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Executive Committee

Bill Yao AB '90
President  (

Jeannie Park AB ’83
First Vice President  (

Ed Park AB '97
Vice President of Operations (

Christine Josephine Hu AB '13
Vice President of Development (

Diana Miao AB '14
Secretary  (

Eugene Shen AB '93
Treasurer  (

Eric Yeh AB ’98 SM ’98
Founding President

Board of Directors

Alex J. Lee AB '06 AM '06

Ed Park AB '97

Jeannie Park AB '83

Bill Yao AB '90

Eric Yeh AB '98 SM '98

Amy Chu MBA '99

Monica Lee AB '88

Mukesh Prasad AB '93

T.K. Yang AB '98

Committee Chairs

Carey Hsu AB '01
Nancy Kim AB '97
Membership Chair  (

Neal Adolph Akatsuka AM '13
Communications Chair  (

Joyce Zhang AB '09
Junko Kim GSE ’05
Outreach Chair (

Vicki Chou AB ’02 JD ’06
Nominations Chair  (

Yu-Han Chang AB ’99 SM ’99
Technology Chair   (

Kay Hashimoto AB ’98
Henry Will Mak AB ’06
Regulatory Chair  (

Junko Kim GSE ’05
Fundraising Chair  (

Speakers Chair  (

Margaret Chin AB '84
Reunion Chair  (

Jeannie Park AB ’83
Hye-Won Choi AB ’85
Jinhee Ahn Kim AB ’85
Summit Chair  (

Jeannie Park AB '83
Margaret Chin AB '84
University Affairs Chair  (

Mentorship Chair  (

Margaret Chin AB '84
Pre-College Chair  (

Kevin Liang AB '16
Students Chair (

Chapter Heads

Alex Lee, AB '06 AM '06
New York   (

Dr. Kenneth Kim '81 HMS '86 and John Wang '88
Los Angeles  (

Tony Hung SM ’09 and Yugon Kim GSD '04
Boston  (

T.K. Yang AB ’98
Washington, D.C.  (


Eric Yeh AB '98 SM '98
Eric is currently a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Tower Research Capital, a Manhattan-based hedge fund focused on high-frequency trading.  Previously, he has worked in a variety of trading, strategy, risk, and technology roles at various banks and hedge funds.  Eric spent 18 years in LA before attending Harvard University, where he received his AB in mathematics and SM in computer science.

Eric is very active in a wide spectrum of NYC Asian-American groups, both as a member and as a leader.  He has helped to manage over ten different groups through the years,  running the gamut from professional to social to cultural.  Some select groups and positions include:  The Asian Association of Alternative Investment Professionals (chairman of the board); the New York Taiwanese Financial Association (director); Wall Street Ren (co-moderator); The New York Asian Professionals Meetup (co-organizer); the New York Taiwanese Meetup (organizer); Mind Body Shen (junior instructor); the Asian Artists Meetup (organizer); the Asian Dining Out and Karaoke Meetup (assistant organizer); the New York Reiki Meetup (assistant organizer).

As captured in the HAAAA vision statement, Eric's goal for the group is to develop a network and sense of community among Harvard Asian American alumni to improve self-awareness of their Asian heritage, provide an outlet for the expression of their common culture, and promote cohesion of the group both within and without the University.  In simpler terms:  we should all hang out together more, help each other through various aspects of life, and make sure to preserve our cultural heritage!  Eric is one of those people who thinks we have a responsibility to know, appreciate, and support Asian culture -- in particular when there are bifurcations to general (global) "cultural paradigms".  In those cases, we should understand the Asian instantiations at least as well as their Western counterpoints -- for example:  appreciate sake as well as wine; play go as well as chess; read Hong Lou Meng as well as A Tale of Two Cities; paint with inks as well as oils; practice tai chi as well as yoga; listen to pipa as well as guitar; watch "Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven" as well as "La Boheme"; know the existence of Buddhism as well as Christianity; eat sushi as well as steak; scrutinize Yue Minjun as well as Damien Hirst; etc etc.  Those are examples of the traditions he hopes we -- and our progeny -- are able to hold on to.

Jeannie Park AB '83

Jeannie is a reformed biochem major whose first journalistic experience was the AAA newsletter East Wind. She is a former executive editor of People and a leader in diversity efforts in the field of journalism. She devoted 22+ years to Time Inc., working at Time, In Style, Entertainment Weekly and People and co-founding the company's Asian-American affinity group. In 1987 she became the founding president of the NY chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association, which soon grew to be the largest in the country; she is currently a facilitator for its Executive Leadership Program. She speaks frequently to student and community groups on becoming/being an Asian-American journalist/leader/mom. She has been honored for for her diversity achievements by numerous media and Asian-American organizations. She serves on the board of the Third Street Musical School Settlement and on advisory councils of the Women’s Media Center, the Korean American Community Foundation and NetKAL (Network of Korean American Leaders). Currently on work hiatus, she is a habitual PTA volunteer and lives primarily to serve her two adorable teenagers!

After growing up in suburban Ohio, meeting and finding common cause with Asian-Americans at Harvard was a revelation for Jeannie. She believes that maintaining those bonds can be a great source of strength personally, as well as for the Asian-American community and beyond. She also believes that each of us has a particular duty to help others when your similar circumstances and background might offer special insight or support. Harvard alumni and HAAAA have enviable resources that we might put to best use!

Ed Park AB '97
Ed is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at athenahealth. After spending way too much time trying to beat MIT at Quake on his way to earning his Computer Science degree, Ed decided to beat his head against the equally impossible task of fixing U.S. healthcare. In '98, he helped start athenahealth with his brother, Todd Park (AB '94) and Jonathan Bush (Harvard MBA '97), and in 2007 the company found at least some measure of recognition with a successful IPO. In general, Ed believes in "doing well by doing good" and tries to apply that maxim in other aspects of his life--he serves on the boards of Castlight (a Silicon Valley healthcare startup) and Healthpoint (a social venture focused on bringing healthcare to the "bottom of the pyramid" poor in India and other countries). Ed is married to the dazzling Nancy Kim (AB '97) and they have two incredibly energetic daughters, ages 2 and 4.

Ed believes that people sometimes need help; sometimes can help others; sometimes want to know more about themselves; sometimes want to know more about their culture; sometimes want to make new friends; or sometimes just want a good excuse to hang out with old friends. He believes that HAAAA can help with all of this and more.

Neal Adolph Akatsuka AM '13
Originally from Hawai'i, Neal moved to Cambridge to pursue graduate work in Social Anthropology at Harvard as a Presidential Scholar. As part of his studies, he conducted extensive fieldwork and archival research in Japan in order to analyze the public understanding of genetically modified food, as well as the scientific research and marketing of genetically modified flowers. He has been a Visiting Research Scholar at Monash University in Australia, and continues to serve as a Contributing Editor to Cultural Anthropology, the journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. He is currently the Coordinator of Publications and Programs at the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard, where he coordinates 34 seminar programs, administers the postdoctoral fellowship program, and manages the publicity and marketing for the Center. In his spare time, he enjoys creative writing, photography, hiking, and swimming.

Yu-Han Chang AB ’99 SM ’99
Yu-Han Chang is one of the founding members of HAAAA.  He is currently a Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California.  His interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, educational tools and interactive games.  Prior to USC, Yu-Han spent many years in good old Cambridge.  He received his Ph.D. in EECS from MIT in '05, and BA in Econ & Math and MS in CS from Harvard in '99.  During college, he was active in several Asian-American campus groups, serving a term as President of the Taiwanese Cultural Society, and helping to found the Boston Intercollegiate Taiwanese Student Association.

With HAAAA, there's a great chance to build an organization that can achieve powerful goals through the collective efforts of our members.  These may range from personal goals achieved through the great power of networking among our alums, to collective goals that matter to all of us and can benefit the society and world at large.   And it can all start with something as simple as a conversation over a cup of boba tea!

Amy Chu, MBA '99

Amy is a Co-Founder and Publisher of Alpha Girl Comics.  She is also a freelance writer for DC Comics, Vertigo, and other publishers, and a frequent speaker and guest at comic conventions across the U.S. Amy has experience in startup consulting and business development across multiple industries, including biotech, tech, tourism, and nonprofit.

Amy has been active in the Asian American community scene for many years. Formerly she was an Executive Director of the Asian American Arts Alliance, consultant at Asian American Federation, co-founder and Publisher of A. Magazine, and Chairman of the Chinatown Arts Council.  Currently, she is co-President of the Harvard Business School Asian
American Alumni Association, board member of the Prakash Foundation which helps restore sight to blind children in India, and a member of the Asian Womens Giving Circle supporting women's arts and activism.

Amy received her MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a BA from Wellesley College in East Asian Studies and S.B. from MIT in Architectural Design.

Junko Kim HGSE '05
Junko Kim is the founder of Vision Sprout, a strategy consultancy serving international NGOs and social entrepreneurs, focusing on minority and women-led companies.  She is passionate about promoting gender equity and building capacity of young leaders in Asia, Greater Horn of Africa, and the United States. Junko is excited to join HAAAA and help build a global network from which current and future alums may realize their passions. Through the alumni and student activities, she believes HAAAA will be a powerful resource not only for deepening our understanding of culture, history and identity, but also solving some of our greatest challenges we face today. She splits her time between Japan and Denver, Colorado, and would love to see more Asian alumni in the Mile High City!

Nancy Kim AB '97
Nancy is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Following a happy four years in Pennypacker, Thayer, and Dunster, Nancy headed to New Haven and completed a PhD in cognitive psychology at Yale. At Northeastern, she studies how people classify other people into categories (e.g., medical diagnoses; stereotypes) and is principal investigator on two NIH research grants. She has been a member of the Saffron Circle, an Asian/Asian-American philanthropic giving circle in Boston, since 2006.

Nancy remembers Harvard as a place full of people who were endlessly interesting to be around and who introduced each other to new interests, different points of view, and jokes of unsurpassable silliness. She sees HAAAA as a unique opportunity to extend that experience over geographic distance and across the graduating classes.

Carey Hsu AB ’01
Carey is currently an Engagement Manager at the consultancy Oliver Wyman Financial Services in NYC.  He returned to the East Coast after attending graduate school at Caltech and receiving a Ph.D. in chemistry.  While an undergraduate at Harvard, he held several leadership positions in Asian American organizations, including Co-President of the Taiwanese Cultural Society and Producer of AAA Players theatrical productions.  He found that these activities provided an impactful way to bring rewarding and fun experiences to the Asian American community, and he believes that HAAAA can help develop a similar sense of community.  He sees a strong Membership base as one of the first steps in building the Asian American alumni network.

Christine Josephine Hu AB ‘13
As an undergraduate, Christine studied Economics as well as pursued a secondary concentration in Folklore and Mythology. She began her career at PIMCO (Pacific Investment Company, LLC), where in her spare time, Christine taught financial literacy in local, low-income high schools. Starting Fall 2015, Christine will be joining Teach for America as an elementary school teacher in Eastern North Carolina. 

Organizations Christine was proud member of in varying roles and tenures: Harvard-Radcliffe Crew, Women in Business, Pforzheimer House Committee, Taiwanese Cultural Society, Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard Men's Ice Hockey, Crimson Summer Academy, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Alex Lee, AB '06 AM '06
Alex is currently a Principal at Novantas Inc., a management consultancy focused on retail financial services. He runs a division within the Solutions arm of the business focused on delivering software products to banks to support data and analytics around their Distribution strategy (i.e. where to build/close branches and ATMs, where to allocate marketing spend, where to staff more people). Alex comes from a relatively different background from many Asian Americans as his parents grew up on the island of Jamaica, he was both and raised in Toronto, and moved to Florida during middle school before making it up to the north east.
At Harvard, Alex was the Co-President of the Chinese Students Association (CSA) for two years, as well as the Co-Director for Chinatown Big Sib, a member of the first delegation of the Harvard College in Asia Project (now HCAP, though originally called HIAP) and conference chair for the Boston Asian Student Intercollegiate Conference (BASIC). At this point in his life, he's excited to be doing work that doesn't involve as many acronyms.  As a member of HAAAA, Alex truly values the way that the organization facilitates new connections and friendships with people from such diverse backgrounds, both cultural and professional. It's his hope that as the NYC Chapter President that he can continue to find new ways to keep people engaged with the club and each other as well as keep the Harvard Asian Alum community alive and well in the best city in the world.

Theresa “Tree” Loong AB ‘94
Tree is an interactive professional and educator.  She is currently Chief Operating Officer at Intellitoys, a media and technology company.  She develops innovative learning and entertainment platforms for children.  Tree is also a partner at FORM360, an interactive consultancy and production company.  Clients have included New York Magazine, Reader's Digest, the New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Fashionista, CNN/Money, the New York City Department of Education, HUGE, Milestone Films, and more.  Tree has an editorial and producing background working at Time Inc., WNET-Thirteen, American Express and  She has been an adjunct professor at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  At Harvard, Tree was involved in CSA, AAA, Undergraduate Council and the Class Committee.  She graduated with a degree in social anthropology and looks forward to connecting Asian American alumni with each other and with the University.

Dr. Mukesh Prasad AB ’93
Dr. Mukesh Prasad graduated with an AB in Government from Harvard before earning his medical degree at Johns Hopkins, and he continues to serve as First Class Marshal for the Class of 1993. While at the College, Mukesh dedicated much of his time serving as Co-President of the Harvard South Asian Association, where he helped spearhead the first Ghungroo presentation of South Asian dance and culture, and as Executive Director of Harvard’s CityStep program. After earning his Doctorate in Medicine, Mukesh went on to train in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Columbia University. He currently is on faculty at the Weill Cornell College of Medicine, where he serves as the Chair of the Clinical Affairs Committee for the General Faculty Council, and he also serves on the Executive Admissions Committee for Weil Cornell Medical College.

Along with their two children, Mukesh and his wife, Chandni, currently reside in New York City and dedicate their philanthropic efforts to supporting education initiatives both in the United States and abroad. They support the Educational Empowerment Initiative at Sakhi, an organization devoted to South Asian victims of domestic violence. Dr. and Mrs. Prasad also sponsor the Prasad Fellows Program at Harvard, an ongoing annual program administered through the Harvard South Asia Institute, where Dr. Prasad recently joined the Advisory Council. Other Harvard activities include participating as an Alumni Interviewer for Harvard College initially for Baltimore and now New York City, serving on the Harvard South Asian Alumni Alliance, and being a member of the Harvard Club of New York City.

Outside of his work at Cornell and Harvard, Mukesh also serves as a Honorary Medical Officer for New York City’s fire department (FDNY).

After growing up in rural Ohio and then Michigan, Mukesh joined Harvard College at a time when the US South Asian immigrant population’s first generation was entering college. While in Cambridge, South Asian enrollment exploded, though one thing that was missing throughout that experience was an established alumni body to mentor current undergrads, help recent grads with their own professional and personal development, and simply provide an apparatus to facilitate further promotion of the relationships forged through time in Cambridge.

Mukesh Prasad believes that HAAAA can help with all of these goals and more.

T.K. Yang AB '98
After a decade working in IT and management consulting, T.K. traded in his airline miles for a new position in the wine industry.  He is part of the Store Operations management team at Total Wine & More, a growing retail chain with stores across the U.S.  T.K. received his AB in Government from Harvard and his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon, where he served as the President of the Business and Technology Club. T.K. currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Harvard Club of Washington DC and is also an avid violinist, runner, track coach, and small group leader at his church.
T.K. believes that the HAAAA should not only strengthen the internal Harvard Asian American alumni network, but also serve as an active incubator of Asian American leadership in the larger community -- and beyond.  The DC Chapter's mission is to expand HAAAA's outreach in the Washington DC area by leveraging the many opportunities to network and collaborate with diverse groups of people.  Most recently, the DC Chapter has organized events ranging from dim sum outings and volunteer work to Bollywood dancing and networking events with other alumni associations.
Bill Yao AB '90
Bill is currently a Partner and the Chief Technology Officer at Paulson & Co., Inc., a large multi-strategy hedge fund headquartered in New York. At Harvard, he set out with a vague pre-med plan, sidestepped to psychology after one semester of Chem 10 (which I understand is no longer offered), then in his senior year panicked and switched to computer science in order to find gainful employment after graduation.  Bill spends his free time enjoying the many diverse activities New York City has to offer, particularly good friends, good food, good theater, the NYC triathlon and the occasional Thursday night poker game.

Joyce Zhang AB '09
Joyce works at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Bank Supervision. A proud resident of Leverett House, she graduated with a joint concentration in Economics and Government, a secondary field in Mind/Brain/Behavior, and a citation in French. As an undergraduate, she was involved in the Chinese Students Association, the Asian American Christian Fellowship, the Harvard College in Asia Program, the Association for US-China Relations, the 2009 Senior Class Committee, the Institute of Politics, the Undergraduate Council, Leverett House Committee, Women in Business, and The Crimson. She currently also serves as a Harvard Alumni Association Board member and an admissions interviewer.

Judith Li AB '06 MBA '13
Originally from Cupertino, California, Judith has spent the last decade of her life in Boston and New York. Her other nonprofit experience includes former Director of Strategy at Teach for America, Executive Director of the Hepatitis B Initiative, founding Board of Directors at the Alma del Mar charter school, and Boston chapter president of the Tzu-Chi Foundation, a disaster relief foundation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. While away from professional pursuits, Judith enjoys classic American literature, vinyasa yoga, and culinary adventures with her family and close friends.

Vicki Chou AB '02, JD '06
A California native, Vicki is not sure how she survived seven winters in Cambridge.  Vicki was a resident of Quincy house and a non-resident tutor at Adams.  She fondly remembers her college experiences with the Taiwanese Cultural Society and the Asian American Players and hopes to help build something that alum can share in and benefit from.

Hoon-Jung Kim AB ’01, JD '04
Hoon-Jung Kim is a Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for Citigroup Global Markets, covering strategic investments and e-commerce initiatives for Citi's capital markets businesses.  Prior to joining Citi, Hoon-Jung was an attorney at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, where her practice focused on U.S. and international M&A transactions, joint ventures and private equity investments. Hoon-Jung received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2004, where she was an editor of the Journal of Law and Technology. During law school, Hoon-Jung also served as a teaching fellow for the introductory economics course at Harvard College and is a two-time recipient of the Derek Bok Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching. In 2001, Hoon-Jung received an A.B. in Social Studies from Harvard College. In 1997, she was named a U.S. Presidential Scholar by President Clinton. Hoon-Jung was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Hoon-Jung has performed as violin and piano soloist with orchestras in Oregon and was a member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra. In 2006, Hoon-Jung served as concertmaster of the Musica Bella Orchestra of New York and was a founding member of the Camerata Notturna Orchestra.

Hoon-Jung feels that now is a particularly opportune time to launch an ambitious mentoring program as pioneering Asian-Americans have risen to significant leadership positions in many fields, beginning by assembling a core team of mentors across industries and in each major city.

Sarah Paiji AB '06
Sarah graduated from Harvard College in 2006 with a degree in Economics. While at Harvard, Sarah served as President of the Asian American Association (AAA) as well as Chair of the Boston Asian Students Alliance (BASA). Most notably as President of AAA, she organized the first ever Asian American Alumni Reunion at Harvard to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the first Asian organization at Harvard. Sarah also worked in the admissions office for three years during her time at Harvard and headed Asian American outreach as part of the Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program (UMRP).

Through HAAAA, Sarah hopes to help provide continuity for both undergraduate organizations and students post graduation.  She believes that there are is broad group of graduates that desire to maintain close connections with the University and peers – she hopes to help HAAAA be that bridge for Asian American Harvard alumni.

Ojas Tejani AB '99
Ojas is Senior Applications Engineer at LearningExpress, LLC, an educational publishing company based in Lower Manhattan, and was formerly employed at technology consulting firm Winmill Software.  Born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, Ojas was a resident of Matthews Hall and Cabot House and a member of SAA before receiving his AB in Biology in '99.  Ojas sees in HAAAA a unique opportunity for the Harvard Asian Alumni community to come together to share common experiences and goals while also celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our varied backgrounds.

Yuming Zou AB '03
Yuming, originally from Beijing, China, grew up in the Deep South city of Atlanta, GA where he learned to imitate a slow southern drawl, before making a northward trek to Harvard to study Economics(A.B.) and Statistics(A.M.).  At Harvard, Yuming was involved in Harvard Asia Pacific Review(editor), WHRB Sports Radio, AAA Players, as well as playing the violin in several orchestra and music groups.

After graduation, Yuming took the plunge, and decided to moved to Asia and join J.P. Morgan's M&A group based in Hong Kong. Upon arriving with a few suitcases, and not much else, he spent two amazing years in a part of the world that seemed to be the Wild, Wild, West of the 21st century. Four years ago, Yuming returned to New York, where he currently works in Equity Derivatives at JPMorgan.

Yuming believes that HAAAA, can be a powerful agent in helping to strengthen connections and relationships within the Harvard Asian-American Alumni community, as well as with other Asian-American professional groups. As chair of the mentorship committee, Yuming hopes the committee can serve as a resource for younger Harvard graduates, and possibly students as well, in navigating the endless choices that everyone inevitably faces when embarking on a career path.  


We sincerely thank our leadership alumni for their service in the following positions and for their ongoing contributions to HAAAA:

Jacki Chou AB ’07 - Communications Chair (2008-2014)
Christine Josephine Hu AB '13 - Students Chair (2012-2014)
Theresa "Tree" Loong AB ’94 - Alumni Outreach Chair  (2010-2012), Communications Chair (2008-2014)
Hye-Won Choi AB '85 - Reunion Chair  (2010-2012)
Yuming Zou AB ’03 - Mentorship Chair  (2010-2012)
Fang Yuan AB ’07 - Awards Chair (2010-2012)
Joyce Yan Zhang AB ’09 - Public Service Chair (2010-2012)
Rui Dong AB ’05 - Program Chair (2010-2012)
Jinger Zhao AB ’04 - Program Chair (2010-2012) NY Head (2012-2013)
Eugene Kim AB ’01 - Regulatory Chair (2010-2012)
Paula Fernandez AB '99 - L.A. Head (2009-2014)
Vicki Chou AB '02 JD '06- Secretary (2009-2013)