Wonder cleaner that 'scrubs kitchens to car engines' goes on general sale after being hotel trade's 'most closely guarded secret'

As the old adage goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle.

So when it comes to keeping it clean, most will testify to having an array of expensive products and potions stored under the kitchen sink.

But one firm claims that could all be a thing of the past thanks to the launch of a new one-stop, recession-busting ‘wonder cleaner’ - which claims to save cash by doing the job of the lot.

'Wonder cleaner': Bio-mex can apparently get rid of grease and dirt from kitchens and bathrooms as well as keep bicycles and car engines clean

'Wonder cleaner': Bio-mex can apparently get rid of grease and dirt from kitchens and bathrooms as well as keep bicycles and car engines clean

They say Bio-mex is an organic, chemical-free product which can get rid of grease and dirt not only from kitchens and bathrooms, but also be used to keep bicycles and car engines shiny and clean.

Costing £9.99 for a 300g pot, the cleaner, which was created by a German company, was launched on the British High Street at Lakeland last week (July 19).

Unlike most cleaning products, which contain powerful bleach and other harmful chemicals, Bio-mex is made with only natural ingredients, such as vegetable soap, white clay, vegetable fats, glycerine and lemon.

The ingredients are ‘fired’ together to create a hardened cream or ‘cake’ which is removed using a damp sponge from the pot lid.

Because it is made from organic ingredients it is also kind to skin and is free from the overpowering chemical odours present in regular products.

One user said: ‘I used to buy many different cleaning products, now I just use Bio-mex. My bathroom and kitchen stay beautifully white and shining clean. On top of everything, Bio-mex is organic - no more dry hands.’

Another added: ‘I never realised that cleaning a shower could be so complicated! I have a tiled shower, with a glass door. I used to use one product to clean the door, another for the grouting, one for the soap area, Jif for the darker floor area and a spray on one for the white walls.

Now Bio-mex does everything, and it does it superbly. I also love the fact that I don’t get asphyxiated by fumes, as well as the pleasant smell left on my hands afterwards. I can also use it on the rest of the bathroom fixtures. Bio-mex is virtually the only cleaning product I use now.’

Bio-mex has been a closely guarded secret of the hotel and restaurant trade for years, but this is the first time it has been available for sale to the general public in the UK.

Matthew Canwell, buying director at Lakeland, said: ‘Bio-mex is a bit of a wonder product really. Chemical free but powerful, it should have a place in every home.

'It’s also a great money saving item with its huge range of uses, as it can replace most things in your cleaning cabinet and save space too.

‘We’re expecting it to be a sell out.’

Tony Preedy, marketing director of Lakeland, said the firm decided to sell Bio-mex in its outlets after the paste impressed in tests.

He said: 'We are used to seeing high performance cleaning products at Lakeland, products have to be quite extraordinary to make it onto our shelves, but occasionally something comes along and takes our breath away, Bio-mex was one of those.'

Mr Preedy said the paste was particularly good at cleaning metal.

'One of our buyers offered to try it out on my wedding ring, which at the time I thought was pointless because I didn't think it was dirty,' he added.

'But as soon as she rubbed the ring gently it left a trail of dirt on the sponge behind, it really was very remarkable. By the time she had finished it looked as good as it did when I first put it on 15 years ago.