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23-24 JULY 2002

Bangsamoro Republik




MNLF Enlarged Central Committee




We, the national leaders and military commanders composing the  enlarged Central Committee of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), in a National Leadership meeting at Kabacan, North Cotabato, South Philippines, would like to declare to all peoples of  the world, especially the Muslim Ummah,  our collective decision in the face of new political development affecting the fate and destiny of the Bangsamoro Homeland and people, to wit:


1.  We would like to reaffirm our solid trust, confidence and loyalty to H.E Prof. Nur Misuari as our Central Committee Chairman of the MNLF and leader of our people in our heroic march to national self-determination;


2.  We will not recognize any other self-proclaimed pretender to chairmanship of our organization. As a legitimate revolutionary movement struggling for a noble cause of  our people and Homeland from the clutches of Philippine colonialism, we respect all applicable international laws, protocols, conventions and universal human rights;


3.  We subscribe to the ideals being championed by the United Nations and its Committee of 24 on Decolonization, and we shall push more democratic efforts to bring about a free and self-governing Bangsamoro country pursuant to  UN Resolution No.  514 during their 947th plenary meeting,  issued on December 14, 1960 calling for “The granting of independence to all colonized countries and peoples of the world.”


4. We deplore the media propaganda and demonization labeled against us and the MNLF, such as,  “terrorists,”  “renegade group,” “breakaway faction,” “lost command,” etc. We are the one and only genuine mainstream MNLF under the leadership of H.E. Chairman Nur Misuari that engages with  the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP), and with the constructive participation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC),  in the on-going peace process as a result of the 1996 Peace Agreement;


5. We strongly condemn and abhor the international conspiracies hatched by the enemies of our people’s right to self-rule;


6. We call upon the UN and the Committee of 24 on Decolonization to send their fact-finding mission to the Bangsamoro country to look extensively  into the legitimate struggle of the Bangsamoro people, even as we urge the UN to invite H.E. Prof. Nur Misuari, himself a UN Peace Awardee, to attend the Committee meetings/hearings of the Decolonization Committee;


7.  We call upon H.E. Dr. Abdelouahed Belkeziz, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Conference, and the OIC Ministerial Committee of the Eight to respect the sovereign decision of the leaders of the MNLF, and  their right to choose the leaders they want—not what Malacanang wants;


8.  We welcome the advent of another Fact-finding Mission or Review Team from the OIC to see for themselves and rightly assess the implementation of the 1996 Peace Agreement between the MNLF and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP); and strongly urge them, pursuant to their mission, to visit and confer with H.E. Chairman Nur Misuari so as to elicit his official stand regarding the on-going MNLF-OIC-GRP peace process;


9.   We call upon the Tripartite Parties to the 1996 Peace Agreement –the MNLF, the OIC and the GRP- to reconvene a tripartite meeting on the highest level so as to once and for all address the problem in South Philippines;


10. We, the members of the enlarged Central Committee, the commanders as well as the rank and file of the Bangsamoro Armed Forces (BAF) are still one and solid in our recognition and trust in the leadership of H.E. Prof Nur Misuari as our Central Committee Chairman despite his illegal detention by the Arroyo government. Let it be known that all of the attempts to remove him from chairmanship of the Central Committee did not materialize, including the one initiated by the so-called Council of 15. Any imposition from outside on who is to lead us is not acceptable to us and to our people;


11. We strongly oppose the holding of the Balikatan wargame military exercises, and its renewal and extension, in the Bangsamoro Homeland  for it will unnecessarily heighten our people’s brewing rage against foreign dominion;


12. We strongly express our apprehension to the on-going military operations purportedly perpetrated against the Abu Sayyaf Group in the province of Sulu, and in the neighboring provinces, for we believe these are mere flimsy pretexts of the Philippine military establishment in their aggressive tactical maneuverings against the MNLF soldiers;


13. We call upon the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo government to unconditionally release the UN Peace Awardee and signatory to the 1996 Peace Agreement, H.E. Prof. Nur Misuari, from illegal and unjust detention at a police facility in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.



APPROVED and issued at Kabacan, North Cotabato, Mindanao, South Philippines, this 23rd Day of July, 2002.




This Declaration was signed by 28 State Chairmen of the MNLF State Revolutionary Committees, 350 National Commanders and Officers of the Bangsamoro Armed Forces (BAF), and attended/signed by more than one thousand representatives.




                                   (Sgd.) USTAZ MURSHI IBRAHIM

                                               Secretary General

                                               MNLF Central Committee

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