’ in celebration of his victory.

Even Boris Johnson attempted to join in - although judging by his attempt, he won’t be getting a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ call-up any time soon.

The ‘mobot’ was born when Farah appeared on the Sky TV panel show A League Of Their Own.

When the topic of Usain Bolt’s famous ‘to di world’ victory pose came up, presenter James Corden suggested that Farah should start a new pose of his own in a bid for it to catch on by the time of the London 2012 Olympics.

BBC pundit Clare Balding - a guest on the other team - then said: ‘I think he should do the ‘M’ from the YMCA, the ‘M’ for ‘Mo’.

Former England footballer and Sportsmail columnist Jamie Redknapp then made the suggestion of turning the ‘M’ into an ‘O’ to spell out Farah’s first name, and Corden christened the move ‘the Mobot.’

Mo Farah, first tries out the Mobot on TV quiz show A League Of Their Own
Tribute: James Corden's version

Tribute: Mo Farah does the Mobot for the first time on panel show A League Of Their Own, left, while James Corden, right, posted his attempt on twitter, adding: 'So proud of @Mo_Farah what a legend! Let's see some pics of the Mobot!'

Although the presenters might have been joking, Farah has continued to ‘do the mobot’ whenever possible since.

And its use has, at times, proved controversial.

When he performed his ‘Mobot’ after winning at the Olympic trials in Birmingham earlier this year, one of his beaten rivals called him ‘disrespectful’ for celebrating too early.

Anthony Whiteman - an Olympic 1500m veteran from 1996 and 2000 who failed to qualify after coming fifth to Farah’s first -said ‘It was out of order.

‘It was a heat, not a final. It is not acceptable in a heat. He had not won anything.

‘On the last lap Mo kept looking round to see the best time to do his showboating.

‘It is disrespectful to the athletes behind him working their backsides off.

‘If he spends even a second in London thinking about his celebration, he will lose.

‘And there will be less people who care about him losing if he keeps behaving like that.’ Mo Farah won Britain’s first ever gold in the Olympic 10,000m on Saturday night with a stunning run which has already been dubbed one of the greatest Olympic moments of all time.

He jostled his way through the pack during a boisterous and physical race, then ran the final lap in a blistering 53.88 seconds - instantly becoming a British sporting legend.

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