Ah-ah-achooo! Mysterious condition causes girl to SNEEZE up to 12,000 times every day

Texas girl Katelyn Thornley SNEEZES up to 12,000 times every day

Katelyn Thornley, from Angleton, Texas, began to sneeze three weeks ago. Now, the 12-year-old erupts in a burst of high-pitched 'achoos' up to 20 times a minute - but doctors can't say why. Typical conditions that cause regular sneezing, such as viruses, colds and allergies, have been ruled out. The only relief the seventh grade student gets is when she falls asleep at the end of each tiring day. She said: 'Sometimes I wish I could leave my body for a little while so I could watch myself sleep and be at peace because even in my dreams, I sneeze.'

Trying for a baby? You should have sex ALL month long: Intercourse triggers changes in the immune system which prepare the body for pregnancy

Regular sex throughout the month boosted a woman's helper T cells - which strengthen immunity and stop the body rejecting sperm or embryos, a study by Indiana University scientists found.

Revealed: The 9 foods shown to help prevent breast cancer, from tomatoes to edamame beans...

The omega-3s in oily fish have been shown to help prevent the growth of cancerous tumours, while green leafy vegetables contain compounds that can help stave off the disease.

Do YOU suffer from the 'post-sex blues'? Nearly half of women 'have felt depressed, anxious or aggressive for up to 4 hours afterwards', study claims 

Women who have been sexually abused or who have a tendency to 'fuse' to their partner are more likely to suffer from the condition, Queensland University of Technology researchers found.

The tragic 'cyclops' baby born with one eye in the middle of his forehead after his mother 'was exposed to radiation during pregnancy'

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The baby boy was born with cyclopia, a rare condition named after the characters in Greek mythology, at a private hospital in Egypt.

Heart surgery warning: Hundreds of thousands 'could be at risk of suffering a stroke because of faulty valves' 

Doctors at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles have identified a potential problem with bioprosthetic aortic valves - those made from cow, pig or human tissue - which could cause blood clots.

Could anorexia be caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the gut? Sufferers have 'fewer and less diverse microbes in their digestive tracts'

The imbalance of gut bacteria could be linked with psychological symptoms of anorexia, including depression, anxiety, said researchers from UNC School of Medicine.

How we banished the pain of IBS for good! Millions struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome - but it's notoriously hard to treat. Three sufferers reveal what worked for them

How we banished the pain of IBS for good

The millions of Britons with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) know only too well how the symptoms - bloating, abdominal pain and cramps, excess wind, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation (or both) and tiredness - can make life a misery. Stress or anxiety can exacerbate the symptoms. But there are other, newer approaches that may help, too. Here, we talk to three people who have finally overcome their IBS symptoms in very different ways.

'Why are ballerinas and computer games artists seen as more vital than NURSES?': Head of the NHS blasts 'outdated' immigration rules

Speaking at the Institute of Directors' annual conference in London, Simon Stevens urged ministers to 'rethink' the policy which means overseas nurses can be deported after six years.

How exercising at work REALLY could pay off: Firms will be offered cash incentives to hold fitness classes at lunchtime under NHS plans to cut £32 billion sick bill 

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens told a conference in London that better health facilities in the workplace could help reduce sick days which cost the economy £32 billion last year.

Women take more sick leave then men - but it's usually to look after the kids, official figures show

Eurostat questioned 13,000 Britons about everything from sickness to their eating habits. The Office of National Statistics published the results, including that most women eat their '5-a-day'.

Is your bad temper KILLING you? Angry men are more likely to die before the age of 70, study claims

The Iowa State University study found that men who had admitted they had a short fuse when questioned around the age of 35 were more likely to be dead 35 years later.

Never mind doctors, send for a tattooist! From saving the looks of burns victims to giving bald men 'hair', how medical tattooists can transform lives 

How medical tattooists can transform the lives of burns victims to bald men

They may not be to your particular taste, but tattoos are normally intended to be decorative. However, they are increasingly being used in a medical setting, too, to cover scars, 'replace' lost hair and even to restore women's breasts after cancer surgery. Carla Nunes, 31, from London, was left with terrible scarring after a fire when she was a child - she also lost an arm.

Why DOES asparagus make some people's pee smell? Compounds 'trigger the odour in EVERYONE - but only some of us have the genetic ability to sniff it out'

Dr Duane Mellor, of Nottingham University, says there are 29 different potential odourants from asparagus, but only some people have the genes necessary to smell the pungent odour.

Insomnia cure that can end sleepless nights in three weeks: How CBT can break the cycle for those who feel anxiety at bedtime

CBT for insomnia, Libby Galvin

'Ever since I was a child, most of the time everyone else has spent getting their beauty sleep, I've spent tossing and turning,' writes Libby Galvin.

'It's NOT about the money, money, money': Junior doctor's protest song over controversial changes to NHS contracts sweeps the internet 

A video of Oxford University medical student Eirion Slade performing outside Downing Street has notched up 190,000 views online. It criticises the proposed changes to contracts for junior doctors.

'I filmed my miscarriages': Mother who lost five babies creates heartbreaking and brutally honest documentary about the sheer agony of losing a child

Mother Lisa Francesca Nand filmed her miscarriages for National Baby Loss Awareness Day

On what should have been her 12-week scan, Lisa Francesca Nand and her husband David, were given the devastating news she had miscarried. The horror of the situation promoted Lisa, then 37, from London, to explore what had happened to her - and why miscarriage is still such a taboo issue. The result is First Heartbeat - a heartbreaking self-filmed documentary about the couple's multiple miscarriages and their roller coaster journey to have a baby. Airing this month, the very personal film follows the pair as they embark on an emotional five-year journey to have a child. Today, they have two beautiful sons - Elliot, 10 months, and three-year-old Sebastian - but it took seven pregnancies and five miscarriages to reach that milestone. The candid documentary follows some of the most upsetting moments that anyone who has suffered one - or multiple - miscarriages can identify with: the agony of living from scan to scan, hoping there is still a heartbeat at each one - and the fear of jinxing everything with thoughts of holding a real, live, baby.

Mother of premature baby is left furious after she is forced to pay £400 for life-saving meningitis B jab... as it would have been free if he arrived on his due date

Sarah Montrose, 34, from Oxford, says her six-month-old son Alex, who was born a month early, is being penalised. The life-saving vaccine has been offered to all babies born after May 1.

ASK THE DOCTOR: How can I stop feeling so dizzy? 

BBF355 spinning top colorful toy fast moving dizzy equilibrium. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

A patient has been attending a balance clinic and doing exercises for labyrinthitis. She asks: Why doesn't it go away and why is there no cure? Dr Scurr explains.

How DO you stop biting your nails? Paint them red, get hypnotised or stand one leg to distract yourself, say experts 

Reminding yourself of the health risks can also be a huge deterrent. Nails are full of bacteria from everything you touch such as door handles, toilet flushers and money, experts warn.

Dads DO suffer the 'baby blues' too: One in eight first-time fathers 'suffer depression while their partner is pregnant'

Experts at McGill University in Canada warn that the prevalence of antenatal depression in fathers increases their risk of postnatal depression, with the inevitable lack of sleep aggravating things.

Where is the best place in the world to die? Britain tops the table followed by Australia in second place and the US in ninth - while Iraq and Bangladesh come last

Britain tops the table followed by Australia as best place in the world to die

The report by the Economist Intelligence Unit rated the end-of-life care in 80 countries across the world. It found UK palliative care was 'second to none' when it came to affordability and quality. The report was full of praise for some of the less wealthy states like Mongolia, ranked 28th, where palliative care was being built in to its primary care services. Only 34 of the countries were found to provide good end-of-life care, accounting for just 15 per cent of the adult population.

'I don't want to be a girl. I AM a girl': Parents of seven-year-old boy 'born in wrong body' reveal how they have gone from teasing their son to buying him dresses

Lorna McGuire, 42, from Leicester, said it's been two years since Paddy - the youngest of eight siblings - told her she wanted to live as a girl, she reveals on tonight's My Transgender Kids.

'Ban perfume and aftershave from hospitals': Doctors complain artificial fragrances are triggering patient asthma attacks and allergies

Writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the doctors said the fragrances could be damaging the health of vulnerable patients. They have called for artificial scents to be banned.

How a simple cuppa could help you slim: Devotees swear tea helps them shed the pounds - and they may just be right

Catherine Warrilow, 36, is devoted to slimming teas. Thousands of devotees believe in the slimming properties of the drink, but experts say it's down to its laxative effect.

Top brand painkillers 'are a waste of money': Cheaper labels that can cost only 2p a tablet are just as effective, say doctors 

Shoppers are paying high prices for big-brand over-the-counter painkillers. flu remedies, antihistamines and vitamin pills that are no more effective than cheap own-label versions.

How car tyres harm our lungs: Invisible pollutant carbon black found to be more dangerous than previously thought

An invisible pollutant found in cigarettes and when car tyres wear down has been found to cause emphysema and irreversible DNA damage by researchers in Houston, Texas.

'My stomach EXPLODED after surgery': Support worker left with 20cm scar after bowel op is horrified when it becomes infected and bursts open

Chloe Meade left with 20cm scar after bowel op becomes infected and bursts open

Chloe Meade, 21, from Caldicot, South Wales, developed crippling stomach pains in January this year, after suffering with Crohn's disease since she was 11. Doctors discovered had she had an abscess in her bowel and would need emergency surgery in order to save her life. After the surgery, she was left with a 20cm scar (pictured left and inset), but felt lucky to be alive. But 10 weeks later, the wound became infected, and this caused the gash to burst open, leaving a gaping hole in which she could see into her stomach. Incredibly, it has now almost fully healed and she says she can finally go out with friends and enjoy herself (she is pictured recovered, left). She said: 'I'm still on steroids to help with the swelling but other than that I'm actually starting to feel well again. I can finally go out with friends and enjoy myself. I hope my story helps other people with the condition.'

'Bowel cancer can strike at any time - my mum died from it at just 47': ITV news presenter Charlene White on why young people must be aware of the warning signs

ITV's Charlene White: My mum died of bowel cancer at just 47

Charlene White got pretty used to 'those uncomfortable conversations' about bowel cancer from an early age. The ITV News presenter - who, last year became the first black woman to host their News At Ten - was just 16 when her mother, Dorette, was diagnosed with the disease. Six years later, after numerous rounds of surgery and chemotherapy, Dorette's body finally gave up. She was 47.

Half an hour of exercise a day may NOT be enough to keep you healthy: Risk of heart failure only plummets after 5 hours a week

Those who carried out ten hours of exercise a week - four times the recommended amount - had a 35 per cent lower chance of heart failure, scientists from the University of Texas said.

'Men in bars ask if I can actually have sex': Disabled women reveal what they REALLY get up to in the bedroom in campaign to 'end the awkward'

A campaign by Scope is aiming to encourage people to talk more about disability and sex. Three women with disabilities reveal to FEMAIL exactly what they get up to in between the sheets.

Secrets of an A-list body: How to get Pierce Brosnan's toned torso and chest 

The former James Bond appears to be rolling back the years. The 62-year-old revealed a toned torso and chest on a beach holiday recently.

Biggest baby ever born in India is a massive 13lb... and doctors say the boy's size is linked to his 16-stone mother's weight issues

India's biggest baby ever born is a massive 13lb and has obesity risk

Indian woman Goga Bai, 25, has given birth to the heaviest baby ever born in her country - a 13lb boy (main picture) so big he was delivered via emergency caesarian. Now confirmed as the heaviest baby to ever be born in India, doctors at the government hospital in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India, described him as a 'miracle'. However, they said his large size is likely linked to his mother's own health issues - she is a diabetic and weighs more than 220lb herself.

The electric plaster that helps heal leg ulcers: Tiny zapper that helps heal chronic wounds is available on the NHS


Accel-Heal is designed to treat venous ulcers - these are wounds that occur as a result of the valves inside the veins malfunctioning, most commonly in the legs.

Proof that fast food can be HEALTHY? Nutritionists reveal more than 100 takeaway options that are good for your body

Nutritionists reveal more than 100 takeaway options that are good for your body

Leading Australian nutritionists claims people have been misled about how healthy some fast food can be, and has revealed more than 100 takeaway dishes that are good for us. Dr Joanna McMillan, a Sydney-based nutritionist, has created the Healthy+ program that she believes will give people the facts on fast food. Dishes such as penne pasta, rogan josh and fish cakes have been given the tick of approval by the new method.

How healthy is YOUR brain? Take this 'mind MOT' to find out... (and it's good news if you like Sudoku and fish)

EXCLUSIVE: From your alcohol consumption and sleep to how often you chat to your neighbour, a new test by health firm Equazen reveals how healthy your brain is.

How being glued to your phone IS bad for your mental health: Not getting enough face-to-face time with friends and family 'DOUBLES the risk of depression'

People who meet their loved ones three times a week are the least likely to suffer depression, compared with those who rely on email and text messages, scientists in Oregon found.

The hiker who died from drinking TOO MUCH water: Excess fluid and lack of food caused her brain to fatally swell

The unnamed woman, 47, from London, died of 'exercised-induced hyponatremia' - a dangerous fall in blood salt levels, said doctors writing in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine.

ME AND MY OPERATION: Heart valve op that halves your time in hospital 

Jay Makwana had a leaking aortic valve which was causing him breathlessness. He had it replaced but rather then having major open-heart surgery he is one of the first patients to have keyhole aortic valve replacement. Pictures by Rann Chandric on Thursday 24th September 2015

Jay Makwana, 60, a pharmaceuticals research consultant and father of one from Ash in Kent, underwent it, as he tells OONA MASHTA.

Mother who spent £12,000 trying to treat her crippling migraines finally gets relief - with an electronic HEADBAND

Jane Ebel who spent £12k trying to treat her migraines finally gets relief

Jane Ebel, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, was getting chronic migraines that would last 36 hours. The migraines were so bad that she would lose an average 50 working days to the attacks. The mother-of-two tried medication, hypnosis and even Botox but nothing relieved the crippling symptoms she was suffering. She bought the electronic pulse emitting headband Cefaly earlier this year and claims to have only suffered four migraines since then.

Woman whose arm was left hanging out of the socket for almost TWO YEARS has it 'cemented' back into her shoulder 

Jessica Kenny whose arm was hanging out of the socket for almost TWO YEARS

Jessica Kenny, 22, from Brighton, has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which makes her joints weak. Her shoulder had dislocated 50 times in 18 months (bottom middle) before it was so damaged it could only be reattached with surgery (right). She spent three months in a half-body cast (top middle) following the operation where surgeons used bone shavings from her to make the 'cement' and put it back into place (right).

It's the trendiest food around, but are you throwing out the healthiest part? Avocado SEED makes up 70% of its nutritional benefits - if you know how to eat it

While many are happy to just ditch the seed of an avocado, it actually has more antioxidants in it than most fruit and vegetables and more soluble fibre that oats and other foods.

IS this the worst cyst popping video of all time? Gruesome video shows a man's neck swelling EXPLODING with pus as it is drained by a doctor

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT. The man, nicknamed Raymond, was having his epidermoid cyst drained at a clinic in Dallas, Texas, when it exploded with foul-smelling pus.

Smoking cannabis daily 'IS safe when treating chronic pain - but only if you're an experienced user', study finds

Canadian scientists found no evidence of harmful effects of using cannabis on cognitive function or blood tests, and saw improvement in pain level. They did not increased risk of headache and nausea.

DR MAX: Why I hate stars who joke about having OCD* (*Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) 

If people had seen what real OCD looks like, they wouldn't be so quick to lay claim to it, writes DR MAX PEMBERTON.

Michaela Strachan's shoulder pain hell: Springwatch presenter in agony after falling while running and tearing a muscle

Michaela Strachan tore her rotator cuff (shoulder) muscle after two small accidents, first a slip, then falling when she was out running.

'I was stressed, not eating properly and not sleeping much': Elle Macpherson on the health scare that made her reassess her lifestyle

Elle Macpherson on the health scare that made her reassess her lifestyle – and how she got

She's famous for having the ultimate supermodel physique, but it took a major health scare for the supermodel, now 51, to realise that her lifestyle was impacting on her health - and her looks. In an exclusive interview, she reveals what it took to bring The Body back to its beautiful best.

Revealed... the five things YOU should know about breast cancer - according to an expert

Dr Laura Esserman from the UC San Francisco says breast cancer isn't just one disease and a one size fits all approach to treatment won't work, as she shares her advise to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Double amputee who promised to propose when he could walk ten steps is getting hitched... after his girlfriend holds him to it

Double amputee Jacob Gray who promised to propose is getting engaged

Meningitis survivor Jacob Gray vowed he would propose to girlfriend Summer, left, after he learned to walk on his prosthetic legs. The 24-year-old, from Polton, Lancashire, underwent a number of operations before making the decision to amputate both his legs, inset. Jacob, pictured right with two friends from rehabilitation, has now announced their engagement after Summer reminded him of his promise.

Should I let my little girl have the cervical cancer jab? Reports of worrying side effects means this mother faces a dilemma

Catherine Ostler's 12-year-old daughter could soon receive the HPV vaccine. Catherine is worried about the reports of negative side effects reported from recipients, including fainting and seizures.

Three scientists who discovered drugs against malaria and other parasites are awarded Nobel prize for medicine

Nobel judges in Stockholm, Sweden, awarded the prestigious prize to Irish-born William Campbell, Satoshi Omura, of Japan, and Tu Youyou - the first-ever Chinese medicine laureate.

GP surgeries must open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week because children do not get ill during office hours, says Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron talks to Dr Ajay Kotegoankar (left) during a visit to the Radcliffe Primary Care Centre in Bury, Greater Manchester. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Sunday October 4, 2015. See PA story TORY GPs. Photo credit should read: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The Prime Minister vowed to press ahead with a new GP contract to allow appointments 12 hours a day, while hospitals will be expected to carry out cancer scans and operations every day.

Morbidly obese woman who was left partially paralysed because of her size loses 154lbs after 80% of her stomach is removed

Obese woman who was paralysed loses 154lbs after 80% of her stomach is removed

Victoria Bosquez, 31, from San Antonio, Texas, developed rheumatoid arthritis and had to walk with a cane after her party lifestyle saw her balloon to 420lb (30 stone) (pictured left). She had major gastric surgery to reduce the capacity of her stomach and has since slimmed to a size 20 (right). She is now learning to play the the bass guitar with her new-found confidence (inset).

The saliva test that could prevent breast cancer: Sequencing DNA from samples could change way NHS delivers screening

free pic

A new research project led by Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention in Manchester is focusing on gene-based screening and may help medics detect breast cancer in women by using simple saliva samples.

Thousands of men with incurable prostate cancer are denied life-giving drug that can extend their life by two years

The drug, docetaxel, is given in Scotland as soon as prostate cancer starts to spread, but in England it is offered at a later stage. The difference means an English sufferer is denied 22 months of life.

Scientists hail 'amazing discovery' as it's revealed infertile mothers who use donor eggs DO pass their DNA to their children

It was previously believed that the fertilised egg used to make the embryo only had DNA from the father and donor mother. The finding has been hailed by a University of Southampton professor.

Would YOU have the baby screening test that could wipe out EVERY genetic defect?

A blood test that can screen an unborn child for all known genetic abnormalities - and may even be able to diagnose previously unknown ones - is to be offered to pregnant women.

'I was such a health freak that I missed Christmas dinner to go to the gym': Woman obsessed with 'clean eating' forced herself to only eat vegetables for a YEAR

Woman with orthorexia forced herself to only eat vegetables for a YEAR

Christine Johnson, 28, of Moore, Oklahoma, was a 'chubby' child and weighed 15st 7lbs (98kg) by the time she was 17. At 20, she vowed to lose weight and began eating 'clean' or unprocessed foods and going to the gym (she is pictured, left, before her weight loss). Soon, she was exercising three times a day. For an entire year ate only vegetables. By the time she was 24, she had lost seven stone (44kg) (pictured right). For two years, she missed Christmas and birthday parties as she was busy exercising, or would worry they would serve unhealthy food. She even almost chose not to go and see her grandfather before he was having life-saving surgery because she wanted to continue working out. Finally, she realised she had a problem and a counsellor helped her overcome it.

Why it was EASIER to be thin in the 1980s: Chemicals in packaging, antidepressants and hormones in food are causing millennials to gain more weight, scientists claim

There are factors beyond calorie intake and exercise causing today's millenials to gain more weight than their parents, experts from York University, Toronto, have explained.

Plunging in with dolphins to face my deepest fears: Spa Doctor Special...on the amazing therapeutic powers of these ocean marvels

I had the chance to visit a healing retreat in the Bahamas that helped with aquaphobia through swimming and diving with wild dolphins. I was both intrigued and filled with trepidation.

Man who woke up coughing is shocked to learn he had swallowed his FALSE TEETH while asleep

Scans revealed the denture - which had a sharp clasp - was lodged 32cm down the man's oesophagus, after he swallowed it while sleeping, according to doctors writing in BMJ Case Reports.

Are you an AMBIVERT? Take the test to find out if you belong to 'third personality type' that is both an introvert and extrovert

Scientists believe around two-thirds of people are ambiverts; a personality category that has, up until now, been given relatively little attention.

Your early 20s really ARE your happiest years: Misery plagues middle-age as money and job worries take over (but the good news is life gets better at 65)

Happiness in life follows a U-shaped curve, tailing off in your mid-20s as money and job worries as well as children fuel concerns. But Australian experts say the good news is satisfaction increases at 65 and peaks at the age of 80.

Can you be fat AND fit? As fitness mags put curvy models on their covers, experts agree it's how ACTIVE you are that counts

Experts agree it's how ACTIVE you are that counts

With exercise classes aimed at curvy women, plus-sized sporty models and studies showing fitness is more important than size, the idea that 'fat' is associated with 'unfit' is changing. In July, US Women's Running magazine put Erica Schenk, an 18 year old, plus size model on their front cover (pictured). Ms Schenk revealed she has been running for a decade and the magazine story shed light on the fact that there are many fat fit women out there. In fact, Dr Mike Loosemore, a consultant physician at the Institute of Sport Exercise & Health, says active is more important than weight in terms of being healthy.

Lung patients' on-the-move oxygen lifeline: Portable bionic lung 'breathes' oxygen directly into the bloodsteam

A portable bionic lung that 'breathes' oxygen directly into the bloodstream is being offered to critically ill patients - handing them valuable extra time while they wait for a transplant.

'I thought we'd leave hospital empty handed with a broken heart that could never be mended': Mother's captivating video follows her tiny premature baby's fight to survive - after his twin brother died in the womb

Mother's premature baby's fight to survive after his twin brother died

Mary and Brad Grier from Madison, Alabama, were told at 20 weeks their unborn babies were suffering twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome - where their sons shared a placenta. At 20 weeks baby Greyson passed away in the womb, and three weeks later after Mary's waters broke, the twin boys were delivered by emergency C-section. Jack was rushed to intensive care while his parents spent precious time with his brother Greyson. Doctors warned the couple Jack had only a 50/50 chance of surviving. But after 111 days in hospital he was deemed strong enough to go home. To mark his first birthday - a milestone they never thought they would reach - Mary and Brad compiled a video of his fight for life, to offer hope to other parents facing the same battle with their premature babies. Mary said: 'When Jack was born, I honestly thought I would walk out of that hospital empty handed with a broken heart that could never be mended... he's our happy ending.'

How 'exercise in a bottle' may soon be a reality: Scientists map 1,000 changes that physical activity causes in the body to create drugs that have the same effects

University of Sydney researchers found exercise induces 1,000 molecular changes in the body. They have now created the world's first 'blueprint' of these to try and mirror the health benefits of exercise.

Farce of the woman having her right knee treated at her local hospital - and the left one FIFTY miles away...due to 'lost paperwork'

Jackie Sayce, 40, from Aberystwyth, has been treated by a knee specialist at one NHS board for 15 years. Now she has been told her other knee must be treated by her local NHS board.

We're all going to work on an egg: Sales soar as shoppers turn their backs on sugary cereals - and cook one million more a DAY than last year

Sales of eggs are up nearly a quarter compared to seven years ago. Each day, 828,000 more eggs are being consumed than last year, which equates to 17.4 million being eaten ever day.

Want your kids to eat their greens? Serve them with CHICKEN NUGGETS: Placing vegetables alongside a 'boring' meal encourages children to eat them

Researchers Texas A&M; University studied the food left by 8,500 children during mealtimes at elementary schools and found certain combinations resulted in more greens being eaten.

The incredible story of how a self-taught photographer went from lying in a dark room for two years to snapping candid shots of Nelson Mandela, Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton

Photographer Adam Jacobs went from lying in a dark room to snapping Nelson Mandela

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Jacobs (pictured centre), 30, from London, began suffering migraines during his freshers' week at university. The next week he had two migraines and the next three - until eventually he had a migraine every single day, for 24 hours a day. Soon, he had to quit because of the pain. He went to see neurologists in London who performed MRI scans, lumber punctures and 'basically every test under the sun', but they couldn't figure out what was wrong. He ended up spending two years lying in the dark - with the curtains closed and sunglasses on. Eventually, at age 21 he flew to the Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was eventually diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, an abnormality of the nervous system. In Michigan he began taking photographs to distract himself from the pain, and soon taking photographs of the University (bottom left) and its sports teams (top right). Through this big break he carved himself a career as a photographer, which took him to World Cup matches, and to photograph stars from Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton (top left) to Mick Jagger (bottom right), Desmond Tutu Andy Murray and Amir Kahn.

How sugar content of our favourite fizzy drinks varies wildly around the world: Top brands found to contain up to SEVEN teaspoons more in some countries

Tests on 274 sugar-sweetened soft drinks found some had more than double the sugar content of their equivalents in other countries. Sprite in Thailand had the most sugar with 12 teaspoons.

What's your heart's REAL age? Take this test to find out, as doctors warn most of us are old before our time... 

The global survey by Bupa found the average person had a heart age three years older than their actual age. Teachers and medics fared the best while manual labourers had the worst heart health.

Woman with Crohn's disease poses in her underwear as she details what it's really like to 'poop in a bag' 

Sara Ringer with Crohn's disease poses in her underwear with her 'poop bag'

Sara Ringer, who was in college when she had her rectum and large intestine removed, shows off her surgery scars and 'poop bag' in a revealing set of photos in honor of World Ostomy Day. She talks openly about what it's like to go to the bathroom in a bag in hopes that her story will help normalize the procedure in other people's eyes.

Could your favorite wine be POISONOUS? 98% of reds from four US states contain 'high levels of arsenic' 

Scientists at the University of Washington tested 65 wines from California, Washington, New York and Oregon, and found all but one have arsenic levels that exceed what's allowed in drinking water.

Model is left infertile and in constant pain after 'botched' surgery to give her a larger bottom by injecting glass beads into her rear in Argentina

Silvina Luna, pictured, from Argentina, is now suing the man who calls himself the 'surgeon of the star' after the controversial process left her with serious kidney damage.

Online calculator helps doctors predict YOUR risk of developing breast cancer in the next five years

Experts at the National Cancer Institute-funded Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium developed the test based on a woman's age, race, ethnicity, family and biopsy history and breast density.

Scrimping NHS chiefs tell deaf patients: 'You can't have a hearing aid - just LIP READ instead'

A health board in England started refusing free devices for people with 'mild' hearing problems for the first time since the NHS was formed. Experts yesterday condemned the decision.

Woman who dreamed about being blind had DRAIN CLEANER poured in her eyes by a sympathetic psychologist to fulfil her lifelong wish - and now she's never been happier

Jewel Shuping who dreamed of being blind had DRAIN CLEANER poured in her eyes

Jewel Shuping, from North Carolina, had thoughts of being blind from a young age (left and inset). The 30-year-old was diagnosed with Body Integrity Identity Disorder, where able-bodied people believe they are meant to be disabled. She fulfilled her wishes when she arranged for a sympathetic psychologist pour drain cleaner into her eyes. Medics battled to save her eyes - against her wishes - but the corrosive substance melted her eyes and within six months she was blind (right). She said she can understand why people might be angry about someone giving themselves a disability but says it wasn't a choice but a need, based on a disorder of the brain.

Women are TWICE as likely to be bisexual than men, new study into the nation's sexuality reveals

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

Overall 93 per cent of adults in the UK say they are straight, while 1.1 per cent at gay or lesbian and 0.5 per cent are bisexual, the Office for National Statistics said.

Britain kicks the habit: Another fall in smoking with under-25s now amongst the least likely to light up

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

As the ban on smoking in cars carrying children comes into force, new figures show how the proportion of adults who say they are smokers has dropped to just 18.3 per cent.

Britain's top-paid locum doctor to pick up £500,000 this year after working shifts in short-staffed hospitals and surgeries 

Locums paid through private companies pocketing commission have become increasingly common as the NHS tries to solve its staffing crisis. The total temporary staff bill set to top £1billion.

'My body killed her': Devastated mother who suffered a stillbirth cradles her dead baby daughter in heartbreaking images as she urges other parents never to take their children for granted 

Florida mom Natalie Morgan who suffered stillbirth shares photos of her dead baby

WARNING: Story contains images some readers may find emotionally distressing. Natalie Morgan, 29, of Florida, is seen cuddling her dead daughter, Eleanor, in a series of Facebook pictures as she pleads with parents to be grateful for their children and remember her story. She says that she and her husband, Brian, spent six hours in the hospital with the child, who died in utero at 40 weeks.

Breakthrough in male contraceptive pill - but drug only lasts days (and most women wouldn't trust men to take it anyway)

Osaka University scientists have identified a protein key for male fertility. Men without this protein - vital for sperm function- could have sex but the females did not become pregnant.

Baby is born with two TUBES on his face instead of a nose: Doctors reveal Peruvian boy is able to breathe normally... and will one day look normal 

The baby boy, who has been named Angelito - meaning little angel or cherub -  was born at the hospital of Caleta, in the city of Chimbote, in the west Peruvian province of Santa.

Is the lunchtime sandwich a dying tradition? 40% of Britons have given up eating bread at midday - opting for sushi or salad instead

More than half of people who do eat bread are opting for wholemeal and seeded varieties rather than the traditional white sliced loaf, a survey by the The Grocer found.

You CAN have a natural birth after a Caesarean section - and it's likely to be safer, mothers are told

New guidance, by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, suggests for the majority of women a natural birth is safe - and for most has a lower chance of complications.

Operating theatres are an 'old boys' club': Leading female surgeon blasts sexist colleagues who call women doctors 'nurse' and ask them to make the tea

Operating theatres are an 'old boys' club' as female surgeon blasts sexist colleagues

Jyoti Shah, a consultant urological surgeon at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said operating theatres were a hostile environment for women to work in and called for urgent change. She believes the 'sexist' environment was putting female doctors from going into the specialism. In a 2013 survey, 68 per cent of newly qualified UK female doctors believed surgery was not a career that welcomed women.

Amal and the bunion brigade: Mrs Clooney's not the only star with tootsie trouble... So is there a cure for this bugbear?

Geoge Clooney's wife Amal's not the only star with bunion trouble

The sight of Amal Clooney's (top left) gnarled feet will have had us mere mortals flinching in sympathy but she is not the only celebrity afflicted by bunions. David Bowie's wife Iman (top right), supermodel Naomi Campbell (bottom right) and even Victoria Beckham (bottom left) have been struck down by the unsightly deformity. So what are these unsightly podiatric protrusions - and how can you get rid of them?

Feeling tired? Forget coffee, have a glass of ORANGE JUICE: Drink is shown to boost alertness and concentration

People who drank orange juice for breakfast did better on tests of speed and attention, and still felt very alert six hours later, Reading University researchers found.

Sorry gentleman, but size DOES matter: Short men 'have fewer sexual partners than their taller peers'

Men who are average to extremely tall report one to three more partners than men who are shorter than average, a study by researchers from Chapman University, California, revealed.

'A spot on my nose was CANCER': Teacher has drastic surgery to re-build her face using skin from her scalp - and she now has to shave her nose

Bree Towner has drastic surgery to re-build her face using skin from her scalp

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Bree Towner, 28, from Edwardsville, Illinois, developed a spot on her nose in January 2013, which failed to heal (pictured left). Two years later, it had grown to the size of a 'pencil eraser'. She was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a growth in the skin's basal cells, which line the deepest layer of the epidermis (the skin's outer layer). She had surgery to remove the growth, and then operations to reconstruct her nose. But this involved taking skin from her scalp (pictured centre) and having to shave her nose. Both this and the horrific scars left her on the brink of suicide. Now, though she is cancer-free (pictured right), she has been warned there is a 40 per cent chance the disease will return. She wishes she could be 'scar-free', she said. She added: 'It's awesome that I'm cancer free, but I wish it wasn't such a visible consequence. I am now dating a guy that I knew before my surgeries and he makes me feel beautiful, so I am slowly healing in that respect, I guess.'


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